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Israeli Women Wage Peace

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Anthony Freda ArtStephen Lendman
Activist Post

Anti-war women of the world unite. They're doing it in Israel. Thousands represent a refreshing antidote to Netanyahu's hate-mongering rage for war.

Women Wage Peace (WWP) activists support a "viable" Israeli- Palestinian peace. They want working for it "place(d) at the top of the public agenda."

They call peace the only solution "offer(ing) life and hope." With Israeli general elections days away, they urge a "new and different reality in the Middle East."

They call it "feasible." Saying "we must strive for it." Inspired by the horrors of last summer's Gaza war, they "decided to initiate, mobilize and propose an alternative."

"The last round of violence has made it clear to all that we must break out of the spiral," they stress.

"Whether Left or Right-wing, religious or secular, Arab or Jewish, we want to live in a society characterized by normality, prosperity and human rights."

"All of us wish to lead a sane and balanced existence." They hope to enlist widespread public support.

They intend "engag(ing) decision-makers and demand a change in priorities. They want peace "over military and security-based approaches."

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Their mission statement says the following:

WWP "is a non-political, broad-based, and rapidly growing movement of thousands of women, taking action to influence the public and political arena."

It aims "to restore hope and work towards a peaceful existence for ourselves, our children and future generations."

It wants future wars prevented. It wants peaceful, viable conflict resolution benefiting everyone equitably.

It believes involving large numbers of women increase chances for achieving its objective.

"Cooperation between Palestinian and Israeli women working together to promote (peace) will increase the chances for a sustainable (longterm) solution."

It calls its values:
  • "Perseverance and determination
  • Mutual respect
  • Cooperation and joint leadership"
It calls on all Israeli women to join a mass initiative for peace.

"Spread the word," it urges. "Influence change." Wage peace, not war. WWP activists intend going all-out to stop its scourge.

On March 3, its members carrying anti-war banners marched down Tel Aviv's Rothschild Blvd. ahead of a planned mass rally outside Israel's Knesset.

WWP has about 7,000 members. They want Palestinian peace talks revived.

On Wednesday, thousands surrounded the Knesset. They delivered what they called an "alternative" to Netanyahu's congressional rant.

WPP member Michal Shamir said he spoke "in Washington in English, and we have chosen to speak in Jerusalem in Hebrew and Arabic."

Group members began their rally walking from Independence Hall (where Israel's May 1948 declaration of independence was signed) to Derech Hashalom - a main exit to the Tel Aviv/Jerusalem highway.

Derech Hashalom means Peace Way. "If there is no way, there is no peace," said Shamir.

Israeli lawyers Irit Tamir and Michal Barak founded WWP in the wake of last summer's Gaza war. Yael Elad heads its media efforts. She serves as spokeswoman.

She says "women cannot just sit at home, complain, and hope for the best, without actively doing something to change the situation."

"It's time for us to be part of the dialogue that revolves around security and peace."

"We sense that women disappear from the public space when you look at TV panels or listen to radio shows."

"This place is reserved for generals or politicians, but never for women. This has to change."

"Women are half of the population. We raise the kids who eventually get sent to fight wars or protect the country."

"We should be there to say something about the outcome."

Since last August, WWP attracted new members through at home meetings and social media.

It has over 7,000 registered and more than 10,000 Facebook followers. It aims to grow its ranks to 700,000.

"We must become a powerful electoral voice," said Elad. "We disagree on many things but agree on the necessity of a peace agreement for the future of Israel."

Rihad Abdul Halim said she joined WWP's steering committee because of a deep belief in the power of women to peaceful conflict resolution.

It "starts at home," she said. "As women, our role is to educate for tolerance and the acceptance of the other. Why do we want peace? Because we hurt most during war."

Recruiting Arab women is harder because "(we) don't see ourselves as decision-makers," she said.

"We feel we have no influence. (It) rests with the government, which is Jewish." Nevertheless, when I hold parlor meetings, I see the women change their minds."

"I describe this connection like a woman standing on the side of a lake and throwing in a pebble, representing our vision."

"The stone creates water circles that grow wider and wider. Similarly, this movement created circles of humanity between women."

"We exchange knowledge and culture, empowering each other. The influence is not just in the domain of peace, but in society more broadly.”

It's not easy in male-dominated Israel. Only one woman, Golda Meir, ever served as prime minister. She was no dove.

A potential future leader, Tzipi Livni, matches Netanyahu's hawkishness. Women for peace in Israel find it hard to be heard.

WWP activists intend to keep trying for a goal vital to achieve. Professor Irit Keynan heads the Institute for Civic Responsibility.

"Politicians who are uninterested in peace hold onto weak excuses and raise the ghosts of the Jewish people's traumatic fears," she said.

Those wanting peace "are afraid to say so out loud, and compete with each other" to see who's toughest.

Patriotism is identified with pro-war discourse. Peace is a four-letter word. Unless Israel ends conflict with Palestinians, its future is grim, Keynan believes.

Michal Keidar said she "lost the only man (she ever) loved in the madness of this country."

She believes no one else should die because hawkish politicians choose war over peace. She urged others to support candidates "for a quiet, normal life" on March 17.

WWP activists want Israel governed by officials waging peace, not war. So do supporters of peace, equity and justice for their own countries worldwide.

Join the struggle against lunatics in Israel and Western countries threatening humanity's survival to achieve their imperial goals.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III." http://www.claritypress.com/LendmanIII.html Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com.

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DARPA Tech Enables Paralyzed Woman to Fly F-35 Fighter Jet Simulator With Her Mind

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Cassius Methyl
Activist Post

DARPA is quite possibly the most dangerous and unpredictable limb of the US Government.

Frequently dubbed the “mad science agency”, they are responsible for the creation of the Internet (originally the ArpaNet, *not invented by Al Gore), countless robotic remotely controlled weapons of war, TOR (the onion router), and many more incredible and often dangerous technologies.

This week we learned that a paralyzed woman was used to simulate the flight of an F-35 fighter jet using nothing but her mind.

In an ongoing experiment, 55-year-old Jan Scheuermann agreed to have brain implants in 2012, allowing her to control a robotic arm.

Using the electrode implants, she was able to operate the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter simulator.
“Instead of thinking about controlling a joystick, which is what our ace pilots do when they’re driving this thing, Jan’s thinking about controlling the airplane directly,” said the head of DARPA, Arati Prabhakar.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Disregarding the dangers of high technology in the hands of known war criminals, Prabhakar continued to say:
For someone who’s never flown – she’s not a pilot in real life – she’s flying that simulator directly from her neural signalling.We can now see a future where we can free the brain from the limitations of the human body.
Prabhakar actually admitted this could lead to “amazing good things” and also“bad things”.

Arati Prabhakar, if this article goes viral enough for you to read this, we have a question:

Why would you accept money from the US Government to develop technologies that are specifically designed to kill people? Why would you focus your mental energy on making technologies that destroy human life? Why would you do that even after admitting they could be used for bad things? Do you know how many innocent people have been killed by drone strikes? Do you know how many innocent families have been literally ripped to pieces by technologies developed by the government apparatus you are now the head of?

Instead of helping fix the world’s problems like starvation, millions of dollars are extracted from the labor of the American people for DARPA’s war-driven technologies. Some would be utterly shocked to discover what DARPA has done in the past.

To everyone else I ask that you please share this with as many people as possible; it’s not a far off chance that the head of DARPA may actually read it. Even if she doesn’t read it,  few people report on DARPA and almost no one places their dangerous technologies in a context like this.

Cassius Methyl writes for TheAntiMedia.org, where this first appeared. Tune-in to The Anti-Media radio show Monday-Friday @ 11pm EST, 8pm PST.

Are Smartphones Becoming a Substitute for Thinking?

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Alex Pietrowski
Activist Post

Our smartphones are like a wealth of information at our fingertips. They help us find directions to new restaurants, offer information about the places we want to visit, and can instantly answer any question about whatever inquiry fills the mind. But are we getting lazy and avoiding thinking about things that we might already know?

A team of researchers at the University of Waterloo asked just that same question and conducted three studies with a total of 600 participants. The study categorized the subjects by measuring their cognitive style, ranging from intuitive to analytical, and it also evaluated verbal and numerical skills. The study also analyzed the participants’ device usage habits.

What the researchers found was that the convenience of smartphones is making us less likely to use our own brainpower. This effect was more noticeable in intuitive thinkers, which are defined as personas that rely on instincts to make decisions. This type of person seems to be becoming lazier when it comes to thinking about a problem or question, and more often turns to the smartphone’s search engine for answers.
“They may look up information that they actually know or could easily learn, but are unwilling to make the effort to actually think about it.” ~ Gordon Pennycook, co-lead author of the study, and a PhD candidate in the Department of Psychology at Waterloo. “Decades of research has revealed that humans are eager to avoid expending effort when problem-solving and it seems likely that people will increasingly use their smartphones as an extended mind.” ~ Nathaniel Barr, the other lead author of the paper, and a postdoctoral researcher at Waterloo.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The other type of thinker, identified by the researchers as the analytical thinker with stronger cognitive skills and who is less likely to go with a gut feeling when solving problems or seeking answers, showed a greater eagerness to think without using the Internet for information.
“Our research provides support for an association between heavy smartphone use and lowered intelligence,” said Pennycook. “Whether smartphones actually decrease intelligence is still an open question that requires future research.” “Our reliance on smart phones and other devices will likely only continue to rise,” said Barr. “It’s important to understand how smartphones affect and relate to human psychology before these technologies are so fully ingrained that it’s hard to recall what life was like without them. We may already be at that point.”The researchers did not find any correlation between cognitive abilities and heavy use of social media and entertainment apps. An important point they did make is that “avoiding using our own minds to problem-solve might have adverse consequences for aging.”

The body is not the only part of you that needs exercise. Perhaps next time you’re working on remembering a random fact or are faced with a problem, think about it a little bit more and let your brain do some heavy lifting before pulling out your smartphone.


Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com, where this article first appeared, and an avid student of Yoga and life.

Vaccinated Farmed Fish Have Side Effects

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SourceCatherine J. Frompovich
Activist Post

Be forewarned, please, that this will not be very pleasant reading, especially if readers eat farm-raised fish and, in particular, salmon, a highly-farm-raised fish. “Wild-caught” need not apply.

During my years of research, I’ve come across all sorts of information, studies, and papers relating to animal vaccines, but this one sort of “takes the cake,” in my opinion. Farmed fish are vaccinated because, according to the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NSVS),
Modern fish farming is highly industrialized and relies heavily upon effective vaccines to minimize losses caused by infectious diseases. [1] Want to know how to vaccinate a fish?

Please see slide 4 of the 28-slide presentation, “Side-effects of vaccination: an example of the conflict between guidelines and real life.” 

It looks like a PowerPoint presentation made by Trygve T. Poppe and Gunvor Knudsen of the NSVS.

However, before I go any further about fish vaccinations, readers ought to know that there’s a 404-page book detailing the science of fish vaccinations titled—what else but—“Fish Vaccination,” May 2014 published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. The book obviously is a guide to sustainable bio-production, disease prevention to reduce losses by employing the use of antimicrobials and vaccinations, which are considered effective in stimulating the immune system of fish.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Did anyone ask the fish? That may sound like an unlikely and stupid question, but in the NSVS PowerPoint presentation, slide 10 states,
Over the years fish farmers in Norway (and strangly [sic] enough to a very limited extent in other countries) have experienced severe and unacceptable side-effects in vaccinated fish. [Hmmm! I could have told them to expect that; it’s a no brainer!] [CJF emphasis added] There’s a photograph of a fish carcass with some sort of black “diseased-like” flesh inside the abdominal cavity. Check it out for yourself here (No. 12) .

The two slides following No. 12 show other fish health problems such as generalized granulomatous peritonitis and abdominal lesions affecting internal organs that often have heavy melanization, meaning causing tissue to turn dark or black.

Something I find rather interesting, and bordering on empathetic, is the remark on slide 15 that vaccines save fish lives [sounds familiar] from acute death from bacterial infections, but some fish are sentenced to “life-long suffering due to severe pathological lesions in internal organs.” If that happens to fish from vaccines, what, if anything, happens to human vaccinees’ organs?

But, the real “kicker” is the remark on another slide about their having no consensus about pain perception in fish! Interestingly, though, there is a caveat that’s added, “…but anorexia and retarded growth are good indicators.” Anorexia in fish! Retarded growth too! Hmmm. Can autism occur in fish?

A fish liver granuloma [nodular inflammation in tissue] with multinucleated giant cell is featured on slide 16.

Slide 18 features the inside cavity of a fish that has to be seen – really – to believe, and people eat vaccinated farmed fish! Or, hopefully, diseased fish never make it to market. But, what if their diseased organs are removed—are those fish marketed? I wonder, “What will happen with vaccinated GMO fish?”

Candidly, the PP presentation reports that the magnitude and significance of fish disease cases are unknown and “certainly underreported” [probably just like human vaccine damage] “as most cases have been closed in agreement between the fish farmers and the vaccine manufacturer. This is confirmed by The Norwegian Medicines Agency (NMA).” Since the fish obviously don’t have legal rights, this sounds familiar and probably similar to what apparently goes on at the U.S. Vaccine Court, in my opinion.

Slide 20 has a chart of “Reported side-effects from fish veterinarians to Norwegian Medicines Agency, 1996 to 2004.” Not knowing how to interpret that chart correctly, I wouldn’t want to take a guess since I was not in the audience to hear the presenters’ interpretation. However, following that on the very next chart, we read two rather disconcerting statements, I think:
  1. Is this an example of testing where results obtained in experiments are far from what happens in real life? [Again, human vaccine tests are fudged; we know that from some whistleblowers [6] and a federal court case [5].]
  2. Possible problems are not addressed well enough prior to release of the products [vaccines]
Whereas, on another slide (22) this most pointed of questions appears:
How can this happen as long as these vaccines are approved by NMA following their testing protocols (since 2001)? [That seems like vaccine adverse event history just repeating itself when human vaccines are used, especially in the USA as the VAERS reports indicate.] [CJF emphasis added] Apparently, a similar question can – and should be – asked regarding human vaccines and the testing/approval process.

At one point, slide 25, this blunt and self-searching question is asked about vaccines for fish:
Should we INCREASE the number of experimental fish for vaccine testing prior to release in order to reduce the number of side-effects? (or how should we REFINE present testing?) It would seem that the NSVS scientists have more concern about fish than the U.S. FDA has about vaccines harming children. With all the complaints about the HPV vaccines causing harms, even deaths, to teenage girls, the FDA apparently is not asking any questions!

Now, we get down to what, for me, was the “nitty-gritty” of the fish’s health issues:
  1. They were concerned about animal welfare and the “quality of life” for the fish prior to slaughter.
  2. That the side-effects from vaccines in fish were still occurring after 12 years of extensive use of vaccines, and people were eating vaccinated fish!
  3. They want to find ways to refine present testing to reduce side-effects! So, they realize that side effects still go on after 12 years, and continue to use vaccines. Duh!
I think I know how they can reduce all those vaccine side effects. Eliminate the vaccines; take the fish out of farms, tanks, and pens and let fish be fish! What’s happening with “farmed” fish confirms what happens when corporate-food-production ‘innovates’ on the way in which Nature intends for food production: free roaming; not-confined in close quarters thereby promoting infectious diseases from exposure to filth; and not being subjected to chemical intervention from feed or vaccines.

Vaccines for Other Animals

Other corporate-food-producers, e.g., egg production and chickens, are notorious for cramped quarters, even stacked cages for egg-laying hens, plus supplemented GMO feed ‘enhanced’ with antibiotics and other chemicals for faster growth, or for earlier harvesting than would be normal naturally. Merck & Company produces vaccines for chickens, turkeys, and ducks. (Source)

Feed lots for cattle are another example of stress on animals grown for food. Stress in any form enables or promotes animals from all genres to produce stress-related hormones. Humans produce certain hormones like cortisol and epinephrine. Furthermore, cortisol is also produced by cattle! [2] Some researchers contend that animals in fear, or under stress, produce excess adrenalin, cortisol-like excretions and steroid-like hormones, which are secreted into their tissues and have been found in their meat served to research lab animals. Here’s the “Beef cattle herd health vaccination schedule.”

In the above information about fish vaccine adverse effects, it is interesting to learn that two veterinary scientists seem concerned about “quality of life” for fish prior to slaughter.

Animal vaccines for pets have been responsible for tumor growths at injection sites, especially in cats. [3, 4] That’s why veterinarians recommend vaccinating on cats’ limbs, so the limbs can be amputated, if need be.

Vaccines are BIG business for both humans and animals, too. Here are just a few animal vaccination schedules:

The Chicken Vet – Vaccination

Cattle Vaccines and Their Use

Vaccination Schedule for Goats and Sheep

Vaccination Schedule for Pigs

Caring for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Ferrets

Vaccinations for Adult Horses

Overview of Vaccination for Exotic Mammals

Preventive Medicine for Zoo Animals


So, what’s in your meat or fish?


[1] http://oslovet.norecopa.no/gardermoen/2405poppe.pdf
[2] http://www.dairyco.org.uk/technical-information/animal-health-welfare/mastitis/symptoms-of-mastitis/stress-health-and-productivity/#.VPhd8hQ5D9I
[3] http://www.petmd.com/cat/conditions/cancer/c_ct_vaccine_sarcoma
[4] https://www.avma.org/KB/Resources/Reference/Pages/rbbroch.aspx
[5] http://www.courthousenews.com/2012/06/27/47851.htm
[6] http://healthimpactnews.com/2015/obama-grants-immunity-to-cdc-whistleblower-on-measles-vaccine-link-to-autism/


Vaccines for fish in acquaculture


Vaccine Associated Fibrosarcoma


Catherine retired from researching and writing, but felt compelled to write this article. 

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on Amazon.com.

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on Amazon.com and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on Amazon.com are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

Mainstream Media Discovers What Created ISIS - Global Warming!

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

After five years of intense fighting and destabilization raging across Syria, Western mainstream press has finally discovered the true cause of the so-called “civil war.” It turns out that all of the analysts in the alternative media suggesting that the situation in Syria was the result of a NATO destabilization campaign and foreign-backed invasion of terrorists in the form of al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, and ISIS were wrong. In fact, even those mainstream analysts who have suggested that the foreign invasion was actually a legitimate rebellion were apparently mistaken.

Thankfully, the mainstream press has discovered the true cause of the Syrian crisis – global warming.

No, this is not a joke. Mainstream outlets are actually suggesting that climate change is responsible, albeit indirectly, for the creation of ISIS and the scores of Western-backed terrorists flooding Syria as well as the now international military involvement in the war.

This is merely the latest silly narrative being promoted by the likes of Slate, Wired, The Telegraph, NBC, and The Guardian among many others.

Slate, by no means, is the sole purveyor of such abjectly stupid claims nor are the other media outlets listed above. Still, one need only read the Slate article to see how the “climate change is the real reason for the Syrian war” claim is being presented. Slate writes,
By now, it’s pretty clear that we’re starting to see visible manifestations of climate change beyond far-off melting ice sheets. One of the most terrifying implications is the increasingly real threat of wars sparked in part by global warming. New evidence says that Syria may be one of the first such conflicts. We know the basic story in Syria by now: From 2006-2010, an unprecedented drought forced the country from a groundwater-intensive breadbasket of the region to a net food importer. Farmers abandoned their homes—school enrollment in some areas plummeted 80 percent—and flooded Syria’s cities, which were already struggling to sustain an influx of more than 1 million refugees from the conflict in neighboring Iraq. The Syrian government largely ignored these warning signs, helping sow discontent that ultimately spawned violent protests. The link from drought to war was prominently featured in a Showtime documentary last year. A preventable drought-triggered humanitarian crisis sparked the 2011 civil war, and eventually, ISIS. A new study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science provides the clearest evidence yet that human-induced global warming made that drought more likely. The study is the first to examine the drought-to-war narrative in quantitative detail in any country, ultimately linking it to climate change.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); At this point, given the detailed nature of “climate science,” I will spare the reader a summation of the thoroughly debunked theory of Anthropogenic Man-Made Global Warming, at least as it relates to the non-existent and entirely invented theory of CO2 as a poisonous and planet killing gas. I will spare the reader historical data that proves the earth was much hotter in the past, thus indicating that we are well within the norm of climate ups and downs. I will also spare the reader the details regarding the fact that global warming has not taken place in the last eighteen years despite the rigging of science equipment and faulty computer models to prove the opposite, thus calling into question whether the planet is actually still warming at all.

Unfortunately, Slate and its peers spared the readers the same information, leading hordes of hapless trendies to believe that CO2-Global Warming is actually a real issue and that it somehow is the guiding force behind terrorist cells, beheadings, and jihad. Leaving behind any and all knowledge of history of any form is generally important in order to be able to follow the logic provided by the recent mainstream press narrative about the Syrian war.

For instance, while US and UK media outlets attempt to suggest that global warming is responsible for the lagging Syrian agricultural sector and the fate of Syrian farmers, it conveniently fails to mention the US sanctions on Syria that helped plunge its economy into despair. While environmental factors undoubtedly play a role it is true that environmental factors always play a role in farming and agriculture in any country of the world at any time period. The false threat of CO2 does not change this fact.

Compounding the normal concerns and economic hardships of farmers with international sanctions, however, is not the result of too much CO2, it is the result of a concerted effort to destroy a sovereign and secular government for the purposes world hegemony.

Of course, these media outlets make no mention of the sanctions or the worldwide economic depression and place the blame firmly on the shoulders of Assad who allegedly “largely ignored these warning signs.”

Thus, Slate writes that “A preventable drought-triggered humanitarian crisis sparked the 2011 civil war, and eventually, ISIS.”


Global warming did not create ISIS. A drought did not create ISIS. The United States and NATO created ISIS.

As I have documented in my article, “The Roots of ISIS,” ISIS is nothing more than a name change in a long line of many name changes for the same terrorist organization (al Nusra, al-Qaeda, IEIL, FSA, etc.) that the US openly funded since as far back as the late 1970s and has continued to fund, direct, control, and use across the world ever since.

The suggestion that a drought, global warming, or any other weather event created ISIS and its cannibal army is atrociously stupid and an unfortunate example of the intellectual depths to which we have sunk as a nation. The fact that such a claim can be written with a straight face by numerous major media publications is more of a sad comment on the state of the American public than it is on the state of the corporate media. After all, corporate media has always been garbage but, in the past, it was somewhat necessary to maintain a professional and respectable air so as to maintain some level of credibility.

Unfortunately, the reality is that the result of these articles and the frivolous study it cites will be that, in discussion of the Syrian crisis with trendies, hipsters, and academics, one will now undoubtedly be forced to endure having to debunk global warming along with the assertion that global warming created ISIS. Well done mainstream media. Well done.

Of course, if the study cited by Slate and other mainstream media outlets are correct in their claim that global warming produces terrorist outfits like ISIS and al-Nusra, then we have much more to worry about than the Syrian crisis. Surely we will soon be overcome by polar bear suicide bombings and penguins shouting “Allahu Akbar!!”

Still, Slate continues,
The study’s authors are clear that global warming did not directly cause Syria’s civil war—it took a mix of underlying social vulnerability and an antagonistic government to do that. But it does provide compelling evidence that, when combined with the effects of increased population pressure and the poor policies of the Assad regime, the drought made a bad situation worse.To be fair, it is clear that the lack of availability of food, poor economic conditions and societal tensions can contribute and even cause mass social upheaval. This much is a fact.

However, to go to the lengths to which the mainstream press has gone, i.e. suggesting that global warming was the root cause of the Syrian crisis is absurd.

Its attempts to blame Syria and Syrians in general in regards to “the effects of increased population pressure” are nevertheless typical of Anglo-American population control and reduction initiatives as well as propaganda pieces that have been flooding Western culture in earnest since the early 1970s. Slate and its compatriots are therefore good Malthusians as much as they are good eugenicists because, apparently, the food issue never would have gotten out of hand if there been less Syrians to begin with. Fortunately for the mainstream press, its CIA advisers, and corporate owners, the problem of “too many Syrians” has been thoroughly dealt with.

But the question of the responsibility for the crisis lying with “an antagonistic government” is a bit more difficult to decipher. Antagonistic government? What does Slate mean? Is it referring to the Syrian government who has done nothing but protect minorities and its citizens from the likes of ISIS and the FSA and who was criticized by the majority of the Syrian people early on for not doing enough to destroy the so-called rebels?

Or is it referring to the United States who organized, directed, funded, trained, and facilitated the death squads for the last 5 years and even long before that?

Perhaps it is referring to Turkey, who has also funded, armed, and facilitated terrorists across its borders so that they can unleash hell on earth upon Syria?

Is Saudi Arabia a candidate for the title of “antagonistic government?” After all, the Saudis have been at the forefront of arming the jihadist fanatics dragging their knuckles across Syria today.

Or perhaps Slate meant Israel – the country that has bombed Syria numerous times in support of ISIS and has acted as a veritable Red Cross for injured jihadists?

No, clearly, Slate reserves its understanding of “antagonism” for the targets of NATO and US imperialism. In the eyes of the Western Press, Syria is antagonistic simply for having the audacity to exist outside the dictates of the Anglo-American purview.

While it is true that the world is facing an alarming environmental catastrophe, it is also true that the world faces an equally alarming economic crisis. Likewise, it is facing the possibility of total world war fought between nuclear powers.

But these impending catastrophes are not the result of CO2. They are the result of an insane world oligarchy.

Articles like those suggesting that Global Warming was the genesis of ISIS are nothing but propaganda pieces designed to draw the reader and the American public so far off track they begin to regurgitate utter nonsense where critical thinking once reigned supreme.

Recently from Brandon Turbeville:
Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of six books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real ConspiraciesFive Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, and The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria. Turbeville has published over 500 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville's podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV.  He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) gmail.com. 

Oregon Deputies Shoot Family's Miniature Pony, Leave Body in Neighbor's Yard and Lie

Activist Post -

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

It took one Oregon family awhile to discover what happened to their missing minature pony, named Gir. Gir was an American Miniature horse aged 30 and, aside from some arthritis, was in excellent shape but wouldn't have gotten too far if he escaped. They were forced to do their own detective work on February 18th when Gir wasn't in his stall even though the owner locked it and double-checked it.

And he didn't get too far at all. However, the Fitzgerald family was left to frantically search for him. When they started knocking on neighbors' doors, they discovered with horror Gir's dead body laying in the neighbor's yard.

Again, the family was left to seek answers. The neighbor said she had called the Sheriff's department and they came out and simply put the animal down.

However, the tale the department eventually weaves is worse than the original complete lack of response...

Gir was found with two bullet holes through the cheek area of the head and a pool of blood behind the head where it lay. The Sheriff's department claim - the family had to call them - was that the pony had gotten hit on the road and had its two back legs broken. But an autopsy completely dissolves that claim. The veterinarian confirms there was absolutely nothing wrong with him.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Another Clackamas County Sheriff's Office claim is that the deputy called the Oregon Humane Society and a veterinarian's office first about euthanizing the horse. The Humane Society never got this mysterious call. The vet offered help but was told by the deputy that he'd "take care of the problem on his own" and asked for the number of a rendering service. Eager much? And clearly, the pony did not have broken legs! The OHS is now investigating as an act of animal cruelty since the vet's report does not reflect the inconsistent claims.

For recent years, police have gotten away with killing pets by claiming to feel "threatened," as if by senselessly blasting away lifeforms they could even be capable of anything resembling feeling. Now, they don't even bother with pretense. They don't bother explaining. Or, they lie and will pretend it was some kind of mercy killing for the good of society to cover for the fact that this is how some so-called men get their jollies. How do we know this? Because there is no rationale for senselessly killing someone else's precious creature.

People need to know that feeling "threatened" does not account for police killing tiny breeds, chained or tied dogs, cats, kittens, squirrels, baby deer, docile cows, or a parakeet - and of course, innocent people. Nor does it account for using live, injured animals for target practice.

Don't believe the "mercy" line for deer, cows, ponies or other barnyard animals. Once dead, the animal is the owner's responsibility - why can't it be the owner's responsibility beforehand? Sadly, the animals are killed before the owner can reach them and deputies are all too eager to say they've killed it. Furthermore, animal control is simply a deputy and the animal will be executed on site. No other choice is always the claim regardless of the situation.

Indeed, as one officer reveals, he can simply say he feels threatened if he wants to shoot something. And that is the real reason for the loss of life. A psychopathic desire to kill - just because. It has nothing to do with legitimate fear or incompetence.

“There wasn't very much I could say at that point because they shot the pony. I mean, i didn't know how to react,” Crista Fitzgerald said. That's the kind of shock treatment that perpetuates the chance of the behavior. How can one react in such a state of shock?

Maybe this doesn't seem like a big deal to a public successfully programmed through TV and movies to accept this behavior and figure to themselves that "at least it wasn't a human" - but it is a big deal. It's a completely unnecessary loss of life with no accountability.

One hopes that despite the shock-and-awe treatment this family was put through, that they continue to press the department and the media for this barbaric behavior and loss.

Recently from Amanda Warren:

Demands to Shut Down Homan Square Grow, 1,500 Expected to Protest in Chicago Saturday

Activist Post -

Nick Bernabe
Activist Post

Nationwide opposition to the Chicago Police’s secret detention facility known as Homan Square is growing rapidly.

It was revealed last week that the CPD is using CIA-like tactics on suspected criminals and American dissidents — denying them of due process and basic rights.

Since then, a massive movement to shut down Homan Square has grown online and in Chicago, as well as around the country.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Several hundred concerned residents of Chicago brought Homan Square to a standstill over the weekend, and as many as 1,500 or more are expected to shut it down this coming Saturday.  The event will take place at Homan Square at 12:00 pm CST. More info here.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, activists who are seeking justice over the LAPD’s violent slaying of a man known as Africa, are also holding a protest on Saturday at 12 pm PST at the LAPD headquarters. More info on that event can be found here.

Nick Bernabe writes for TheAntiMedia.org, where this first appeared. Tune-in to The Anti-Media radio show Monday-Friday @ 11pm EST, 8pm PST.

Shock: Fracking Used to Inject Nuclear Waste Underground for Decades

Activist Post -

Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton
Activist Post

Unearthed articles from the 1960s detail how nuclear waste was buried beneath the Earth’s surface by Halliburton & Co. for decades as a means of disposing the by-products of post-World War II atomic energy production.

Fracking is already a controversial practice on its face; allowing U.S. industries to inject slurries of toxic, potentially carcinogenic compounds deep beneath the planet’s surface — as a means of “see no evil” waste disposal — already sounds ridiculous, dangerous, and stupid anyway without even going into further detail.

Alleged fracking links to the contamination of the public water supply and critical aquifers, as well as ties to earthquake upticks near drilling locations that are otherwise not prone to seismic activity have created uproar in the years since the 2005 “Cheney loophole,” which allowed the industry to circumvent the Safe Drinking Water Act by exempting fracking fluids, thus fast tracking shale fracking as a source of cheap natural gas.

Now, it is apparent that the fracking industry is also privy to many secrets of the nuclear energy industry and, specifically, where the bodies are buried, err… dangerous nuclear waste is buried, rather — waste that atomic researchers have otherwise found so difficult to eliminate.

TruthstreamMedia.com uncovered several published newspaper accounts from the Spring of 1964 concerning a then-newly disclosed plan to dump nuclear waste produced by the atomic energy industry into hydraulic fracturing (fracking) wells using a cement slurry technique developed by Halliburton & Co. The top two fracking companies in the nation at the time were Halliburton and Dowell, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical.

And here we thought fracking was a relatively new industrial phenomenon growing in popularity over just the last couple of decades. Boy were we wrong. Revealed within these articles is Halliburton’s long-standing relationship with the secret government and deep ties between the oil and nuclear industries.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Teaming up with the U.S. Government and Union Carbide Corp., who operate nuclear materials divisions at the Oak Ridge National Laboratories in Tennessee, Halliburton was then credited with “solving” the radioactive waste problem faced by America’s secretive nuclear industry. Dumping waste via fracking had apparently been going on since 1960, according to the reports, but was only made public here in 1964.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Each of the articles Truthstream found carries the same account under different headlines, with four of them using identical copy; and the fifth, published in the San Antonio Express, slightly rewritten based upon the same source information. The photo captions of each story also add some useful tidbits:

May 3, 1964 edition of the San Antonio Express News. Click for larger image view.These ran in the:

April 19, 1964 edition of the Great Bend Tribune,

the April 22, 1964 edition of the Warren Times-Mirror,

the April 26, 1964 edition of the Lubbock Avalanche Journal,

the May 3, 1964 edition of the San Antonio Express News (original)

and the June 15, 1964 edition of the Denton Record Chronicle.

The story read, in part:

Two techniques originated by the petroleum industry for its own uses are expected to solve a major problem in the development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. The problem is the disposal of dangerous, sometimes deadly, radioactive waste by-products.

Researchers at Halliburton Co’s. Technical Center here working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists, have combined the oil well cementing technique with the hydraulic fracturing production stimulation technique to entomb radioactive wastes in an impermeable shale formation a thousand feet underground.

The method used at Oak Ridge begins by mixing the waste with a cement slurry, pumping the mixture down a hole drilled into the Conasuaga shale and then fracturing the shale to create a horizontal crack. The crack fills with the mixture to form a thin, horizontal sheet several hundred feet across. The mix sets to permanently hold the radioactive waste in the formation.

Union Carbide Corp., which operates facilities at Oak Ridge for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, and Halliburton, which provides specialized oil field services such as cementing fracturing worldwide, have collaborated on the project since 1960.

The mix remained liquid for 48 hours before it was supposed to permanently set and remain there, entombed, forever.

The articles make clear that the Atomic Energy Commission was preparing to use fracking as a means of disposing of nuclear wastes at additional facilities, with Oak Ridge being simply one of the largest, and the first to publicly disclose these out-of-sight disposal procedures:

Oak Ridge has a radioactive waste disposal problem typical of the nation’s nuclear sites. Each year about four million gallons of waste, including such fission products as strontium 90, cesium 137 and ruthenium 103, are generated at Oak Ridge.

Among the disposal methods already tried have been dumping concrete-encased barrels of waste in the ocean or burying the waste in lead-lined containers. These are considered either too dangerous or too expensive or both.
Unfortunately, the ocean has been used as a giant trashcan not only by the nuclear industry, but municipal garbage and landfill companies and many other entities as well, without any real concern about its significant effects on the food supply and larger ecosystem of the planet.

If this process is successful for disposal of Oak Ridge National Laboratory intermediate-level wastes, it has potential application at other atomic energy sites where suitable geological conditions exist,” the Atomic Energy Commission says.

The slightly different version in the San Antonio Express News added these details:

A couple of techniques used by oilmen when they have hopes of production may soon be used by the Atomic Energy Commission for – of all things – radioactive garbage disposal.

Final tests are now under way at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, in trying a combination of oil well cementing plus hydraulic fracturing to entomb radioactive wastes in an impermeable shale formation a thousand feet underground.

Meanwhile, the Great Bend Tribune added information about the Halliburton executives involved in the plan in their caption for a photo which shows businessmen looking at a diagram explaining how nuclear waste like strontium 90 is mixed with cement and injected into shale formations:

Halliburton engineer Mack Stogner, left, reviews the project with Harry P. Conroy, senior vice president and general manager of the oil field service firm, and W.D. Owsley, senior vice president.

The process includes remote controlled operation of the hydraulic fracturing drill in order to shield workers from the “medium level” radioactive substances being dumped into the Earth’s crust, as the Warren Times Mirror in Pennsylvania notes in the caption:

Disposing of Waste – Working behind shielding and wearing film badges, Halliburton Company personnel use demounted oil field service units to dispose of radioactive waste generated at the Oak Ridge, Tenn. nuclear site.

How often this procedure has been used at other facilities since then is not entirely clear, though we know from reports discussed below that the practice continued and there is no indication that it ever stopped.

Five years later, the October 22, 1969 edition of the San Bernardino County Sun carried a report titled, “3 Ways to Manage Radioactive Waste.”

It discussed the ongoing and growing problems with nuclear waste, naming three principle strategies for managing the toxic stuff, summed up as “(1) delay and decay, (2) concentrate and confine and (3) dilute and disperse,” discussing how materials with lower half lives can supposedly be safely sequestered and later dumped, while other materials can be simply diluted and poured into existing groundwater supplies and systems.

The UPI story originating out of Oak Ridge states, in part,

Since the start of the atomic era in the 1940s, nuclear reactors around the nation have produced 75 million gallons of hazardous high level radioactive waste materials.

And scientists here and elsewhere around the nation still are wrestling with the problems of what to do with this material, which promises to become even more plentiful as more and more commercial nuclear reactors go into power production.

Oak Ridge proclaims that it found a solution to dealing with high level nuclear wastes, which has thus far been to keep it,

…buried a few feet underground in storage tanks – tanks which must be periodically replaced because of the natural deterioration of the steel and other materials of which they are fabricated.

It is in this area of confining the high level wastes, whose radioactive half life ranges up to 30 to 50 years, that the Atomic Energy Commission is pushing dramatic new concepts.
One disposal system, involving materials in the medium range of radioactivity, is the hydraulic fracturing procedures. This system is now being used at Oak Ridge and involves mixing the liquid radioactive waste with concrete to form a grout which is pumped into shale formations 500 to 800 feet underground.
Note, this article cites a shallower depth, at levels as shallow as 500 feet, after the 1964 articles claimed a further removed depth of 1,000 feet to 5,000. The even “higher level wastes” were disposed of in abandoned salt mines, according to Oak Ridge. 

Nuclear Waste ‘Safely Flushed Away’ into the Water Supply

The 1969 article states that “low level waste” is “material which can safely be flushed away into rivers and lakes or released into the atmosphere because the level of radioactivity is so low that is presents no hazard when diluted and flushed into man’s natural environment. The more difficult problem is involved in the high level, liquid and solid wastes which are produced in the reprocessing of used fuel elements from nuclear reactor cores.”

The idea that the waste dumped into water supplies was so “low level” as to be completely harmless is likely dubious and hopeful at best. Fluoride, a by-product of the nuclear power industry, was one of those constituents, and was transformed from being known as a rat poison to being known as a dental benefit by the original spin doctor and propagandist, Edward Bernays.

In his book The Fluoride Deception, author Christopher Bryson revealed how the nuclear industry also used fluoridation of the public water supply as a means of secretly dumping industrial waste after fluoride was a major by-product in the uranium enrichment process for building the atomic bomb. Bryson told Democracy Now:

The Manhattan Project needed fluoride to enrich uranium. That’s how they did it. The biggest industrial building in the world, for a time, was the fluoride gaseous diffusion plant in Tennessee the Manhattan Project and Dr. Hodge as the senior toxicologist for the Manhattan Project, were scared stiff less that workers would realize that the fluoride they were going to be breathing inside these plants was going to injury them and that the Manhattan Project, the key — the key of U.S. Strategic power in the Cold War Era, would be jeopardized because the Manhattan Project and the industrial contractors making the atomic bomb would be facing all these lawsuits from workers, all these lawsuits from farmers living around these industrial plants and so Harold Hodge assures us that fluoride is safe and good for children.

More recently, an Associated Press investigation found in 2011 that 48 of 65 nuclear sites in the United States were leaking tritium, a radioactive form of hydrogen, into groundwater supplies via corroded pipes and tunnels. AP found at least 37 locations were in direct violation of federal drinking water standards for tritium, in some cases hundreds of times over.

Fracking Nuclear Waste ‘Safe for Millions of Years’… Unless It Leaks

Some 30 trillion gallons of toxic waste has been kept out of sight, out of mind by U.S. industries that have injected it hundreds and thousands of feet underground into wells since the 1960s.

Scientists who work for these corporations have used computer modeling to assure the Environmental Protection Agency that this waste poses no threat to our aquifers and that layers of rock deep within the Earth would safely store this stuff like Tupperware for millennia.

Already, several incidents have proven that scientific computer models are no match for reality.

It is clear from a December 21, 1973 article that disposal of nuclear waste via fracking continued, along with promises that it would be safe for millions of years to come.

The Dixon Evening Telegraph wrote in “Geologists look at energy crunch”:

The U.S. Government is disposing of approximately 250,000 gallons of intermediate-level wastes each year using a technique called hydraulic fracturing. Liquids are pumped into impervious shales 1,000 to 5,000 feet below the surface. High pressure is applied causing the rocks to fracture and the liquid moves out laterally. Because the rock and radioactive wastes it contains will not be exposed to the biosphere for millions of years, this method should be safe unless leakage into an overlying aquifer occurs.

That is, as the article points out, unless there are leaks.

As we found in research, leakage is exactly what has happened time and again throughout the years, including at disposal sites for Oak Ridge National Laboratories, according to reports in the following cases. Via ProPublica:

In April, 1967 pesticide waste injected by a chemical plant at Denver’s Rocky Mountain Arsenal destabilized a seismic fault, causing a magnitude 5.0 earthquake — strong enough to shatter windows and close schools — and jolting scientists with newfound risks of injection, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

A year later, a corroded hazardous waste well for pulping liquor at the Hammermill Paper Co., in Erie, Pa., ruptured. Five miles away, according to an EPA report, “a noxious black liquid seeped from an abandoned gas well” in Presque Isle State Park.

In 1975 in Beaumont, Texas, dioxin and a highly acidic herbicide injected underground by the Velsicol Chemical Corp. burned a hole through its well casing, sending as much as five million gallons of the waste into a nearby drinking water aquifer.

And these are hardly the only examples… in fact, it is just scratching the surface of an issue that is almost as incomprehensible as it is unfathomable.

Then in August 1984 in Oak Ridge, Tenn., radioactive waste was turned up by water monitoring near a deep injection well at a government nuclear facility.


There it is. The infallible, permanent, and “impermeable” deep injection wells that Halliburton and the Atomic Energy Commission considered as a solution to nuclear waste for eons to come were found turning up radioactive nuclear waste at the very Oak Ridge site where these 1960s disposal projects were taking place.

Subterranean Waste Disposal a ‘Cornerstone of the Nation’s Economy’

Those cemented wells, filled with injected disposal substances may be safely secured for a few years or even decades, but that is no guarantee for the years down the road and its certainly not the millennia as promised by Halliburton and others in the industry. In fact, many of the wells have been forgotten, abandoned, and are lost to the record books.

As ProPublica reports:

There are upwards of 2 million abandoned and plugged oil and gas wells in the U.S., more than 100,000 of which may not appear in regulators’ records. Sometimes they are just broken off tubes of steel, buried or sticking out of the ground. Many are supposed to be sealed shut with cement, but studies show that cement breaks down over time, allowing seepage up the well structure.

And many of these are injection wells, where all kinds of unwanted, toxic substances are dumped in order to be forgotten… though not necessarily gone.

Not only are these practices taking place, they are widespread… and widely defended, even with the known failures and safety issues.

Many scientists and regulators say the alternatives to the injection process — burning waste, treating wastewater, recycling, or disposing of waste on the surface — are far more expensive or bring additional environmental risks.

Subterranean waste disposal, they point out, is a cornerstone of the nation’s economy, relied on by the pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical industries. It’s also critical to a future less dependent on foreign oil: Hydraulic fracturing, “clean coal” technologies, nuclear fuel production and carbon storage (the keystone of the strategy to address climate change) all count on pushing waste into rock formations below the earth’s surface. (source)
Sure, maybe it’s better than dumping it directly into the waterways, but still. This isn’t just playing with fire, this is playing with the lives of everyone in the nation for generations to come.

Please read ProPublica’s full series of reports on this, starting here. Things have to change.

These people should not have started messing with something they did not know how to fully and safely manage.

How long can this madness continue until it winds up tainting every drinking glass in America?

Engineer Mario Salazar, who worked as a technical expert for 25 years with the EPA’s underground injection program in Washington, told ProPublica’s Abrahm Lustgarten something that should give us all pause about how radioactive nuclear waste and industrial pollutants in general are being handled, and where they may ultimately end up:
In 10 to 100 years we are going to find out that most of our groundwater is polluted. A lot of people are going to get sick, and a lot of people may die.Aaron and Melissa created TruthstreamMedia.com, where this article first appeared, as an outlet to examine the news, place it in a broader context, uncover the deceptions, pierce through the fabric of illusions, grasp the underlying factors, know the real enemy, unshackle from the system, and begin to imagine the path towards taking back our lives, one step at a time, so that one day we might truly be free...

New Snowden Archive Offers Public Access to Surveillance Documents

Activist Post -

Activist Post

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) has announced the launch of the Snowden Archive, a comprehensive database of all of the documents published to date from the Snowden leak.

Created in partnership with the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, the Archive is the world’s first fully indexed and searchable collection of publicly released Snowden documents.

The Archive is a powerful resource for journalists, researchers and concerned citizens to find new stories and to delve deeply into the critically important information about government surveillance practices made public thanks to Edward Snowden.

“We are extremely proud to launch the Snowden Archive as a tool for Canadians, and the world, to better understand the scope and scale of mass surveillance programs,” said CJFE Executive Director Tom Henheffer. “We believe this tool is just the start of many important stories to come, and hope this will help the public engage in conversation about government surveillance practices.”

The Archive allows users to search Snowden documents by:
  • Agency that created the document in question
  • Journalist and media outlet that first broke the story from the document
  • Full text of the document
  • Keywords, surveillance program names and more

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “Investigative journalists and university researchers share a public interest mission to advance understanding of controversial issues. This is exemplified in the collaboration between CJFE and the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto to make available the Snowden Archive,” said Professor Andrew Clement of the University of Toronto. “The Archive can help everyone learn more about how our governments are watching us all.”

Project Partners and Supporters

The Snowden Archive is the result of collaboration between Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) and the Politics of Surveillance Project at the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. The Archive was designed and built by George Raine, a recent graduate of this Faculty’s Master of Information program, with the assistance of Jillian Harkness, currently a student in this program. Supporters of this initiative include the Surveillance Studies Centre, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Queen’s University; the Digital Curation Institute, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto; and the Centre for Free Expression, Faculty of Communications and Design, Ryerson University.

About CJFE

CJFE monitors, defends and reports on free expression and access to information in Canada and abroad. Rooted in the field of journalism, we promote a free media as essential to a fair and open society. CJFE boldly champions the free expression rights of all people, and encourages and supports individuals and groups in the protection of their own and others' free expression rights. cjfe.org

About the Politics of Surveillance Project

The Politics of Surveillance Project has as its mission to render more publicly visible and democratically accountable the hidden forms of surveillance that are increasingly a part of everyday life. It is a sub-project of The New Transparency: Surveillance and Social Sorting, a seven-year Major Collaborative Research Initiative funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

The Snowden Archive and additional information on the project can be found at cjfe.org/snowden

China Has Announced Plans For A ‘World Currency’

Activist Post -

Michael Snyder
Activist Post

The Chinese do not plan to live in a world dominated by the U.S. dollar for much longer.  Chinese leaders have been calling for the U.S. dollar to be replaced as the primary global reserve currency for a long time, but up until now they have never been very specific about what they would put in place of it.  Many have assumed that the Chinese simply wanted some new international currency to be created.  But what if that is not what the Chinese had in mind?  What if they have always wanted their own currency to become the single most dominant currency on the entire planet?

What you are about to see is rather startling, but it shouldn’t be a surprise.  When it comes to economics and finance, the Chinese have always been playing chess while the Western world has been playing checkers.  Sadly, we have gotten to the point where checkmate is on the horizon.

On Wednesday, I came across an excellent article by Simon Black.  What he had to say in that article just about floored me…
When I arrived to Bangkok the other day, coming down the motorway from the airport I saw a huge billboard—and it floored me. The billboard was from the Bank of China. It said: “RMB: New Choice; The World Currency” Given that the Bank of China is more than 70% owned by the government of the People’s Republic of China, I find this very significant. It means that China is literally advertising its currency overseas, and it’s making sure that everyone landing at one of the world’s busiest airports sees it. They know that the future belongs to them and they’re flaunting it.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This is the photograph of that billboard that he posted with his article…

Everyone knows that China is rising.

And most everyone has assumed that Chinese currency would soon play a larger role in international trade.

But things have moved so rapidly in recent years that now a very large chunk of the financial world actually expects the renminbi to replace the dollar as the primary reserve currency of the planet someday.  The following comes from CNBC
The tightly controlled Chinese yuan will eventually supersede the dollar as the top international reserve currency, according to a new poll of institutional investors. The survey of 200 institutional investors – 100 headquartered in mainland China and 100 outside of it – published by State Street and the Economist Intelligence Unit on Thursday found 53 percent of investors think the renminbi will surpass the U.S. dollar as the world’s major reserve currency. Optimism was higher within China, where 62 percent said they saw a redback world on the horizon, compared with 43 percent outside China.And without a doubt we are starting to see the beginnings of a significant shift.

Just consider this excerpt from a recent Reuters report
China’s yuan broke into the top five as a world payment currency in November, overtaking the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar, global transaction services organization SWIFT said on Wednesday.The U.S. dollar won’t be replaced overnight, but things are changing.

Of course the truth is that the Chinese have been preparing for this for a very long time.  The Chinese refuse to tell the rest of the world exactly how much gold they have, but everyone knows that they have been accumulating enormous amounts of it.  And even if they don’t explicitly back the renminbi with gold, the massive gold reserves that China is accumulating will still give the rest of the planet a great deal of confidence in Chinese currency.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Consider what Alan Greenspan has had to say on the matter…
Alan Greenspan, who served at the helm of the Federal Reserve for nearly two decades, recently penned an op-ed for the Council on Foreign Relations discussing gold and its possible role in China, the world’s second-largest economy. He notes that if China converted only a “relatively modest part of its $4 trillion foreign exchange reserves into gold, the country’s currency could take on unexpected strength in today’s international financial system.”Meanwhile, the Chinese have also been accumulating a tremendous amount of U.S. debt.  At this point, the Chinese own approximately 1.3 trillion dollars worth of our debt, and that gives them a lot of power over our currency and over our financial system.

Someday if the Chinese wanted to undermine confidence in the U.S. dollar and in the U.S. financial system, they have a lot of ammunition at their disposal.

And it isn’t just all of that debt that gives China leverage.  In recent years, the Chinese have been buying up real estate, businesses and energy assets all over the United States at a staggering pace.  For a small taste of what has been taking place, check out the YouTube video posted below…

For much, much more on this trend, please see the following articles…

-“The Chinese Are Acquiring Large Chunks Of Land In Communities All Over America

-“Meet Your New Boss: Buying Large Employers Will Enable China To Dominate 1000s Of U.S. Communities

-“Not Just The Largest Economy – Here Are 26 Other Ways China Has Surpassed America

-“The Chinese Want To Spend Billions Constructing A 600 Acre ‘China City’ In New York State

-“45 Signs That China Is Colonizing America

-“Will Detroit Be The First Major Chinese City In The United States?

On a purchasing power basis, the size of the Chinese economy has already surpassed the size of the U.S. economy.

And there are lots of signs of trouble ahead for the U.S. economy at this point.  I like how Brandon Smith put it in one recent article…
We are only two months into 2015, and it has already proven to be the most volatile year for the economic environment since 2008-2009. We have seen oil markets collapsing by about 50 percent in the span of a few months (just as the Federal Reserve announced the end of QE3, indicating fiat money was used to hide falling demand), the Baltic Dry Index losing 30 percent since the beginning of the year, the Swiss currency surprise, the Greeks threatening EU exit (and now Greek citizens threatening violent protests with the new four-month can-kicking deal), and the effects of the nine-month-long West Coast port strike not yet quantified. This is not just a fleeting expression of a negative first quarter; it is a sign of things to come.In addition, things continue to look quite bleak for Europe.  Once upon a time, many expected the euro to overtake the U.S. dollar as the primary global reserve currency, but that didn’t happen.  And in recent months the euro has been absolutely crashing.  On Wednesday, it hit the lowest point that we have seen against the dollar in more than a decade
The euro last stood at $1.1072, off 0.90 percent for the day and below a key support level, Sutton said. It fell to as little as $1.1066, which was the lowest level for the euro against the dollar since September 2003, according to Thomson Reuters data. The euro also declined to one-month lows against the Japanese yen, which was flat against the dollar at 119.72 yen to the dollar.As the U.S. and Europe continue to struggle, China is going to want a significantly larger role on the global stage.

And as the billboard in Thailand suggests, they are more than willing to step up to the plate.

So will the road to the future be paved with Chinese currency?  Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

This article first appeared here at the Economic Collapse Blog.  Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream and Economic Collapse Blog. Follow him on Twitter here.

Why the Banks Won't Be Able to Out-Innovate Bitcoin

Activist Post -

By Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos gave a talk on January 27th 2015 at the O'Reilly Radar Summit "Bitcoin and the Blockchain" in San Francisco, CA. He speaks about bitcoin, network architecture, decentralization, innovation, and the economics of open systems. Specifically, he explains why banks can't innovate their centralized networks fast enough to compete with Bitcoin's decentralized model. Watch Q & A at the end for his take on government regulations.

Follow Andreas on Twitter.

6-Year-Old Suspended and "Reeducated" After Pointing Finger Like Gun

Activist Post -

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

Yet another in a series of crazy "guns that never were" in the school system, where a child must bear harsh punishment.

KRDO News of Colorodo reports:
A Colorado Springs first-grader was suspended from school after pointing his fingers at a classmate in the shape of a gun.Six-year-old Elijah goes to Stratton Meadows Elementary School. On Monday, he pointed at a classmate in the shape of a gun and said, "You're dead."He received a one-day suspension for "threats against peers."

But on top of the strict "zero tolerance" measures that landed him at home for a day of shame-based punishment, the boy had to undergo a "reeducation" program of sorts.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Elijah received a lecture from an administrator. Incredibly, it was about "not confusing 'make-believe' or things in games with reality." ??? But any further details are being shielded from the public due to privacy concerns for the student's personal record - yes, there's a thicker record now stemming from this event.

The reaction to the event compelled the parents to further press upon the child the severity of his actions.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

While searching for a picture of "pointing a finger" it became apparent that just about every celebrity, leader and influencer of children points the finger. Furthermore, most of history's artwork is full of such terroristic gestures.

Unfortunately, children are never allowed an outlet even though they are stirred up through fear, shame, repression, crap foods and prescription drugs. Such a mixture is an invitation to act up - and sadly, get just as quickly smacked down. Such extreme tactics haven't been seen since the 1800's with a freshly Prussian form of public schooling and a batch of repressed, power hungry minions.

Recently from Amanda Warren:

W.H. Petition Against Mandatory Vaccination Reaches 100K Signature Threshold — Will Obama Respond?

Activist Post -

Melissa Melton
Activist Post

The petition up on WhiteHouse.gov against mandatory vaccinations — the one the White House tried to bury — has, at the time of writing this, reached well over the 100,000 signatures needed by March 6th in order to supposedly garner a response from our president’s administration.

The petition is short, sweet, and to the point:

No human being should be FORCED to be vaccinated against their will and/or personal/religious beliefs. I petition against making vaccinations of any kind mandatory. This includes forcing children to be vaccinated to attend public schools, activities, and daycare centers. This also includes adults working in the public or private sector.
The fact that this even has to be petitioned in the first place, however — that the people so fear their government would take away their basic sense of medical freedom — is a sure sign of tyranny.

According to the WhiteHouse.gov site, “A minimum number of signatures is necessary in a given amount of time in order for the petition to be reviewed by the White House, distributed to the appropriate policy officials within the Administration and receive an official response.” At the time of writing this, the petition currently has 113,984 signatures and counting with three days left to go to accrue even more. Sign it if you haven’t. Why not.

The real question is, do you think they will officially respond?

If so, what will that response be?

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This government is so tyrannical… If this country was still the America founded on the Constitution and Bill of Rights and not a plasticine front for megacorporations like those scurrying under the banner of Big Pharma, it would be ashamed to even have to answer to such a charge of forcing its population to be shot up with unproven chemical cocktails.

Considering that, in the wake of the propagandized measles hysteria, states all across the country including Texas are introducing bills to take away people’s right to object to vaccines on any grounds, we have definitely long ago passed the mark founding father Benjamin Rush warned about if medical freedom was not included in the Constitution like religious freedom was.
The Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic. … Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people who wish doctors and treatment of their own choice to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers.Melissa Melton is a co-founder of TruthstreamMedia.com, where this first appeared. She is an experienced researcher, graphic artist and investigative journalist with a passion for liberty and a dedication to truth. Her aim is to expose the New World Order for what it is — a prison for the human soul from which we must break free.

One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes - Part 1

Activist Post -

Brandon Smith
Activist Post

We are only two months into 2015, and it has already proven to be the most volatile year for the economic environment since 2008-2009. We have seen oil markets collapsing by about 50 percent in the span of a few months (just as the Federal Reserve announced the end of QE3, indicating fiat money was used to hide falling demand), the Baltic Dry Index losing 30 percent since the beginning of the year, the Swiss currency surprise, the Greeks threatening EU exit (and now Greek citizens threatening violent protests with the new four-month can-kicking deal), and the effects of the nine-month-long West Coast port strike not yet quantified. This is not just a fleeting expression of a negative first quarter; it is a sign of things to come.

Stock markets are, of course, once again at all-time highs after a shaky start, despite nearly every single fundamental indicator flashing red. But as Zero Hedge recently pointed out in its article on artificial juicing of equities by corporations using massive stock buybacks, this is not going to last much longer, simply because the debt companies are generating is outpacing their ability to prop up the markets. 

This conundrum is also visible in central bank stimulus measures. As I have related in past articles, the ability of central banks to goose the global financial system is faltering, as bailouts and low-interest-rate capital infusions now have little to no effect on overall economic performance. The fiat fuel is no longer enough; and when this becomes apparent in the mainstream, all hell will indeed break loose.

The argument that banks can prop up the system forever is now being debunked. In this series of articles, I will cover the core reasons why this is happening, starting with the basis of all economics: supply and demand.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Baltic Dry Index has been a steadfast indicator of the REAL economy for many years. While most other indexes and measures of fiscal health are subject to direct or indirect manipulation, the BDI has no money flowing through it and, thus, offers a more honest reflection of the world around us. In the past two months, the index measuring shipping rates and international demand for raw goods has hit all-time historical lows, plummeting 57 percent over the course of the past 12 months and 30 percent for the year to date.

The dwindling lack of demand for shipping presents obvious challenges to mainstream talking heads who contend that the overall economic picture indicates recovery. That’s because if demand for raw goods has fallen so far as to produce a 57 percent rate drop over the past year, then surely demand for the consumer goods that those raw goods are used to produce must be collapsing as well. The establishment machine has used the same broken-record argument against this conclusion, despite being proven wrong over and over again: the lie that fleet size is the cause of falling shipping rates, rather than a lack of demand for ships. This is the same argument used by pundits to distract from the problems inherent in the severe drop in oil prices: that oversupply is the issue, and that demand is as good as it ever was. Forbes has even attempted to outright dismiss the 29-year low of the BDI and alternative economic analysts in the same lazily written article. 

First, let’s address the issue of global demand for goods. Does the BDI represent this accurately? Well, as most of you know, the real picture on manufacturing and export numbers is nearly impossible to come by considering most, if not all indexes fail to account for monetary devaluation and inflation in costs of production. For instance, mainstream propagandists love to argue that manufacturing (like retail) generally posts at least small to modest gains every year. What they fail to mention or take into account is the added costs to the bottom line of said manufacturers and retailers, as well as the added costs to the end consumer. Such costs are often not addressed in the slightest when final numbers are tallied for the public.

In manufacturing, some numbers are outright falsified, as in the case of China, where officials are forcing plant managers to lie about output. 

In my view, any decline made visible in the false numbers of the mainstream should be multiplied by a wide margin in order to approximate what is going on in the real economy. China, the largest exporter and importer in the world, continues to suffer declines in manufacturing “expansion” as its PMI suggests orders remain steadily stagnant.

“Official” statistics show a 3.3 percent decline in Chinese exports in January from a year earlier, while imports slumped 19.9 percent. Exports slid 12 percent on a monthly basis while imports fell 21 percent according to the Customs Administration. 

In Japan, despite the falling Yen which was expected to boost overseas demand, export growth declined for last year, certainly in terms of export volume. The recent “jump” in January does nothing to offset the steady erosion of Japanese exports over the past five years and the flat demand over the past two years.

Japan’s manufacturing expansion has slowed to the slowest pace in seven months. 

In Germany, the EU’s strongest economic center, industrial output has declined to the lowest levels since 2009, and factory orders have also plunged to levels not seen since 2009. 

Despite the assumptions in the mainstream media that lower oil prices would result in high retails sales, this fantasy refuses to materialize. Retail sales continue the dismal trend set during the Christmas season of 2014,with the largest decline in 11 months in December, and continued declines in January. 

Oil is certainly the most in-our-face undeniable indicator of imploding demand. Volatility has skyrocketed while pump prices have dropped by half in many places. One may be tempted to only see the immediate benefits of this deflation. But they would be overlooking the bigger picture of global demand. Oil is the primary driver of economic productivity. Dwindling demand for oil means dwindling productivity which means dwindling consumption which means a dwindling economy. Period.

OPEC reports announce downgraded global demand for oil above and beyond expectations. Oil demand has fallen to levels not seen since 2002.

Beyond the issue of real global demand for raw goods, the argument that the BDI is being gutted only due to an oversupply of cargo vessels also does not take into account the fact that Shipping companies often SCRAP extra ships when demand falters.  I find it rather amusing that mainstream economists seem to think that dry bulk companies would continue a trend of fielding cargo ships they don't use causing an artificial drop in freight rates.  As far as I know, such companies are not in the habit of undermining their own profits if they can help it.  When an oversupply of ships occurs, companies remove unused vessels either through scrap or dry dock in an attempt to drive freight rates back up to profitable levels.  This often works, unless, it is DEMAND for cargo shipping that is the issue, not the supply of ships.

Ship scrapping boomed in 2013 and has not stopped since.  In fact, dry bulk mover COSCO dismantled at least 17 ships in the month of January alone and has been dismantling ships consistently since at least 2013.  The trend of scrapping is often glossed over by shippers as a "modernization effort", but the fact remains that cargo companies are always removing ships from supply in order to maximize rates and profits.

Finally, global shipping giant Maersk Line now openly admits that the primary detriment to shipping rates, the reason the BDI is falling to historic lows, is because of falling demand in nearly every market; ship supply is secondary. 

Does falling demand result in a lack of fleet use and thus "oversupply"?  Of course.  However, this chicken/egg game that establishment economists play with the BDI needs to stop.  Falling demand for goods came first, the number of unused ships came second.  This is the reality.

A rather cynical person might point out that all of the stats above come from the propaganda engine that is the mainstream, so why should they count? I would suggest these people consider the fact that the propaganda engine is constantly contradicting itself, and in-between the lines, we can find a certain amount of truth.

If manufacturing is in “expansion”, even minor expansion, then why are exports around the world in decline? If the Baltic Dry Index is dropping off the map because of a “supply glut of ships”, then why are other demand indicators across the board also falling, and why are major shipping agencies talking about lack of demand? You see, this is what alternative analysts mean by the “real economy”; we are talking about the disconnect within the mainstream’s own data, and we are attempting to discern what parts actually present a logical picture. The media would prefer that you look at the economy through a keyhole rather than through a pair of binoculars.

Beyond this lay the true beneficiaries of public oblivion; international corporate moguls, banking financiers, and political despots. Corporations and governments only do two things relatively well — lying and stealing. One always enables the other.

The establishment has done everything in its power to hide the most foundational of economic realities, namely the reality of dying demand. Why? Because the longer they can hide true demand, the more time they have to steal what little independent wealth remains within the system while positioning the populace for the next great con (the con of total globalization and centralization). I will cover the many advantages of an economic collapse for elites at the end of this series.

For now I will only say that the program of manipulation we have seen since 2008 is clearly changing. The fact of catastrophic demand loss is becoming apparent. Such a loss only ever precedes a wider fiscal event. The BDI does not implode without a larger malfunction under the surface of the financial system. Oil and exports and manufacturing do not crumble without the weight of a greater disaster bearing down. These things do not take place in a vacuum. They are the irradiated flash preceding the deadly fallout of a financial atom bomb. 

You can read more from Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.com, where this article first appeared

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The Punishment for Ignoring Obamacare Penalty Might Surprise You

Activist Post -

Joshua Krause
Activist Post

Now that April 15th is on the horizon, many taxpayers are bracing themselves for the inevitable penalty that will hit them if they don’t sign up for Obamacare. It’s estimated that at least 3 million households may have to pony up 1% of their income, or $95 per adult, if they don’t have insurance; a number which is poised to expand to 2.5% for the 2016 tax year.

However, for all its bluster and intimidating language, the Affordable Care Act might not have any teeth. Recently, a tax expert writing for Forbes noticed that Obamacare, while far-reaching and burdensome in terms of what it demands from the American people, offers little to no repercussions for anyone who would be tempted to avoid it.

It seems that when the bill was first being drafted and it came time to outline the penalties for failing to comply, somebody got cold feet.
Nobody has a clue what’s really going to happen. You see, when the Act became news in 2010, rumors were flying about what would happen if you didn’t pay the penalty. It was politically tricky. The consequences needed to be enough to make you want to conform with the Act but not so onerous that Congress would be loathe to vote for it. The final language in the Act declared that the penalty “shall be paid upon notice and demand” which sounds really intimidating. The language went on to note that the penalty would be “collected in the same manner as an assessable penalty under subchapter B of chapter 68″ which also sounds pretty serious – especially since subchapter B references some pretty nasty penalties for otherwise not complying with other sections of the Tax Code.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); So what would the penalty for noncompliance be? Jail time? Nope. The language in the Act specifically rules out jail time, saying at Section 500A(g)(2)(A): “In the case of any failure by a taxpayer to timely pay any penalty imposed by this section, such taxpayer shall not be subject to any criminal prosecution or penalty with respect to such failure.”Well that’s good news for anyone who wants to take a principled stand against Obamacare. At least you won’t be thrown in jail, though I’m sure there will still be some horrendous consequences for noncompliance, right?
Nope. That’s not allowed under the Act. At 500A(g)(2)(B)(i), the Treasury cannot “file notice of lien with respect to any property of a taxpayer by reason of any failure to pay the penalty imposed by this section.” So, no liens. Then, clearly there will be levies or seizures on your wages and account, right? Nope. Not that either. Under 500A(g)(2)(B)(ii), the Treasury cannot “levy on any such property with respect to such failure.” To recap then, by law, you have to pay the penalty. But if you don’t, you won’t go to jail, you won’t be liened and you won’t be levied for collection.Well that’s interesting to say the least. The author found that the only thing that the IRS can do to you, is seize part of your tax refund, should you refuse to comply. And even then it’s hard to say what they’re planning to do. The IRS has only said that they have the ability to garnish your refund. They’ve yet to say whether or not they’ll go through with it (garnishing a refund is easy enough though, so I assume they will).

Now I’m no tax expert, so I’m reluctant to offer this article up as “advice.” For this year, it may be wise to pay up, just to be safe. But obviously there will be plenty of people who won’t pay. If they don’t face repercussions, they may be unwittingly paving the way for a massive noncompliance movement.  

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple, where this first appeared. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger.

If You Can't Stop 3D Printed Guns - Print One

Activist Post -

Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

People will inevitably 3D print guns and there is nothing you can do to stop them except prepare society to be mature and responsible enough to handle this new power. 

Guns don't kill people, people kill people. And the sort of people that kill range from the mentally unstable and/or the medicated, to political extremists, to criminals, and of course the biggest killer in human history, the government. Unfortunately, a shortage of weapons or the legal inaccessibility of weaponry never seems to be enough to stop such people from harming or killing others - and levels of violence appear more linked to social and economic issues rather than access to weaponry.

Take the United Kingdom and Japan for example, two nations with populations that are for all intents and purposes "disarmed." Despite the UK having a population almost twice as small as Japan's it still has more total murders per year then their Japanese counterparts. The problem is socioeconomic, and so too is the solution. Here, we can see that access to weapons has little correlation to violence.

In fact, one could easily overlay a map of global poverty on top a map of global homicides and see the obvious correlation. And despite America's love-affair with firearms, it is by far not the most violent nation on Earth - not even close.

Gun Control Made Irrelevant 

Compounding the futility of a government trying to pad every sharp corner in society to "protect us" from harm, is the advent of personal manufacturing. Personal manufacturing allows us to make as many and as varied sharp corners as our minds can conjure. For every law put into place to outlaw each of these proverbial sharp corners, 10 more will take their place.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); One of these sharp corners includes 3D printed and CNC milled guns.

3D Printing Industry author Michael Molitch-Hou in his article, "The 3D Printed Gun: Individual Freedom, Collective Violence," argues that:
Steve Israel is concerned with lone wolves. The media, in response to the shootings in Connecticut and Colorado, are concerned with mentally ill loners. Cody Wilson is concerned with personal freedom. The human species, however, is a collective entity, based simply on the fact that we all have to live and work alongside one another. So, perhaps it is our collective that should take some responsibility for these horrible acts of gun violence. What in society could be causing people to commit acts of violence on the scale of Newton and Aurora? Is 3D printing legislation going to prevent violence or might public access to better mental health facilities prevent violence instead? How did our collective not notice the burgeoning instability in Adam Lanza and attempt to do something about it? How does our society, on a regular basis, ignore the systemic inequality that leads to gun violence amongst the impoverished, for instance? In other words, is it possible that, by acknowledging the human species as a collective, we might begin to improve the standard of living of the entire community?And although Molitch-Hou, throughout the article appears to make Cody Wilson look as if he is laboring under strained logic, his concluding thoughts quoted above are in fact precisely the solution to violence in American society (and everywhere else for that matter). We must identify the factors that cause violence in the first place and address them, not the implements one may or may not use while being violent.

The sort of dystopian police state required to prevent people in their individual homes from designing and printing objects deemed "unsafe" by our current collective sensibilities is probably the nightmare scenario that has Cody Wilson trying to print guns and build a "distributed defense" network in the first place. The fact that people like Steve Israel have tried to build that police state (or rather, add onto an already increasingly invasive police state considering the NSA's recent abuses) only further fuel the warranted paranoia of people like Cody Wilson.

Indeed, we must understand the root of violence and work at reducing that, not infringe on the rights of responsible and mature citizens by insisting every "sharp corner" in society be padded, restricted, or otherwise outlawed.

Collective Maturity and Responsibility 

Molitch-Hou is right - we are a collective species and we must collectively take responsibility for this awesome power being thrust into our hands by technology - not whimper and withdraw, seeking a police state to step in and make us safe. We must become the keepers of ourselves and our own communities.

Indeed, better healthcare for the mentally ill is necessary. Addressing the socioeconomic factors that drive crime and violence is another absolute necessity. The fact that crime is higher in the UK than in Japan with total murders in the UK topping those in Japan despite Japan's larger population proves that having a cohesive, harmonious, prosperous society is the key to reducing crime - not the fanatical micromanagement of everyone's lives through increasingly invasive legislation and a growing, militarized police force endowed with the authority to do as they please to whomever they please - a feature the UK has masterfully implemented - but to no avail.

And while some might say big-government is necessary to make these changes, others might say, waiting for big-government to address issues like improving healthcare and decreasing socioeconomic disparity is precisely why the problem has gotten so bad in the first place.

Indeed, the immense corporate-financier monopolies that thrive on Wall Street, dictate to a large degree the policy created in Washington, then enforced around the country (and the world when foreign interventions are concerned). Walmart has nothing to gain by decentralizing manufacturing and retail locally, which would also decentralize and redistribute profits, reduce poverty, and improve the prospects of millions across the country. Therefore, national policy will always reflect a desire to keep massive profits concentrated in the hands of a few shareholders, while the rest of the country wallows in poverty and destitution - and of course, suffer the violence associated with both.

Chevron, Exxon, and others hold monopolies over energy production. Energy production for electricity and transportation could and should be decentralized as well. The billions upon billions raked in by these energy monopolies would likewise be redistributed as people produced energy and jobs locally.

Telecom, healthcare, food production, and just about every other industry that constitutes modern society likewise, follows a similar pattern. A similar patter of decentralization/localization would in turn, decentralize and redistribute wealth - alleviating the socioeconomic factors creating poverty and the violence that subsequently results from it.

At the end of the day, we will not stop people from 3D printing guns, or in fact, from creating anything with increasingly effective and efficient forms of personal manufacturing that might be deemed dangerous. Instead, all we can do is work to build a better, more equitable society where individuals are mature and responsible enough to handle this power, and people incapable of handling such power can get the help they need to prevent hurting themselves or others.

If you can't beat 3D printed guns, you might as well be a responsible, mature adult who prints one yourself. Set an example, set a precedent. But if nothing else, work on building a society, a culture, a people, who would rather print such items as a curiosity, for sport, or as a hobby, than wanting to turn them on one another because of socioeconomic disparity, ignorance, ill-health, or irresponsibility.

Tony Cartalucci's articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at
Land Destroyer Report, Alternative Thai News Network and LocalOrg. Read other contributed articles by Tony Cartalucci here.

Private Police: Mercenaries for the American Police State

Activist Post -

Freda ArtJohn W. Whitehead
Activist Post

Corporate America is using police forces as their mercenaries.”—Ray Lewis, Retired Philadelphia Police Captain

It’s one thing to know and exercise your rights when a police officer pulls you over, but what rights do you have when a private cop—entrusted with all of the powers of a government cop but not held to the same legal standards—pulls you over and subjects you to a stop-and-frisk or, worse, causes you to “disappear” into a Gitmo-esque detention center not unlike the one employed by Chicago police at Homan Square?

For that matter, how do you even begin to know who you’re dealing with, given that these private cops often wear police uniforms, carry police-grade weapons, and perform many of the same duties as public cops, including carrying out SWAT team raids, issuing tickets and firing their weapons.

This is the growing dilemma we now face as private police officers outnumber public officers (more than two to one), and the corporate elite transforms the face of policing in America into a privatized affair that operates beyond the reach of the Fourth Amendment.

Mind you, it’s not as if we had many rights to speak of, anyhow.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Owing to the general complacency of the courts and legislatures, the Fourth Amendment has already been so watered down, battered and bruised as to provide little practical protection against police abuses. Indeed, as I make clear in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, we’re already operating in a police state in which police have carte blanche authority to probe, poke, pinch, taser, search, seize, strip and generally manhandle anyone they see fit in almost any circumstance. Expanding on these police powers, the U.S. Supreme Court recently gave law enforcement officials tacit approval to collect DNA from any person, at any time.

However, whatever scant protection the weakened Fourth Amendment provides us dissipates in the face of privatized police, who are paid by corporations working in partnership with the government. Talk about a diabolical end run around the Constitution.

We’ve been so busy worrying about militarized police, police who shoot citizens first and ask questions later, police who shoot unarmed people, etc., that we failed to take notice of the corporate army that was being assembled under our very noses. Looks like we’ve been outfoxed, outmaneuvered and we’re about to be out of luck.

Indeed, if militarized police have become the government’s standing army, privatized police are its private army—guns for hire, if you will. This phenomenon can be seen from California to New York, and in almost every state in between. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the private security industry is undergoing a boom right now, with most of the growth coming about due to private police doing the jobs once held by public police. For instance, Foley, Minnesota, population 2600, replaced its police force with private guards

Technically, a private police force is one that is owned or controlled by a non-governmental body such as a corporation. Those who advocate for privatized services and limited government hail the shift towards private police as a step in the right direction by getting the government out of the business of policing and allow market principles to dictate an officer’s success, i.e., if an officer abuses his authority, he can easily be fired.

Read the fine print, however, and you’ll find that these private police aka guns-for-hire a.k.a. private armies a.k.a. company police officers a.k.a. secret police a.k.a. conservators of the police a.k.a. rent-a-cops don’t exactly remove the government from the equation. Instead, they merely allow them to work behind the scenes, conveniently insulated from any accusations of wrongdoing or demands for transparency. Indeed, most private police officers are either working fo rprivate security firms that are contracted by the government or are government workers moonlighting on their time off.

What began as a job detail for wealthy communities and businesses looking to discourage burglaries has snowballed into a lucrative enterprise for private corporations. Today these private police can be found wherever extra security is “needed”: at hospitals, universities, banks, shopping malls, gated communities, you name it.

As historian Heather Ann Thompson notes, “private security firms have come substantially to supplement, if not completely to replace, the publicly-funded public safety presence of troubled inner cities ranging from Oakland, to New Orleans, to small towns in states such Minnesota, to entire neighborhoods—sometimes extremely rich, sometimes desperately poor—in urban centers such as Atlanta and Baltimore.”

For example, in New Orleans, a 50-person private police squad funded by a “voluntary” hotel tax is being charged with enforcing traffic, zoning and other non-emergency laws in the French Quarter.

In Seattle, off-duty Seattle Police officers moonlighting as a private security force patrol wealthy neighborhoods “approximately six nights/days a week for five hours each shift. Officers are in uniform, carry police radios and their police firearms and drive unmarked personal vehicles.”

In California, private mercenaries—many of them ex-U.S. Special Forces, Army Rangers and other combat veterans—equipped with AR-15 rifles use unmarked helicopters to police cannabis farms and cut down private gardens without a warrant.

Yet while these private police firms enjoy the trappings of government agencies—the weaponry, the arrest and shoot authority, even the ability to ticket and frisk— they’re often poorly trained, inadequately screened, poorly regulated and heavily armed. Now if that sounds a lot like public police officers, you wouldn’t be far wrong.

First off, the label of “private” is dubious at best. Mind you, this is a far cry from a privatization of police. These are guns for hire, answerable to corporations who are already in bed with the government. They are extensions of the government without even the pretense of public accountability. One security consultant likened the relationship between public and private police to public healthcare: “It’s basically, the government provides a certain base level. If you want more than that, you pay for it yourself.”

The University of Chicago’s police department (UCPD) is a prime example of how private security firms are being entrusted with the legal status of private police forces (which sets them beyond the reach of the rule of law) and the powers of public ones. With a jurisdiction that covers a six-square-mile area and is home to 65,000 individuals, the majority of whom are not students, UCPD is one of the largest private security forces in America.

The private police agency, modeled after the tactics of NYPD chief William Bratton, criminalizes nonviolent activities such as loitering, vandalism, smoking marijuana, and ​dancing “reck​l​essly” and punishes minor infractions severely in order to “discourage” violent crime. To this end, the UCPD can search, ticket, arrest, and detain anyone they choose without being required to disclose to the public its reasons for doing so. Not surprisingly, the UCPD has been accused of using racial profiling to target individuals for stop-and-frisks.

Second, these private contractors are operating beyond the reach of the law. For example, although private police in Ohio are “authorized by the state to carry handguns, use deadly force and detain, search and arrest people,” they are permitted to keep their arrest and incident reports under wraps. Moreover, the public is not permitted to “check the officers’ background or conduct records, including their use-of-force and discipline histories.” As attorney Fred Gittes remarked, “There is no accountability. They have the greatest power that society can invest in people — the power to use deadly force and make arrests. Yet, the public and public entities have no practical access to information about their behavior, eluding the ability to hold anyone accountable.”

So what happens when the government hires out its dirty deeds to contractors who aren’t quite so discriminating about abiding by constitutional safeguards, especially as they relate to searches and heavy-handed tactics? If you think police abuses are worrisome, security expert Bruce Schneier warns that “abuses of power, brutality, and illegal behavior are much more common among private security guards than real police.”

As Schneier points out, “Many of the laws that protect us from police abuse do not apply to the private sector.Constitutional safeguards that regulate police conduct, interrogation and evidence collection do not apply to private individuals. Information that is illegal for the government to collect about you can be collected by commercial data brokers, then purchased by the police. We've all seen policemen ‘reading people their rights’ on television cop shows. If you're detained by a private security guard, you don't have nearly as many rights.”

Third, more often than not, the same individuals are serving in both capacities, first on the government payroll, then moonlighting for the corporations. Not surprisingly, given the demand for private police, you’ll find that police in most cities work privately while they are off-duty. Some private officers started off as public officers, then made the switch once they saw how lucrative the field could be.

This gives rise to another interesting phenomenon, a schism, if you will, between what is permissible in the private sector versus and what is allowed in the public sector, and how it affects those who travel between both worlds. We saw this played out in St. Louis, Missouri, when an off-duty police officer, working a secondary shift for a private security firm, shot and killed a teenager.

Fourth, what few realize is that these private police agencies are actually given their police powers by state courts and legislatures, which do not require them to act in accordance with the Constitution’s strictures or be accountable to “we the people.” As legal analyst Timothy Geigner observes, “They're hiding from public scrutiny behind the veil of incorporation, which may rank right up there among the most cynical things a government organization has ever done. It's a move one might find in the corporate republic of some dystopian novel. I say that because it's truly not as though the police departments in question are attempting to claim some kind of exemption within public records law. They're just putting up a stone wall.”

It’s not as if we have much in the way of local, publicly accountable police forces now; they all answer to the militarized agencies that provide their equipment and training. These private cops simply swell the government’s ranks and serve as the private arm of the law.

In fact, the Department of Justice has been one of the most vocal advocates for the benefits that private security—which has twice the budget and manpower as their government counterparts—can provide in partnership with public police. These so-called “benefits” are outlined in the DOJ’s guidebook entitled “Operation Partnership: Practices and Trends in Law Enforcement and Private Security Collaborations,” which focuses on how both sectors can share cutting-edge technology, information, and personnel resources. Sounds cozy, doesn’t it?

As history shows, we’re not forging a new path with these private police agencies, either. In fact, we’re simply following a model established long ago, not only by Hitler and Mussolini, who relied on private guards to do their bidding, but also by the likes of Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller, who relied on their own private police force, the Pinkertons, who had broad authority to “harass or hurt anyone their employers deemed a threat—be they a worker trying to get a fair wage or a poor person begging near the doorstep of a mansion.”

Nevertheless as historian Heather Ann Thompson points out, “despite countless historical accounts of why private policing of public spaces is a bad idea in a democracy, ordinary Americans have raised little ruckus today when, once again, only those Americans with money are assured access to security and protection.” Thompson continues:
Worse, astonishing faith has been expressed in the much-touted proposition that private police forces, in fact, act in the best interests of the public. Where is the concern, if not the outrage, that there is virtually no regulation when it comes to private policing in America's inner cities? Not only can individuals with little if any training police public spaces, but in various locales they are even authorized to make arrests and wield firearms. What is more, unlike public police, private security officers are not required by law to read a suspect his or her Miranda Rights and, more incredibly, they are allowed to use force, in some circumstances even deadly force, if they deem it necessary to do so.What we’re finding ourselves faced with is a government of mercenaries, bought and paid for with our tax dollars, all the while claiming to be beyond the reach of the Constitution’s dictates.

When all is said and done, privatization in the American police state amounts to little more than the corporate elite providing cover for government wrong-doing.

Either way, the American citizen loses.

Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute where this article first appeared. He is the author of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State and The Change Manifesto.

Informed Choice: Who Supports It?

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What is informed choice? you may be asking. According to the Massachusetts Health and Human Services website:
Informed choice is the process of choosing from options based on accurate information and knowledge. These options are developed by a partnership consisting of the consumer and the counselor that will empower the consumer to make decisions resulting in a successful vocational rehabilitation outcome. [CJF emphasis added] According to the HealthKnowledge website, there are several aspects to choice, e.g., autonomous choice, informed choice, etc.:

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); According to The Free Medical Dictionary by Farlex, their definition is:
Informed choice Patients rights A decision by a Pt about a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure that is based on choice, which requires that the decision be voluntary and that the Pt has the capacity for choice, which rests on 3 elements: possession of a set of values and goals; ability to understand information and communicate decisions; ability to reason and deliberate. [CJF emphasis added] Now, let’s look at the American Medical Association’s “Principles of Medical Ethics” that puts forth how physicians should interact with patients.

Under Principles of Medical Ethics, we find this important principle in “Opinion 8.08: Informed Consent”:
The patient’s right of self-decision can be effectively exercised only if the patient possesses enough information to enable an informed choice. The patient should make his or her own determination about treatment. [….] Informed consent is a basic policy in both ethics and law that physicians must honor, … [….]Physicians should sensitively and respectfully disclose all relevant medical information to patients. [CJF emphasis added] Clearly, the AMA supports the patient’s right of self-decision, self-determination, or informed consent! What doesn’t everyone else understand? Especially practicing physicians and the feds.

Evidently, pediatricians, family physicians and medical personnel do not give pertinent toxin information regarding vaccines that would enable real informed choice, specifically with regard to the adverse events, contraindications, neurotoxins and other toxins in vaccines as published on vaccine package inserts. That obvious lack of transparency probably is a bona fide breach of trust and ethics, in this writer’s opinion.

All medical and healthcare personnel inform healthcare consumers that vaccines are safe, which literally is not the case, since every vaccine package insert unquestionably states that the vaccine has not been tested for its capability to cause cancer, birth defects, or interfere with fertility or reproduction. With such information glaringly lacking and not provided, no individual can make an informed choice about any vaccine!

What’s being done with forcing vaccines upon infants, toddlers, teens and their parents is nothing short of criminal-like action by practitioners who should know better, especially regarding the effects from toxicology and biochemistry interactions.

Vaccinating parents, who seemingly are lulled into a state of fear-driven vaccine acceptance, ought to reconsider what would happen to them if they gave their children the very same chemicals in those vaccines? Child abuse charges would be leveled against them, plus their children would land in Child Protective Care services.

Furthermore, one of the ingredients in vaccines, polysorbate 80, is scientifically known to cause the following:
Clinical studies have shown darbepoetin alfa (polysorbate 80) to increase the risk of serious side effects (eg, blood clots, stroke, heart attack, heart failure) and death in some cases. It has also been shown to shorten overall survival and/or increase the risk of tumor growth or recurrence in patients with certain types of cancer. Talk with your doctor about the risks and benefits of using darbepoetin alfa (polysorbate 80). http://www.drugs.com/cdi/darbepoetin- alfa-polysorbate-80.html [CJF emphasis added] Additionally,
Polysorbate-80 is used in pharmacology to assist in the delivery of certain drugs or chemotherapeutic agents across the blood-brain-barrier. What viral, bacterial, yeast, heavy metal or other vaccine containing ingredient need to pass into the brains of our children? Do they belong in the brain? Is that part of the needed immune response to protect our children from disease? Do vaccine materials pass across the blood-brain barrier with the help of Polysorbate-80? If so, are there complications from being in the brains of our children? Is this another connection to help us get an understanding of why 1 in 150 children have autism, or 1 in 6 children has developmental/learning disabilities? Aluminum and Vaccine Ingredients: What Do We Know? What Don’t We Know? by Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD, FAAP [CJF emphasis added] Note that when Dr. Palevsky made that remark, autism was 1 in 150. A few years later, and as of the latest statistics, autism in the USA is 1 in 68!
About 1 in 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to estimates from CDC's Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network. [4] In the late 1970s, autism was 1 in 10,000. Will it soon become 1 in 2?

Do you think parents, or anyone for that matter, would give their informed consent knowing that some ingredients in vaccines were able to breach the blood brain barrier? Would you give your consent?

It’s obvious, medical personnel don’t provide “enough information to enable an informed choice” especially about polysorbate 80 in these vaccines: DTaP (Infarix, Tripedia); DtaP-HebB-IPV (Pediarix); DtaP-Hib (TriHIBit); HPV (Gardasil); Influenza (Fluarix); Rotavirus (RotaTeq); Tdap (Adacel, Boostrix).

HHS/CDC/FDA should make vaccine makers remove polysorbate 80 from vaccines or else make certain each individual, who voluntarily chooses to receive vaccines containing polysorbate 80, gets a written paper stating polysorbate 80, or any of its proprietary trade names, can “increase the risk of serious side effects (eg, blood clots, stroke, heart attack, heart failure) and death in some cases.” Then, that would be informed choice, if and when a person freely subscribes to the vaccine for themselves or their children. Currently, thousands, if not millions of people are either: 1) coerced, 2) threatened with no medical care services, or 3) made to take vaccines under much duress. Legally, duress is never proper!

Furthermore, pro-vaccination parents, who feel non-vaccinating parents are ‘child abusers’, [Petition to have non-vaccinating parents charged with child abuse] need to examine their own apparent ignorance in allowing any or all of the following ingredients in vaccines:
Ovalbumin, human serum albumin, bovine albumin, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, aluminum phosphate, aluminum potassium sulfate, amino acids, ammonium sulfate, amphotericin B, ascorbic acid, bactopeptone, beta propiolactone, benzethonium chloride, brilliant green dye, calcium carbonate, calcium chloride, chlortetracycline, cystine, dextran, DNA, Dulbecco’s modified Eagle Medium, ethylenediamine- tetraacetic acid sodium, egg protein, ferric (III) nitrate, formaldehyde-formalin, gelatin, genetamicin, glucose glutamine, glutaraldehyde, glycerin, glycine, histidine, hydrochloric acid, hydrocortisone, lactose, magnesium stearate, magnesium sulfate, monosodium glutamate, mouse serum protein, MRC-5 cellular protein (aborted fetal cell line), neomycin, phenol, phenol red, 2-phenoxyethanol, phosphate buffers (eg. Disodium, monosodium, potassium, sodium dihydrogenphosphate), polydimethylsilozone, polymyxin B, polyoxyethylene9-10 nonyl phenol, polyoxyethelated octyl phenol, polysorbate 20, polysorbate 80, potassium chloride, potassium glutamate, bovine calf serum, sodium acetate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, sodium deoxycholate, sodium hydrogenocarbonate, sodium hydroxide, sodium phosphate, sodium pyruvate, sorbitol, streptomycin, sucrose, Thimerosal [49.6% ethylmercury], tocopheryl hydrogen succinate, tyrosine, urea, vitamins unspecified, xanthan, and yeast protein that are used to manufacture vaccines grown on the following production media: bovine protein, calf skin, chick kidney cells, chicken embryo, Cohen-Wheeler modified (pertussis components), human diploid tissue culture-MRC-5 and WI-38 [aborted fetal cell lines], Lathan medium derived from bovine casein, Linggoud-Fenton medium containing extract, Medium 199 (including amino acids, vitamins, sucrose, phosphate, glutamate, human albumin, fetal bovine serum), minimum essential medium (including amino acids, vitamins, fetal bovine serum, human albumin), monkey kidney tissue culture-Vero (Vervet or African green monkeys), mouse brain culture, Mueller-Hinton agar medium, Mueller-Miller medium, Puziss-Wright medium 1095, Rhesus [monkey] fetal lung tissue culture, Stainer-Scholte medium, soy peptone broth [probable GMO product], synthetic/semi-synthetic [what that exactly is, is not defined! Nanoparticles?], Watson-Scherp medium, yeast or yeast extract (typically Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Source: U.S. CDC PinkBook Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary (2011) pp. E-1 to E-7 as cited in Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines pp. 27-33 to be injected into their infants, toddlers, and teenage children.

Back on September 20, 2010 when I was writing for VacTruth.com, I wrote this about Dr. Nancy Snyderman’s apparently mis-spoken remark about vaccine ingredients on the Today Show:
Doctor Nancy Snyderman, a very attractive, gregarious and outgoing physician, has real TV presence in more ways than one. Friday, September 17, 2010 Dr. Snyderman appeared on the MSNBC Today Show and promoted vaccines in a segment titled Vaccines 101 in a manner to which I personally took umbrage, especially when she said there was a small amount of medicine in the shot and the “rest is water or salt water. [3] Here’s the video of that Today Show http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/36691058/vp/39211550#39211550 where at 2 minutes 25 seconds Dr. Snyderman starts with her remarks about vaccines “rest is water or salt water”. Not so, according to the CDC! If all MDs are as equally informed about vaccines as Dr. Snyderman, well, I guess there’s a lot of important information about vaccines that is “missing in action.”

Coincidentally, in using Internet search engines to locate that Today Show with Dr. Snyderman, I couldn’t find it. Apparently, it seems to be ‘hidden’ somewhere not easily accessible. Luckily, I was able to retrieve it from my 2010 article at VacTruth.com.

Therefore, how can HHS/CDC/FDA, state, county, and municipal health agencies morally, ethically, legally, and medically expect anyone to submit to such medical quackery—injecting numerous known toxins into a body while ‘seemingly’ not knowing about those chemicals’ detrimental health effects published in the medical literature?

Since no testing apparently has been done on the safety or health effects of synergism between any combination of the above ingredients in any or all vaccines or combinations thereof, what kind of pseudo-scientific ‘pig-in-a-poke’ are vaccinating parents buying into when allowing toxins, chemicals and other things like DNA, antibiotics, aborted fetal cell lines, etc. being injected into their children in numerous doses at one time—up to 9 vaccines given at one ‘well baby’ office visit? Who really are the child abusers? Certainly it’s not those parents wanting to protect their children from vaccines that have not been fully tested for safety, i.e., Cancer, teratogenicity, and infertility/reproduction impairment.

Plainly, the vaccination program as practiced today, especially in the USA, is nothing short of breaching an individual’s right to be secure in his or her bodily person. Even though the USA has no constitutional right proclaiming a person’s right to health or its care, the senior author of “Constitutional rights to health, public health and medical care: The status of health protections in 191 countries,” Jody Heymann, MD, PhD, had this to say:
The global recognition of a right to health is a powerful step in guaranteeing health as a fundamental human right for all people, but it is important to ensure this moral right moves from the philosophical to the practical. That will require a kind of transparency and accountability where the public can readily access information on which countries are implementing these guarantees. [1] [CJF emphasis added] THAT is the crux of the matter: health and how each individual wants to protect him- or herself and his/her children, is not the government’s decision. Government should be there to provide services, not mandate corporate-vested-interests’ products are forced into consumers’ bodies based in a ‘faith-like’ zealot’s zeal. When the Colonies were rebelling against King George III and forming under the guidance of our country’s Founding Fathers and Mothers, Dr. Benjamin Rush, MD, made this prophetic statement:
Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom. [2] And this:
Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to doctors and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic. [2] Apparently, we are living in the times that Dr. Rush was able to foresee. The Bastille [1799] was a notorious prison in France during the French Revolution [1788-89]. Need I say more?

With all the rabblerousing about forced vaccinations, it seems the Bastille may arrive in the USA in the 21st century, especially if we don’t stand up for our inalienable, Creator-given rights to keeping and preserving our most valuable possession: one’s health—nothing is more personal than that.

We need a Health Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. From 1985 to 1990 I worked in trying to get that amendment passed. Very few thought it was necessary, as the USA was supposed to be a free country, so it didn’t get much traction in Congress.

Boy, wouldn’t you say they were wrong? Historically though, we need to remember this from our country’s founding days:

A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” [5]

Do you think we have it within us to keep it as a republic in this day and age?


[1] http://www.medicaldaily.com/most-world-has-constitutional-right-health-care-not-us-even-obamacare-way-247843
[2] http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/77024.Benjamin_Rush
[3] http://vactruth.com/2010/09/20/aborted-human-fetal-cells-in-vaccines/
[4] http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/data.html
[5] http://www.ourrepubliconline.com/Author/21

Catherine retired from researching and writing, but felt compelled to write this article. 

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on Amazon.com.

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on Amazon.com and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on Amazon.com are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

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