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Pentagon: Hillary's Push For War In Libya Was Based on ''Stupid Facts''

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Dees IllustrationEric Blair
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NATO's 2011 air-bombing assault on Libya turned the most successful country in Africa into a failed state now run by terrorists.

If the result of this so-called humanitarian intervention wasn't bad enough, it appears that our leaders lied to sell this war to the public, again.

We're learning from leaked documents and recordings, first reported by the Washington Times, that the Pentagon at the time disagreed with Hillary Clinton's justification for the Libyan war, calling them "stupid, stupid facts". Stupid facts that led to the devastation of a thriving nation.

Effects of humanitarian intervention in Libya.You know something's amiss when the Department of War is more careful about facts to prevent war than the Department of Diplomacy is.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who worked in the House of Representatives to stop the military action in Libya, secretly recorded a phone call with Gaddafi's son during NATO's siege. Gaddafi expressed his confusion to Kucinich saying:

"The people here are fighting terrorists and gangsters. And we have their names, their photos - everything. And they're well-known. And all of them are less than one thousand in the whole country. So, I mean, can you imagine a country like the United States forgetting about six million Libyans and supporting one thousand gangsters and terrorists?"

As Gaddafi's bloody carcass was being dragged through the streets of Libya by Western-backed jihadists, Hillary Clinton celebrated her policy victory and bragged with a sinister cackle "We came, we saw, he died."

Clinton may have to testify under oath about these recent revelations on the beginnings of the war, as well as the botched security during the Benghazi consulate raid and murder of US ambassador Chris Stevens.

The image of Stevens being dragged through the streets was eerily similar to Gaddafi's fate in what many called blow-back, a term used to describe the rebounding of the Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Take a good look. This is the West's version of humanitarian intervention -- carpet bombing a nation to ruins, while protecting barbarian mercenaries in their bloody march to topple a once-peaceful nation.

Once Gaddafi was ousted, NATO shipped these foreign fighters to Syria to make it look like Assad was fighting a civil war just like Libya supposedly was. These are the very same fighters now known as ISIS.

Whether it's "stupid facts" or outright lies, we're all being punked into fighting an endless war.

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The Vaccinated Spreading Measles: WHO, Merck, CDC Documents Confirm

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Sayer Ji
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20 years ago, the MMR vaccine was found to infect virtually all of its recipients with measles. The manufacturer Merck's own product warning links MMR to a potentially fatal form of brain inflammation caused by measles. Why is this evidence not being reported?

The phenomenon of measles infection spread by MMR (live measles-mumps-rubella vaccine) has been known for decades. In fact, 20 years ago, scientists working at the CDC's National Center for Infectious Diseases, funded by the WHO and the National Vaccine Program, discovered something truly disturbing about the MMR vaccine: it leads to detectable measles infection in the vast majority of those who receive it.

Published in 1995 in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology and titled, "Detection of Measles Virus RNA in Urine Specimens from Vaccine Recipients," researchers analyzed urine samples from newly MMR vaccinated 15-month-old children and young adults and reported their eye-opening results as following:
  • Measles virus RNA was detected in 10 of 12 children during the 2-week sampling period. 
  • In some cases, measles virus RNA was detected as early as 1 day or as late as 14 days after the children were vaccinated. 
  • Measles virus RNA was also detected in the urine samples from all four of the young adults between 1 and 13 days after vaccination.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The authors of this study used a relatively new technology at that time, namely, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), which they believed could help resolve growing challenges associated with measles detection in the shifting post-mass immunization epidemiological and clinical landscape. These challenges include:
  • A changing clinical presentation towards 'milder' or asymptomatic measles in previously vaccinated individuals. 
  • A changing epidemiological distribution of measles (a shift toward children younger than 15 months, teenagers, and young adults) 
  • Increasing difficulty distinguishing measles-like symptoms (exanthema) caused by a range of other pathogens from those caused by measles virus. 
  • An increase in sporadic measles outbreaks in previously vaccinated individuals.
Twenty years later, PCR testing is widely acknowledged as highly sensitive and specific, and the only efficient way to distinguish vaccine-strain and wild-type measles infection, as their clinical presentation are indistinguishable.

Did the CDC Use PCR Testing On The Disneyland Measles Cases?

The latest measles outbreak at Disney is a perfect example of where PCR testing could be used to ascertain the true origins of the outbreak. The a priori assumption that the non-vaccinated are carriers and transmitters of a disease the vaccinated are immune to has not been scientifically validated. Since vaccine strain measles has almost entirely supplanted wild-type, communally acquired measles, it is statistically unlikely that PCR tests will reveal the media's hysterical storyline -- "non-vaxxers brought back an eradicated disease!" --  to be true. Until such studies are performed and exposed, we will never know for certain.

Anne Dachel, of Age of Autism, recently addressed this key question in her insightful article "Disney, Measles, and the Fantasyland of Vaccine Perfection":
Has there been any laboratory confirmation of even one case of the supposed measles related to Disneyland?  If yes, was the confirmed case tested to determine whether it was wild-type measles or vaccine-strain measles?  If not, why not?  These are important questions to ask. Is it measles or not? If yes, what kind, because if it's vaccine-strain measles, then that means it is the vaccinated who are contagious and spreading measles resulting in what the media likes to label "outbreaks" to create panic (a panic more appropriately triggered by our 25 year history of epidemic autism). It would be what one might call vaccine fallout.  People who receive live-virus vaccines, such as the MMR, can then shed that live virus, for up to many weeks and can infect others.  Other live-virus vaccines include the nasal flu vaccine, shingles vaccine, rotavirus vaccine, chicken pox vaccine, and yellow fever vaccine.Additional Evidence That the Vaccinated Are Not Immune, Spread Disease

The National Vaccine Information Center has published an important document relevant to this topic titled "The Emerging Risks of Live Virus & Virus Vectored Vaccines: Vaccine Strain Virus Infection, Shedding & Transmission." Pages 34-36 in the section on "Measles, Mumps, Rubella Viruses and Live Attenuated Measles, Mumps, Rubella Viruses" discuss evidence that the MMR vaccine can lead to measles infection and transmission.

Cases highlighted include:
  • In 2010, Eurosurveillance published a report about excretion of vaccine strain measles virus in urine and pharyngeal secretions of a Croatian child with vaccine-associated rash illness.[1] A healthy 14-month old child was given MMR vaccine and eight days later developed macular rash and fever. Lab testing of throat and urine samples between two and four weeks after vaccination tested positive for vaccine strain measles virus. Authors of the report pointed out that when children experience a fever and rash after MMR vaccination, only molecular lab testing can determine whether the symptoms are due to vaccine strain measles virus infection. They stated: "According to WHO guidelines for measles and rubella elimination, routine discrimination between aetiologies of febrile rash disease is done by virus detection. However, in a patient recently MMR-vaccinated, only molecular techniques can differentiate between wild type measles or rubella infection or vaccine-associated disease. This case report demonstrates that excretion of Schwartz measles virus occurs in vaccinees."
  • In 2012, Pediatric Child Health published a report describing a healthy 15-month old child in Canada, who developed irritability, fever, cough, conjunctivitis and rash within seven days of an MMR shot.[2] Blood, urine and throat swab tests were positive for vaccine strain measles virus infection 12 days after vaccination. Addressing the potential for measles vaccine strain virus transmission to others, the authors stated, "While the attenuated virus can be detected in clinical specimens following immunization, it is understood that administration of the MMR vaccine to immunocompetent individuals does not carry the risk of secondary transmission to susceptible hosts.
  • In 2013, Eurosurveillance published a report of vaccine strain measles occurring weeks after MMR vaccination in Canada. Authors stated, "We describe a case of measlesmumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine-associated measles illness that was positive by both PCR and IgM, five weeks after administration of the MMR vaccine." The case involved a two-year-old child, who developed runny nose, fever, cough, macular rash and conjunctivitis after vaccination and tested positive for vaccine strain measles virus infection in throat swab and blood tests.[3] Canadian health officials authoring the report raised the question of whether there are unidentified cases of vaccine strain measles infections and the need to know more about how long measles vaccine strain shedding lasts. They concluded that the case they reported "likely represents the existence of additional, but unidentified, exceptions to the typical timeframe for measles vaccine virus shedding and illness." They added that "further investigation is needed on the upper limit of measles vaccine virus shedding based on increased sensitivity of the RT-PCR-based detection technologies and immunological factors associated with vaccine-associated measles illness and virus shedding."
In addition to this evidence for the disease-promoting nature of the measles vaccine, we recently reported on a case of a twice vaccinated adult in NYC becoming infected with measles and then spreading it to two secondary contacts, both of which were vaccinated twice and found to have presumably protective IgM antibodies.

This double failure of the MMR vaccine renders highly suspicious the unsubstantiated claims that when an outbreak of measles occurs the non- or minimally vaccinated are responsible. The assumption that vaccination equals bona fide immunity has never been supported by the evidence itself. We have previously reported on a growing body of evidence that even when a vaccine is mandated, and 99% of a population receive the measles vaccines, outbreaks not only happen, but as compliance increases vaccine resistance sporadic outbreaks also increase -- a clear indication of vaccine failure.

There is also the concerning fact that according to the MMR vaccine's manufacturer Merck's own product insert, the MMR can cause measles inclusion body encephalitis (MIBE), a rare but potentially lethal form of brain infection with measles.  For more information you can review a case report on MIBE caused by vaccine strain measles published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases in 1999 titled "Measles inclusion-body encephalitis caused by the vaccine strain of measles virus."

Global Measles Vaccine Failures Increasingly Reported

China is not the only country dealing with outbreaks in near universally vaccinated populations. Between 2008-2011, France reported over 20,000 cases of measles, with adolescents and young adults accounting for more than half of cases.[4] Remarkably, these outbreaks began when France was experiencing some of their highest coverage rates in history. For instance, in 2008, the MMR1 coverage reached 96.6% in children 11 years of age. For a more extensive review of measles outbreaks in vaccinated populations read our article The 2013 Measles Outbreak: A Failing Vaccine, Not A Failure to Vaccinate.

Given that clinical evidence, case reports, epidemiological studies, and even the vaccine manufacturer's own product warnings, all show directly or indirectly that MMR can spread measles infection, how can we continue to stand by and let the media, government and medical establishment blame the non-vaccinated on these outbreaks without any concrete evidence?


[1] Kaic B, Gjenero-Margan I, Aleraj B. Spotlight on Measles 2010: Excretion of Vaccine Strain Measles Virus in Urine and Pharyngeal Secretions of a Child with Vaccine Associated Febrile Rash Illness, Croatia, March 2010. Eurosurveillance 2010 15(35).
[2] Nestibo L, Lee BE, Fonesca K et al. Differentiating the wild from the attenuated during a measles outbreak. Paediatr Child Health Apr. 2012; 17(4).
[3] Murti M, Krajden M, Petric M et al. Case of Vaccine Associated Measles Five Weeks Post-Immunisation, British Columbia, Canada, October 2013. Eurosurveillance Dec. 5, 2013; 18(49).
[4] Antona D, Lévy-Bruhl D, Baudon C, Freymuth F, Lamy M, Maine C, Floret D, Parent du Chatelet I. Measles elimination efforts and 2008-2011 outbreak, France. Emerg Infect Dis. 2013 Mar;19(3):357-64. doi: 10.3201/eid1903.121360. PubMed PMID: 23618523; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3647670.

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This article first appeared at GreenMedInfo.  Please visit to access their vast database of articles and the latest information in natural health.

New Bill Would Let Cops Enter Your Home Without a Warrant and Kill Your Dog

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Joshua Krause
Activist Post

In light of recent events, it’s become apparent that the public’s opinion of law enforcement is rapidly falling apart. Technology is partly to blame for giving the average citizen the ability to film police encounters at a moment’s notice, and post these videos on the Internet for the world to see. There’s always been bad cops, but now their antics are being exposed more than ever.

Of course, that’s not even the half of it. The police wouldn’t get any bad exposure if they weren’t caught doing terrible things in the first place. A cursory look through a Facebook group like Copblock will give you page after page of cops being stupid, trigger happy, petty, and negligent (and those are just the links gathered from the last 24 hours).

But I don’t think anything has sullied the reputation of American law enforcement more than their propensity for killing dogs. For most dog owners, their pets are members of the family. They treat them like their children. To walk onto someone’s property and shoot their dog is like shooting their kid. And yet these cases are rarely, if ever, brought to court. It’s hard enough to convict a cop for murder. To the courts, reprimanding them for killing a dog would be laughable.

A recent bill being proposed in Mississippi may make it even more difficult to hold the police accountable for these crimes. Specifically, if that dog is a pit bull. If this legislation passes, then anyone in the State of Mississippi who owns a pit bull may have their homes searched by the police without a warrant.

Dubbed, the Mississippi Regulation of Dangerous Dogs Act, it also grants police permission to kill your dog if certain criteria are met. If the dog is not “under proper restraint when on the premises of its owner,” isn’t wearing any vaccination tags, and if the police have failed to peacefully subdue the dog, then they would have every right to shoot.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I think the first category is the most egregious. What exactly is their definition of “proper restraint?” And, more importantly, what does this mean for dog owners who don’t keep their pets on a leash in their backyard? I mean, how many of you reading this are dog owners, who keep their dogs kenneled or leashed at all times? I’m sure some folks do, but unless your dog has a reputation for being violent or escaping, then doing so sounds kind of cruel. Leashes are for going on walks, and kennels are for going to the vet or the dog park. They shouldn’t be necessary on your own property.

They’re basically saying that if you own a certain kind of dog, they have every right to enter your property, which practically guarantees that the police will have an encounter with your dog. And since most dog owners don’t keep their pets restrained at all times, it practically guarantees that your dog will be killed by the police. This bill should be called “The Mississippi Kill All Pit Bulls Act,” but obviously that wouldn’t go over to well with the public. So they’re hiding their intentions behind a facade of safety and benevolence.

And don’t get me started on the whole pit bull debate. I don’t believe for a second that a certain breed of dog is more prone to killing people than another breed. I’m sure there are certain breeds that are easier to train for that (like, I don’t know, maybe the German Shepherds the police use), but pit bulls don’t just attack people for no reason (at least no more than any other dog). My brother has owned a pit bull for about 5 years, and that dog has never attacked anyone. So to me, saying a domesticated dog breed is more likely to attack someone is like saying Asians are good at math, or Africans are inferior.

When this flawed logic is applied to humans, we rightfully call it racism. When it’s applied to dogs, we start treating each breed like they’re a separate species. We forget that all domesticated dogs are from the same species (Canis lupus familiaris), and their differences are marginal at best.

Granted, each breed has some slightly different genes, which makes them better suited for certain tasks, but we have the same thing with humans. Like people from Nepal who can live with less oxygen, or how Europeans are better at digesting dairy than Asians or Africans. But no sane person believes that certain human races are more prone to violence because of their genetics. This whole debate on the aggression of pit bulls is completely asinine.

So what we have here is a piece of legislation that is designed to violate the rights of law-abiding citizens, gives police permission to kill their dogs without provocation, and is based on an argument that is more akin to an urban myth.

In my mind, this reveals the linchpin of the police state’s strategy to take away our rights. When they fail to take away our collective rights in one fell swoop, they will try to whittle them away by criminalizing every community, every opinion, and every activity, one at a time, until they’ve captured us all. Someday everyone will be a criminal, if they aren’t already.

And when that day comes, they’ll be at liberty to pick and choose who goes to jail, and who gets to enjoy the illusion of freedom and privacy. Welcome to the new America.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple, where this first appeared. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

Birth Pangs Of The Coming Great Depression

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Michael Snyder
Activist Post

The signs of the times are everywhere – all you have to do is open up your eyes and look at them.  When a pregnant woman first goes into labor, the birth pangs are usually fairly moderate and are not that close together.  But as the time for delivery approaches, they become much more frequent and much more intense. Economically, what we are experiencing right now are birth pangs of the coming Great Depression.

As we get closer to the crisis that is looming on the horizon, they will become even more powerful.  This week, we learned that the Baltic Dry Index has fallen to the lowest level that we have seen in 29 years.  The Baltic Dry Index also crashed during the financial collapse of 2008, but right now it is already lower than it was at any point during the last financial crisis.  In addition, “Dr. Copper” and other industrial commodities continue to plunge.  This almost always happens before we enter an economic downturn.  Meanwhile, as I mentioned the other day, orders for durable goods are declining.  This is also a traditional indicator that a recession is approaching.  The warning signs are there – we just have to be open to what they are telling us.

And of course there are so many more parallels between past economic downturns and what is happening right now.

For example, volatility has returned to the markets in a big way.  On Tuesday the Dow was down about 300 points, on Wednesday it was down another couple hundred points, and then on Thursday it was up a couple hundred points.

This is precisely how markets behave just before they crash.  When markets are calm, they tend to go up.  When markets get really choppy and start behaving erratically, that tells us that a big move down is usually coming.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); At the same time, almost every major global currency is imploding.  For much more on this, see the amazing charts in this article.

In particular, I am greatly concerned about the collapse of the euro.  The Swiss would not have decoupled their currency from the euro if it was healthy.  And political events in Greece are certainly not going to help things either.  Economic conditions across Europe just continue to get worse, and the future of the eurozone itself is very much in doubt at this point.  And if the eurozone does break up, a European economic depression is almost virtually assured – at least in the short term.

And I haven’t even mentioned the oil crash yet.

There is only one other time in all of history when the price of oil collapsed by more than 60 dollars, and that was just prior to the horrific financial crisis of 2008.

Since the last financial crisis, the oil industry has been a huge source for job growth in this country.  The following is an excerpt from a recent CNN article
The oil sector has added over a half million jobs — many of them high paying — since the recession ended in June 2009. That’s 13% of all US job growth over that period. Now energy companies and related sectors are laying off thousands. Expect that trend to continue, bears say.But losing good jobs is just the tip of the iceberg of this oil crisis.

At this point, the price of oil has already dropped to a catastrophically low level.  The longer it stays at this level, the more damage that it is going to do.  If the price of oil stays at this level for all of 2015, we are going to have a complete and total financial nightmare on our hands
For the first time in 18 years, oil exporters are pulling liquidity out of world markets rather than putting money in. The world is now fast approaching a world reserve currency shift. If we see 8 to 12 months at these oil prices; U.S. shale industry will be wiped out. The effect on junk bonds will cascade to the rest of the stock market and U.S. economy. …and this time there will be nothing left to catch the falling knife before it hits the American economy right in the heart. Not the FED nor the U.S. government can stop what’s coming. Liquidity will freeze up, our credit will be downgraded, the stock market will start to collapse, and then we can expect the FED to come in and hyper-inflate the dollar. This will cause the world to finish abandoning the world reserve currency in the last rungs of trade. This will be the end of the petrodollar.Something that I have not discussed so far this year is the looming crisis in emerging market debt.
As economic problems spread around the world, a number of “emerging markets” are in danger of having their debt downgraded.  And many investment funds have rules that prohibit them from holding any debt that is not “investment grade”.  Therefore, we could potentially see some of these giant funds dumping massive amounts of emerging market debt if downgrades happen.

This is a really big deal.  As a Business Insider article recently detailed, we could be talking about hundreds of billions of dollars…
Russia this week became the first of the major economies to lose its investment grade status from Standard & Poor’s, falling out off the top ratings category for credits deemed to have a low risk of default for the first time in a decade. If Moody’s and Fitch follow, conservative investors barred from owning junk securities must sell their holdings. JPMorgan estimates this means they may ditch $6 billion in Russian government rouble and dollar debt. Russia may have company. Almost $260 billion worth of sovereign and corporate bonds – nearly a tenth of outstanding emerging market (EM) debt – is in danger of being relegated to junk, according to David Spegel, head of emerging debt at BNP Paribas, who calls such credits “falling angels”.And no article of this nature would be complete without mentioning derivatives.

I could not possibly overemphasize the danger that the 700 trillion dollar derivatives bubble poses to the global financial system.

As we enter the coming Great Depression, derivatives are going to play a starring role.  Wall Street has been pumped full of funny money by global central banks, and our financial markets have been transformed into the greatest casino in the history of the world.  When this house of cards comes crashing down, and it will, it is going to be a financial disaster unlike anything that the planet has ever seen.

And yes, global central banks are very much responsible for setting the stage for what we are about to experience.

I really like the way that David Stockman put it the other day…
The global financial system is literally booby-trapped with accidents waiting to happen owing to six consecutive years of massive money printing by nearly every central bank in the world. Over that span, the collective balance sheet of the major central banks has soared by nearly $11 trillion, meaning that honest price discovery has been virtually destroyed. This massive “bid” for existing financial assets based on credit confected from thin air drove long-term bond yields to rock bottom levels not seen in 600 years since the Black Plague; and pinned money market costs at zero—-for 73 months running. What is the consequence of this drastic financial repression along the entire yield curve? The answer is bond prices which keep rising regardless of credit risk, inflation or taxes; and rampant carry trade speculation that can’t get out of its own way because  central banks have made the financial gamblers’ cost of goods—the “funding” cost of their trades—-essentially zero.Of course I am not the only one warning that a new Great Depression is coming.  For instance, just consider what British hedge fund manager Crispin Odey is saying…
British hedge fund manager Crispin Odey thinks we’ve entered an economic downturn that is “likely to be remembered in a hundred years,” and central banks won’t be able to stop it. In his Odey Asset Management investor letter dated Dec. 31, Odey writes that the shorting opportunity “looks as great as it was in 07/09.” “My point is that we used all our monetary firepower to avoid the first downturn in 2007-09,” he writes, “so we are really at a dangerous point to try to counter the effects of a slowing China, falling commodities and EM incomes, and the ultimate First World Effects. This is the heart of the message. If economic activity far from picks up, but falters, then there will be a painful round of debt default.”Even though most average citizens are completely oblivious to what is happening, many among the elite are heeding the warning signs and are feverishly getting prepared.  As Robert Johnson told a stunned audience at the World Economic Forum the other day, they are "buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand".  They can see the horrifying storm forming on the horizon and they are preparing to get out while the getting is good.

It can be very frustrating to write about economics, because things in the financial world can take an extended period of time to play out.  Sadly, most people these days have extremely short attention spans.  We live in a world of iPhones, iPads, YouTube videos, Facebook updates and 48-hour news cycles.  People no longer are accustomed to thinking in long-term time frames, and if something does not happen right away we tend to get bored with it.

But the economic world is not like a game of “Angry Birds”.  Rather, it is very much like a game of chess.

And unfortunately for us, checkmate is right around the corner.

This article first appeared here at the Economic Collapse Blog.  Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream and Economic Collapse Blog. Follow him on Twitter here.

Section 215 of the Patriot Act Expires in June. Is Congress Ready?

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Nadia Kayyali
Activist Post

You may have heard that the Patriot Act is set to expire soon. That’s not quite the case. The Patriot Act was a large bill, as were the reauthorizations that followed in 2005 and 2006. Not all of it sunsets. But three provisions do expire on June 1st: Section 215, the "Lone Wolf provision," and the "roving wiretap" provision.

All of these sections are concerning, but Section 215 takes the cake. It’s the authority that the NSA, with the FBI’s help, has interpreted to allow the U.S. government to vacuum up the call records of millions of innocent people. It’s also been the focus of most of the NSA reform efforts in Congress over the last year and a half. But if there were ever a time to reform the NSA, it’s now—because a vote for reauthorization, without comprehensive reform of NSA spying, will very clearly be a vote against the Constitution.

NSA Spying is Not a Partisan Issue, and it Must be Dealt With

There have been many legislative efforts to reform the NSA over the last year and a half. But none of them have been successful. Most recently, in December, the Senate failed to move the USA FREEDOM Act forward for a final vote.

What lawmakers said about USA FREEDOM, and what they are saying now, gives us some idea of where we’re headed over the next few months.

One of the most notable “no” votes on USA FREEDOM came from Sen. Rand Paul, who objected to the fact that the bill extended the sunset of Section 215 by two years. Sen. Paul has been a vocal critic of the Patriot Act and NSA spying, and has made it clear that he will vote against reauthorization.

The question now is whether he and other Republican critics will be able to push for genuine reform—something essential in a Congress that is now majority Republican in both houses.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); And that’s where things get troublesome. The cloture vote on USA FREEDOM was a preview for the kind of anti-reform rhetoric we can expect to hear over the next few months. Some civil liberties advocates thought the bill didn’t go far enough—but the lawmakers who voted against it mostly thought it went too far.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell proclaimed on the Senate floor that “now is not the time to be considering legislation that takes away the exact tools we need to combat ISIL.” Similarly, Sen. Marco Rubio—who is now on record as stating that he thinks Section 215 should never expirestated "the world is as dangerous as ever, and extremists are being cultivated and recruited right here at home. This legislation would significantly weaken and, in some cases, entirely do away with some of the most important counter-terrorism capabilities at our disposal, which is why I will not support it."

The rhetoric isn't confined to the Senate floor. After a man was arrested for allegedly plotting a D.C. shooting spree, Speaker of the House John Boehner claimed that “we would have never known about this had it not been for the FISA program and our ability to collect information on people who pose an imminent threat,” even though the criminal complaint against the arrestee states that it was a government informant that supplied information about his plans.

Why The Focus on Section 215

Section 215 is an obvious target for reform. As the pro-NSA rhetoric reaches a fever pitch, it’s important to remember that we have little to no evidence that bulk collection of telephone call records under Section 215 has ever stopped a terrorist attack.

In fact, even the administration agrees—it’s not necessary. The White House admitted that the government can accomplish its goals without bulk telephone records collection. What’s more, the President’s Review Board said “the information contributed to terrorist investigations by the use of section 215 telephony meta-data was not essential to preventing attacks.” And the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board could not identify one time when bulk collection under Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act “made a concrete difference in the outcome of a counterterrorism investigation.” Similarly, an in-depth analysis of 225 cases of people charged with terrorism found that “the contribution of NSA’s bulk surveillance programs to these cases was minimal.”

If that weren’t enough, Senators with access to classified information have also argued that the program is unnecessary. In an amicus brief in EFF’s case First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles v. NSA, Sens. Ron Wyden, Mark Udall, and Martin Heinrich stated that, while the administration has claimed that bulk collection is necessary to prevent terrorism, they “have reviewed the bulk-collection program extensively, and none of the claims appears to hold up to scrutiny.”

What’s more, claims that collection of call records is not “that big” of an invasion of privacy are simply untrue. As we point out in our amicus brief in Klayman v. Obama, “The call records collected by the government are not just metadata—they are intimate portraits of the lives of millions of Americans.”  In one short-term study of a small sample of call detail information, researchers at Stanford were able to identify one plausible inference of a subject obtaining an abortion; one subject with a heart condition; one with multiple sclerosis; and the owner of a specific brand of firearm.

In fact, former director of the NSA and CIA Michael Hayden recently admitted: “We kill people based on metadata.”  And former NSA General Counsel Stu Baker said: “metadata absolutely tells you everything about somebody’s life. If you have enough metadata, you don’t really need content.”
Of course, voting against reauthorization isn’t the ultimate goal when it comes to reforming NSA spying. Congress needs to address myriad problems—perhaps the reason Section 215 isn’t essential is because it is such a small part of the NSA’s huge repertoire.

What Real Reform Looks Like

Congress needs to pass comprehensive reform. EFF has continued to call for legislation that would:
  • End untargeted, bulk collection;
  • End illegal, warrantless "backdoor" searches of Americans' communications collected under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act;
  • Provide Americans a clear path to assert legal standing to sue the government for privacy abuses;
  • Reform the FISA Court by making significant opinions public and putting a special advocate for privacy in the court;
  • Shorten the FISA Amendments Act sunset;
  • Enhance the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board powers;
  • Ban the NSA from undermining commonly used encryption standards;
  • Strengthen privacy protections for innocent people inside and outside of the United States; and
  • Fix the broken “classified information” system.
A no vote on Section 215—or even the prospect of a no vote over the coming months—would force the NSA’s defenders to take reform seriously.

What’s Next? 

Even though the Section 215 vote is many months away, it’s important to let Congress know what we’re expecting—a no vote on reauthorization, or any other legislation that allows suspicionless surveillance of millions of innocent people. In the meantime, as new legislation emerges, EFF will fight to ensure that all bad bills die, and push hard for any good bills to advance.

Please visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation, where this first appeared, for the latest news in digital privacy and civil liberties.

NYPD to Permanently Patrol Protests with Machine Guns

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Carey Wedler
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NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton announced Thursday that 350 heavily armed NYPD officers, called the “Strategic Response Group,” will soon be patrolling protests and the city at large. He said the new strain of hyper-armed police will be
…equipped and trained in ways that our normal patrol officers are not. They’ll be equipped with all the extra heavy protective gear, with the long rifles and machine guns — unfortunately sometimes necessary in these instances.Bratton announced  their purpose is specifically
…designed for dealing with events like our recent protests, or incidents like Mumbai or what just happened in Paris.Lumping protesters in with terrorists, he said the permanent force will deal with “disorder control and counterterrorism protection capabilities.” It will allegedly assist on crime scenes and help with “crowd control and other large-scale events.”

It is not unusual for authorities to ramp up “security” efforts following attacks (such as the ax attack against officers in October), but the idea of machine-gun clad officers is disturbing, especially considering past NYPD abuses of protesters and other residents.

The federal government, which has attempted to feign concern with police brutality, is partially funding the militarized venture. The Department of Homeland Security is supplying resources, as is the city of New York. The Pentagon has previously provided machine guns, ammunition, and other military gear to New York police and other local cops around the country.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The program is set to begin with two precincts in Queens and two in Manhattan, though Bratton did not specify when. During the announcement at a Police Foundation breakfast at the Mandarin Hotel, Bratton also said his plan was backed by both Mayor Bill de Blasio (who came under fire from cops last year) and the city council.

He said the effort is intended to improve police relations with communities since “regular” police will no longer be called from their local precincts to deal with protests and alleged security threats:
For years we’ve been asking our officers to engage in the community, but we’ve never given them time to do it, or the training.Such “crises” will now be handled by the machine gunning cops (machine guns are banned for private citizens). Bratton has also previously asked the city for more tasers to “improve relations” by reducing fatal shootings.

In his Thursday announcement, Bratton additionally called on the MTA to install cameras on all subways-for safety, of course.

Unsurprisingly, there is outrage against the proposed plan. Priscilla Gonzalez, Organizing Director of Communities United for Police Reform, said Bratton’s
…demands for less oversight of the NYPD and a more militarized police force that would use counter-terrorism tactics against protesters are deeply misguided and frankly offensive. We need an NYPD that is more accountable to New Yorkers and that stops criminalizing our communities, especially when people are taking to the streets to voice legitimate concerns about discriminatory and abusive policing. Despite growing evidence that discriminatory broken windows is a failed and harmful policing strategy, Commissioner Bratton stubbornly continues to defend and expand it.The move comes as crime has dropped in New York and the police ticket-writing boycott in protest of Mayor de Blasio led to no increase in conflict.

Carey Wedler writes for TheAntiMedia.org, where this first appeared. Tune-in to the Anti-Media Radio Show Monday-Friday @ 11pm EST; 8pm PST.

ISIS Mercenary Admits Getting Funds from US

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Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

The Express Tribune, an affiliate of the New York Times, recently reported in an article titled, “Startling revelations: IS operative confesses to getting funds via US,” that another “coincidence” appears to be contributing to the so-called “Islamic State’s” (ISIS) resilience and vast resources. A recent investigation being conducted by Pakistani security forces involving a captured ISIS fighter has revealed that he and many fighters alongside him, received funds that were routed through the US.
“During the investigations, Yousaf al Salafi revealed that he was getting funding – routed through America – to run the organisation in Pakistan and recruit young people to fight in Syria,” a source privy to the investigations revealed to Daily Express on the condition of anonymity. Al Salafi is a Pakistani-Syrian, who entered Pakistan through Turkey five months ago. Earlier, it was reported that he crossed into Turkey from Syria and was caught there. However, he managed to escape from Turkey and reached Pakistan to establish IS in the region. The Tribune would also reveal that the findings of the investigations were being shared with the United States. The source cited by the Tribune suggested a compelling theory as to why the US has attempted to portray itself as “at war with ISIS,” stating:
“The US has been condemning the IS activities but unfortunately has not been able to stop funding of these organisations, which is being routed through the US,” a source said. “The US had to dispel the impression that it is financing the group for its own interests and that is why it launched offensive against the organisation in Iraq but not in Syria,” he added.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Indeed, the story reveals several troubling aspects regarding ISIS’ operations in Syria. First, Al Salafi’s ability to effortlessly enter into Syria through NATO-member Turkey, then escape back to Pakistan, again, via Turkey once again confirms that the source of ISIS’ strength is not captured Syrian oil fields or ransoms paid in exchange for hostages, but rather from a torrent of fighters, arms, equipment, and cash flowing from NATO territory in Turkey.

Second – the US does indeed claim to be at war with “ISIS,” going as far as unilaterally bombing Syrian territory while claiming it must now train more militants not only to topple the Syrian government, but now also to fight ISIS – yet appears incapable of stopping torrents of cash flowing from its own borders into the hands of its implacable enemy. A similar conundrum presented itself amid the recent Paris killings, where France too is participating in military operations aimed at both toppling the Syrian government and allegedly fighting ISIS – yet claims to be unable to stop thousands of its own citizens from leaving its borders to join ISIS’ ranks.

The All-Selectively-Seeing Eyes of American Surveillance

Finally, now that the US is reportedly aware that money destined for ISIS has been routed through its own borders, surely it can leverage its massive and continuously growing surveillance state to identify where the money originated from. The individuals, organization, or government that provided the funds can then suffer the same fate other “state sponsors of terrorism” have suffered at the hands of US foreign policy, including sanctions, invasion, and occupation.

However, the likelihood that the US was unaware of these routed funds – specifically because of its massive and continuously growing surveillance state – is unlikely, as is the likelihood that the US is not also fully aware of where the funds originated from. Der Spiegel in a report titled, “‘Follow the Money': NSA Monitors Financial World,” would state (emphasis added):
In the summer of 2010, a Middle Eastern businessman wanted to transfer a large sum of money from one country in the region to another. He wanted to send at least $50,000 (€37,500), and he had a very clear idea of how it should be done. The transaction could not be conducted via the United States, and the name of his bank would have to be kept secret — those were his conditions. Though the transfer was carried out precisely according to his instructions, it did not go unobserved. The transaction is listed in classified documents compiled by the US intelligence agency NSA that SPIEGEL has seen and that deal with the activities of the United States in the international financial sector. The documents show how comprehensively and effectively the intelligence agency can track global flows of money and store the information in a powerful database developed for this purpose. The obstacle the US faces in stemming funds destined for ISIS centers then, not on knowing about them, but on the fact that both the US itself and its closest allies in the region surrounding Syria are directly complicit in the funding.

As exposed by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh in his 2007 article, “The Redirection: Is the Administration’s new policy benefiting our enemies in the war on terrorism?” it was stated explicitly that (emphasis added):
To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has cooperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda. Thus, it is clear, that from 2007 where the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel openly conspired to stand up, fund, and arm a terrorist army to fight a proxy war against Syria and Iran, to 2015 where this army has finally manifested itself as the “Islamic State” complete with funding, arms, and fighters streaming in from NATO members, the source cited by the Tribune claiming that “the US had to dispel the impression that it is financing the group for its own interests,” and thus must now feign to be interested in stopping the organization in Syria, is the most compelling and logical explanation available.

It will be interesting to see if the New York Times itself picks up its affiliate’s story, or if the US State Department, reportedly aware that ISIS funds are being routed through America, makes a comment on this recent development. What is more likely, however, is that the “War on Terror” charade will continue, with the US propping up ISIS, using it both as impetus to funnel more cash and weapons into the region that will inevitably – and intentionally – end up in ISIS’ hands, or as an excuse to intervene militarily in Syria’s conflict more directly.

Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazineNew Eastern Outlook”, where this first appeared.

The Death Of The American Dream In 22 Numbers

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Anthony Freda Art Michael Snyder
Activist Post

We are the generation that gets to witness the end of the American Dream.  The numbers that you are about to see tell a story.  They tell a story of a once mighty economy that is dying.

For decades, the rest of the planet has regarded the United States as “the land of opportunity” where almost anyone can be successful if they are willing to work hard.  And when I was growing up, it seemed like almost everyone was living the American Dream.  I lived on a “middle class” street and I went to a school where it seemed like almost everyone was middle class.  When I was in high school, it was very rare to ever hear of a parent that was unemployed, and virtually every family that I knew had a comfortable home and more than one nice vehicle.  But now that has all changed.

The “American Dream” has been transformed into a very twisted game of musical chairs.  With each passing year, more people are falling out of the middle class, and most of the rest of us are scrambling really hard to keep our own places.  Something has gone horribly wrong, and yet Americans are very deeply divided when it comes to finding answers to our problems.  We love to point fingers and argue with one another, and meanwhile things just continue to get even worse.

The following are 22 numbers that are very strong evidence of the death of the American Dream…

#1 The Obama administration tells us that 8.69 million Americans are “officially unemployed” and that 92.90 million Americans are considered to be “not in the labor force”.  That means that more than 101 million U.S. adults do not have a job right now.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); #2 One recent survey discovered that 55 percent of Americans believe that the American Dream either never existed or that it no longer exists.

#3 Considering the fact that Obama is in the White House, it is somewhat surprising that 55 percent of all Republicans still believe in the American Dream, but only 33 percent of all Democrats do.

#4 After adjusting for inflation, median household income has fallen by nearly $5,000 since 2007.

#5 After adjusting for inflation, “the median wealth figure for middle-income families” fell from $78,000 in 1983 to $63,800 in 2013.

#6 At this point, 59 percent of Americans believe that “the American dream has become impossible for most people to achieve”.

#7 In 1967, 53 percent of Americans were considered to be “middle income”.  But today, only 43 percent of Americans are.

#8 For each of the past six years, more businesses have closed in the United States than have opened.  Prior to 2008, this had never happened before in all of U.S. history.

#9 According to the New York Times, the “typical American household” is now worth 36 percent less than it was worth a decade ago.

#10 According to one recent report, 43 million Americans currently have unpaid medical debt on their credit reports.

#11 Traditionally, owning a home has been one of the key indicators that you belong to the middle class.  Unfortunately, the rate of homeownership in the U.S. has now been falling for seven years in a row.

#12 According to a survey that was conducted last year, 52 percent of all Americans cannot even afford the house that they are living in right now.

#13 While Barack Obama has been in the White House, the number of Americans on food stamps has gone from 32 million to 46 million.

#14 The number of Americans on food stamps has now exceeded the 46 million mark for 38 months in a row.

#15 Right now, more than one out of every five children in the United States is on food stamps.

#16 According to a Washington Post article published just recently, more than 50 percent of the children in U.S. public schools now come from low-income homes.  This is the first time that this has happened in at least 50 years.

#17 According to the Census Bureau, 65 percent of all children in the United States are living in a home that receives some form of aid from the federal government.

#18 In 2008, 53 percent of all Americans considered themselves to be “middle class”.  But by 2014, only 44 percent of all Americans still considered themselves to be “middle class”.

#19 In 2008, 25 percent of all Americans in the 18- to 29-year-old age bracket considered themselves to be “lower class”.  But in 2014, an astounding 49 percent of all Americans in that age range considered themselves to be “lower class”.

#20 It is hard to believe, but an astounding 53 percent of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year.

#21 According to one recent survey, 62 percent of all Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck.

#22 According to CNN, the typical American family can only “replace 21 days of income with readily accessible funds”.

The key to the recovery of the middle class is jobs.

The truth is that without middle class jobs, it is impossible to have a middle class.

Unfortunately, more middle class jobs are being offshored, are being replaced by technology, or are being lost to a slowing economy every single day.  The competition for the jobs that remain is incredibly intense.  Just consider the following example
In 2012, Eric Auld, an unemployed 26-year-old with a master’s degree in English, decided to find out what was on the other side of the black hole. He created a fake job ad as an experiment: Administrative Assistant needed for busy Midtown office. Hours are Monday through Friday, nine to five. Job duties include: filing, copying, answering phones, sending e-mails, greeting clients, scheduling appointments. Previous experience in an office setting preferred, but will train the right candidate. This is a full-time position with health benefits. Please e-mail résumé if interested. Compensation: $12-$13 per hour. If you have ever applied for a job like that, I offer my condolences. You have better odds at the casino. Auld received 653 responses in 24 hours. 10% of the applicants had more than 10 years of experience, and 3% of them had master’s degrees. Presumably, one of them would get the job. But what does that mean? It means that all the other experienced applicants and master’s degree holders would remain unemployed. That is about 64 experienced workers and about 19 workers with master’s degrees.So how can we get this turned around?

How can we start to increase the number of middle class jobs in America once again?

Please feel free to share your solution by posting a comment below…

This article first appeared here at the American Dream.  Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream and Economic Collapse Blog. Follow him on Twitter here.

Social Media Giants Adopt ''Mob Rule'' Tactics

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Janet Phelan
Activist Post

The recent decisions by social media giants Facebook and LinkedIn to adopt user crowd-censoring strategies may be less than benevolent.

According to its recent announcement, Facebook will employ an algorithm, based ostensibly on the numbers of user-generated flags, to reduce or mitigate the distribution of stories flagged as “false.” In addition, Facebook has announced that stories flagged in this manner will contain notice that the story has been determined to contain false information.

As stated in Facebook’s announcement this past week, “Today’s update to News Feed reduces the distribution of posts that people have reported as hoaxes and adds an annotation to posts that have received many of these types of reports to warn others on Facebook. We are not removing stories people report as false and we are not reviewing content and making a determination on its accuracy.”

According to Tweaktown, “This change will see posts that include links, photos, videos and general status updates affected – seeing it not limited to company news articles only.”

Fox News reports another angle on what constitutes “fake news.” According to Fox, “conspiracy theories” are also included. Reports Fox, “It’s launching a new feature that will let anyone report a post as being false. Those stories can include reports like celebrity deaths, conspiracy theories and promises of “free” products…”

Conspiracy theories­? Like who killed JFK and who was behind the attacks of September 11? Suddenly, Facebook’s interest in controlling spam seems less altruistic.

Such a mechanism for crowd or mob determination of truth or falsity contains certain built-in problems. A mechanism such as this, as contrasted to a peer review process, contains the potential for the worst kind of censorship. Gone is the scientific process of weeding out fact from fiction, entailing debate and dialogue and the scrutiny of substantiating evidence. With a mere click of a spam button, any internet troll – or paid employees of the CIA, for example – can reduce the dissemination of inconvenient truths, along with, of course, obvious scams and hoaxes.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The relationship between Facebook and intelligence agencies has been explored in Edward Snowden’s revelations, which portrayed the Internet giants as essentially house-boys for CIA and NSA in these agencies’ pursuit of harvesting our personal data and demographics. Facebook has also been linked to the Arab Spring and to color revolutions world-wide, events which, upon scrutiny, may have been initiated by US intelligence agencies in pursuit of US global interests. This most recent decision by Facebook to initiate crowd-censorship must of necessity raise certain questions about the intentionality of those who will be flagging posts as “conspiracy theory” or hoax.

LinkedIn has also initiated a form of user-based censorship. SWAM– “Site Wide Auto Moderation” results in a LinkedIn user being denied posting privileges for an indeterminate period of time. SWAMMING can result from a single anonymous user flagging another individual’s post as “inappropriate.”

An individual who is SWAMMED in one group will find himself on moderation in all LinkedIn groups. Many group owners/moderators are absent and do not take the time to cull through pending posts nor do they respond to group members who write them directly, asking for the auto moderation to be overridden. So what eventuates from the SWAMMING policy is a virtual gag on a user.

Gary Ellenbogen has started a LinkedIn support group for victims of SWAM. Ellenbogen, who is a former Psychology professor (University of Vermont) and now an officer with Vision Architecture, found himself SWAMMED over a year and a half ago and remains on moderation, in what may be the longest running case of SWAMMING yet.

According to Ellenbogen,
I joined a LinkedIn group owned by a man, which is about women in a particular profession. My objective was to learn more about how women function in that profession. This group’s intro page DID show that the group is owned by a man! This group’s description on that page did NOT state that men will be denied membership in the group. It turns out that the group Manager’s Standard Operating Procedure was to admit all Requests To Join, and then Block and Delete and newly found members who are a man rather than a woman. Even after the group moderator, who deleted him from the group due to his gender, wrote a letter of apology and asked LinkedIn to reinstate his posting privileges, Ellenbogen remains sequestered.

Other LinkedIn SWAM incidents include a reporter, who, upon being invited to join a LinkedIn Journalism group, simply posted a note thanking the group moderator for inviting her. She was immediately SWAMMED by an anonymous member of the group. There is no oversight on LinkedIn as to the reasons a user may choose to flag another’s posts, nor is there recourse through contacting LinkedIn management. The general time frame for being unable to post without moderation varies widely.

The use of anonymous crowd-censor controls to inhibit either the dissemination of articles and posts, as seen with both Facebook and LinkedIn, allows faceless and unaccountable individuals, who may have their own agendas, to control our reality. We can only construct a reasonable perception of the world based on input. News articles in large part determine that reality.

In a sense, the crowd-censor—mob rule—tactics being employed by the social media giants smack of high-tech witch hunts. If we are not now burning witches for heresy, we are certainly seeing “kinder and gentler” means of gagging them.

Janet C. Phelan, investigative journalist and human rights defender that has traveled pretty extensively over the Asian region, an author of a tell-all book EXILE, exclusively for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook", where this first appeared.

Birds of a Feather: John McCain Defends Henry Kissinger

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

It has been said that birds of a feather flock together, and proof of that statement can be seen in the fact that terrorist sympathizer John McCain was recently forced to act as Knight in Shining Armor for famed mass murderer Henry Kissinger as the latter was attempting to give yet another speech to the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Kissinger’s arrival, as well as the beginning of his speech, was interrupted by protesters from Code Pink, who attempted to list off the crimes of Henry Kissinger but were unable to continue their presentation for the requisite number of days it would take to do so due to the fact that Capitol Hill police were called in to remove them.

McCain, always a friend to those who have committed or are doing their best to commit atrocities on a mass scale, erupted in typical angry fashion screaming at protesters, “You know, you're going to have to shut up, or I'm going to have you arrested.” As the protesters were being removed, McCain also screamed, “Get out of here you low-life scum.”

McCain went on to apologize to Kissinger by stating that “Dr. Kissinger, I hope on behalf of all of the members of this committee on both sides of the aisle -- in fact, from all of my colleagues, I'd like to apologize for allowing such disgraceful behavior towards a man who served his country with the greatest distinction. I apologize profusely.”

Many Americans, particularly Vietnam veterans, however, may indeed remember “such disgraceful behavior towards a man who served his country with the greatest distinction” taking place in the Capitol on a number of occasions.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Indeed, the performance of John McCain standing in front of Congress and arguing against any further investigation or revelation of whether or not American POWs were still being held in Vietnam, would certainly count as one such instance.

One other such instance might be his incessant grandstanding in support of al-Qaeda and ISIS, known to the mainstream media as “moderate rebels,” freedom fighters, and the like.

Yet, while McCain’s support of the Vietnam war, Iraq War, Syrian War, Libyan war, and virtually every war that was ever waged and those that ever will be waged upon the face of the earth, has resulted in the death of millions of people, McCain found himself in the presence of one of the true kings of killing in Henry Kissinger.

(function() { var rc = { source : 17796, msource : 17797, type : 'responsive-unit-pt-10', key : '705500bbd1ca3a48ab1a4a1e0071d5a6a6c', ssl : 0, pubid : 7055, widget : 0, hc : 'd52a33', bc : 'bbbbbb', dl_cxr : '1x1i', dl_pagination : '', dl_imageratio : '3:1', d_cxr : '1x1i', d_pagination : '', d_imageratio : '3:1', t_cxr : '1x1i', t_pagination : '', t_imageratio : '3:1', p_cxr : '1x1i', p_pagination : '', p_imageratio : '3:1', provider : 0, brand_label : 'Sponsored by RevContent', brand_pos : 'bottom_right', bts : 17796, pu : new String(document.referrer || top.location.href || document.URL).substr(0,700), version : '1.1.0' }; var rcs = []; for (var r in rc) rcs.push(encodeURIComponent(r) + '=' + encodeURIComponent(rc[r])); rc = rcs.join("&"); var rcel = document.createElement("script"); rcel.id = 'rc_' + Math.floor(Math.random() * 1000); rcel.type = 'text/javascript'; rcel.src = "//api.revcontent.com/respond/serve.js.php?t="+rcel.id+"&c="+(new Date()).getTime()+"&width="+(window.outerWidth || document.body.clientWidth)+"&"+rc; rcel.async = true; var rcds = document.scripts[document.scripts.length - 1]; rcds.parentElement.replaceChild(rcel, rcds); })(); Indeed, Kissinger is one of the true living figures whose feet most psychopathic killers the world over still long to kneel at.

Kissinger’s direction of the Chilean coup, Vietnam war, Cambodian and Laotian tragedies, and his famous National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (NSSM200) has earned him a special place amongst the world’s most effective mass murders, although admittedly not the most widely known.

It is thus not surprising that McCain would come to the aid of Kissinger so readily. In fact, it is not surprising that, after all these years and all these crimes against humanity, that Kissinger would be addressing such an important Congressional committee. Nor is it surprising that this committee boasts yet another criminal, terrorist supporter, insidious color revolution operative, and traitor like John McCain.

The only surprising aspect of the whole affair was that the protesters were allowed to stay for as long as they did.

Or was the most surprising aspect that there were protesters to begin with?

Recently from Brandon Turbeville:
Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of six books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real ConspiraciesFive Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, and The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria. Turbeville has published over 300 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville's podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV.  He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) gmail.com. 

For Police: Postal Worker Accidentally Makes Video on How Not To Shoot Dogs

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Amanda Warren
Activist Post

An Australian motovlogger shoots dogs - with a DriftHD 1080P camera. His other armament? Treats.

This postal worker comes across friendly dogs, but also plenty of vicious dogs who will bite him if they get a chance. And sometimes, those dogs get loose. He nonchalantly points to a dog who bit him in the past. He wants people to know that "posties" love dogs. What would he think of our American police state that trains officers to shoot any kind of breed? Without prompting.

But police officers always voice the fear of getting bit. This fear is upheld in the highest honor to them. "They were not bit because of their quick action. Basically, that was the end of the story." They shoot dogs before there would even be a remote possibility. It's the end of every senselessly bloody story where the owner is left to clean the mess; left with the bill and a ticket. "All I have to say is that I feel they're a threat."

Unfortunately, witnesses often report the dog's friendly demeanor, but officers will falsify reports or say "there was a look in his eye." They offer absurd, irrational responses. They intrude on someone's property and then claim the dog was "aggressing" them, when it barks or approaches. They cry "Pitbull!" when it's not, nor is that a cause for execution. Let's not forget that killing animals for no cause is a hallmark of psychopaths.

But regular, rational people cannot fathom this, so they might go along with blaming the owners. They might claim there is a lack of proper training, that officers should be encouraged to use non-lethal methods. They already can but they don't. "If they hesitate it could be their own lives," people have said. To date, no officers have been killed by dogs. But one recently coaxed a friendly dog over to him in order to kill it. People need to know that none of these things account for police killing tiny breeds, chained or tied dogs, cats, kittens, squirrels, baby deer, docile cows, or a parakeet - and of course, innocent people. Nor does it account for using live, injured animals for target practice.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Mind acrobatics must be performed to justify the widespread killing of domestic companions when you consider that there has not been a movement on the part of postal workers and all forms of delivery people to be allowed to shoot animals that they come into personal contact with on a daily basis. Nor would society be too keen on arming them for indiscriminate blasting or cutting - not even for fear's sake.

One guy wants to show you how to get the job done. Please also see The Free Thought Project's report on the topic, where I saw this video first.

Recently from Amanda Warren:

Dumbed-Down America, Propaganda and Weaponized Social Media with Brandon Turbeville

Activist Post -

Rory Hall
Activist Post

After finding out that our world has been under the influence of propaganda since the beginning of written history, it only makes sense that our society is uninformed and doesn’t care about what is happening in their world.

According to Brandon Turbeville that is exactly what we are up against. He references a variety of scenarios throughout world history, going all the way back to Plato, where so-called leaders wanted to control what people either read or listened to; be it music or news or stories. I sat with Brandon from BrandonTurbeville.com, UCY.tv and Activist Post, to find out a little more about what is actually happening with one of the more disturbing developments to surface over the past decade.

Social media has become a big part of most people’s everyday lives. Texting and emails have taken the place of phone calls or, heaven forbid, a written letter. Brandon and I take a look at the sordid, short history, and more importantly the birth and dissemination of digital, personal information.

What is the connection between uprisings and social media? What role does propaganda play in our lives today and how does social media and propaganda interconnect? These are important questions, especially in light of what we have learned since William Binney and Edward Snowden first introduced us to the criminal activity of the NSA.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Equally as important is the role the CIA plays in our everyday lives. Where did Twitter come from and how did it rocket into our lives and become a point of mass distribution of information? Remember, DARPA developed the Internet, not Al Gore. Brandon reminds us that DARPA does not conduct research for the benefit of humanity, DARPA conducts research in order to kill people more efficiently. He also reminds us that the Internet was launched with tons of pornography already available. Why? How? For what purpose?

As you can see, this is not a simple issue. The implications can create havoc in our lives. Did you post to your Facebook account the activities of your day? Where you had lunch or dinner? Who you spent time with? Share a photo? What about Skype? Did you Skype someone today? If you participated in any of these actives then you are participating in building your profile for the CIA; and they no longer have to “spy” on people, they simply program their software to look for this, listen for that and the next thing you know - profiles are building themselves.

If you are a young person, especially the under-30 crowd, by the time you reach my age, 52, you will have built an amazingly detailed profile of your life. Think about it for just a second. The words you are reading are currently housed in a database that is building my profile and is now part of your profile. Did you read this at The Daily Coin or another website? If you are reading this at a website other than The Daily Coin, then you have built a path that connects all the digital dots between this sentence and where you have been and where you go next. If you’re not concerned, you should be.

How did we arrive at this point where our entire digital lives are tracked, housed and cross-referenced in a nanosecond. It begins, as you will hear, with the indoctrination system called public education. This is where children, at their most impressionable. are taught that asking questions makes you look stupid. Where critical thinking processes are suppressed in order to keep children in line so they will be good robots, I mean citizens, when they become adults. These children will not question authority, will not stand up when oppression is beating them about the head and shoulders, as they will not even notice they are being beaten.

The next thirty-six minutes with Brandon Turbeville is a kaleidoscope of information beginning with the color revolution in Egypt and the first true mass use of Twitter and social media as a weapon. We make an attempt to show the positive side of social networks and how they can in fact be used for good. It is unfortunate that the evils created by the CIA, DARPA, Mossad and the other shadow mercenaries far outweigh all the good that social media has to offer.

Will I continue using Twitter, Facebook and Google+? Absolutely. I will continue, along with all of you, “the irate minority, keen to set brushfires of freedom in the minds of man.” We will continue the fight. We will continue standing up and we will not shut up. All it takes is one match to completely dispel the darkness.

Brandon Turbeville's article archive can be found here:

You can read more from Rory Hall at The Daily Coin, where this first appeared.

Measles Police State: ''Parents who do not vaccinate their children should go to jail''

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Mac Slavo
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Never mind the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and other basic freedoms that uphold parents’ rights to make decisions about the health care their children receive.

Never mind the evidence that vaccines aren’t as effective as their makers have promised.

Shutter to think, according to the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice, “the theory of ‘herd immunity’ is failing or was flawed to begin with” while a 2014 Council on Foreign Relations report found:
“the most highly vaccinated populations are also those with the greatest number of outbreaks for those same infectious diseases. This was especially the case for measles, mumps, rubella, polio and pertussis outbreaks,” with the U.S. Canada and rest of the Western world leading the list.
Never mind all that.

For many, the measles outbreak at Disneyland is the proof that this matter should no longer be a choice.

Already, an unvaccinated Pasadena woman has been forcibly quarantined after her sister contracted measles.

But it is going further.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); USA Today columnist Alex Berezow boldly proclaimed:
Parents who do not vaccinate their children should go to jail.

Anti-vaxxers often claim the right not to put “poison” in their children’s bodies.

That is ludicrous. A mountain of data has demonstrated that vaccines are safe and effective. Insisting otherwise is akin to believing that the moon landing was faked.
Tell that to the parents of Keira Driscoll, a five year old who died from very strain of the flu that she was vaccinated against just three days after receiving an immunization.

Or the 15,000 families that have had little other recourse than to file claims in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program after serious injury or death to their child since the program was created in 1988.

The benefits of vaccination have been systematically oversold for one obvious reason – to drive sales with public health mandates and a huge booster of fear – for the profit of Big Pharma.

And this push has not been harmless, it has put many people at risk and devastated families – all because margins of known risk from the vaccines have been accepted as a minor casualty in the effort for the “greater good.”

Berezow argues:
Measles is perhaps the most infectious human disease. Virus particles can remain in the air for up to two hours after an infected person leaves. And measles is not a minor infection. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that before widespread vaccination began in 1980, 2.6 million people a year died from measles. About 400 people a day still do.

Put simply, no person has the right to threaten the safety of his community. Like drunken drivers, the unvaccinated pose an imminent danger to others. They pose a lethal threat to the most vulnerable: the immunocompromised, such as HIV or cancer patients, and infants who have yet to receive their vaccines.

Anti-vaccine parents are turning their children into little walking time bombs. They ought to be charged for endangering their children and others.So, there you have it: people who create walking time bombs are terrorists; terrorists should be arrested; parents who don’t vaccinate should be arrested for weaponizing their children. Great.

However, this propagandist fails to point out, or perhaps even comprehend, that the real reason behind these deaths, though still quite tragic, is compromised immune systems – not the disease itself. The vast majority of these deaths occur in populations who live without basic conditions of clean water, sanitation and sufficient levels of essential vitamins in their diet.

Like the flu, it tends to kill those who already have weakened or underdeveloped defenses against illness.

Measles poses relatively little risk to a healthy child. Pediatrician Dr. Jay Gordon told CBS News:
“This measles outbreak does not pose a great risk to a healthy child,” said Dr. Gordon. “And quite frankly I don’t think it poses any risk to a healthy child.”

“Not meningitis, not the plague, not Ebola, they’d get measles. Measles is almost an always a benign childhood illness."
Mortality from Childhood Diseases Was Declining Before the Vaccine Arrived

Overall, studies have shown that rising standards of living have done the most to decrease mortality from infectious disease – not vaccines.

The following chart shows that while the measles vaccine, first introduced in 1963, dramatically decreased the number of measles cases, the number of deaths from measles was already in a downward spiral, thanks to general advances in reducing childhood mortality, in part due to social focus on improving nutrition and hygiene.

Deaths from measles declined from around 10 per 100,000 people in 1912 to around 0.25 per 100,000 in the 1960s. While the introduction of the vaccine did reduce the deaths to near zero, the trend was headed there anyway.

Click to enlarge.

Prior to vaccinations, the vast majority of children who contracted measles in the United States caught the disease, endured it, built up their own bodily defenses, and recovered, often after spreading it to other children who also endured it much in the way children spread chickenpox to one another, often intentionally.

Today there are vaccines for these diseases and more, with plans to roll out vaccines for every conceivable disease under the sun or in the known galaxy. Many parents, doctors and advocates have argued there are now simply too many vaccinations on the schedule for most children to handle, increasing the risk of side effects. Some 30 rounds of vaccines (plus an annual flu shot) are recommended by the CDC in a child’s first six years of life.

Side Effects of Vaccines Outweigh the Dangers of the Disease?

But as the number of cases as well as deaths shrunk, the admitted risk of side effects from the vaccines themselves have overshadowed the risk of the disease.

Hence, many parents have opted out of them, based on a mix of supporting data, precautionary apprehension and, of course, word-of-mouth rumors.

After all, it was the MMR shot – the vaccination for measles mumps and rubella that started the whole “anti-vax” affair – prompting significant numbers of parents to opt out of vaccines for their children en masse, and inadvertently triggering panic in the powers-that-be.

Undoubtedly the Disneyland measles outbreak is being used by the media not only to demonize parents who choose not to vaccinate, but to shame and intimidate them as well.

The media will no doubt point out the many well meaning parents who believed the “rumors” about the MMR vaccine jab being linked with autism – stirred up by the research of Dr. Wakefield, who was accused of fraud and stripped of his medical license.

But the media will probably NOT be pointing out the revelations of the CDC whistleblower who just admitted that the massive study conducted by the CDC to especially to counter the alleged link between MMR and autism was itself fraudulent, and fudged the data to hide increases in autism risk tied to certain statistical populations. Lawsuits have since been filed.

Few have heard the leaked audio of the same CDC whistleblower discussing research linking “tics” linked to mercury in vaccines, noting that he would personally NEVER give his own pregnant wife a flu shot (which contains mercury as the preservative thimerosal). Doctors, however, recommend that pregnant women receive the shot.

But for the masses, those are just background issues most will never even be aware of.

The drumbeat is mounting for a new push to legitimize vaccinations, and recoup the profits that have been lost to falling vaccination rates and, as usual, by scaring up an issue.

God help us. Society is made up of sheep.

You can read more from Mac Slavo at his site SHTFplan.com, where this first appeared.

Researchers Seek to Track Mental Health Through Social Media

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image sourceJoe Wright
Activist Post

The Feds have made their intentions known about conducting surveillance on a range of social media platforms covering everything from political speech, activist assembly, and even health. In tandem with corporate data harvesters, open public forums like Twitter and Facebook can provide a wealth of knowledge about general behavior, as well as real-time monitoring of activities. 

Troubling new research from the University of Rochester (full press release below) aims to go a step further: turning "any computer or smartphone with a camera into a personal mental health monitoring device."

That's right, mental health.

As you'll see, researchers hope that we will sign on willingly to have our interaction with social media scrutinized by an artificial intelligence algorithm that will evaluate our emotional stability.

What gives this new research an even higher creep factor than simply letting a computer make judgements about our mental well being, is if we look at how this could fit into pre-crime policing that already has begun to tie into social media posts, health databases, and gun purchase records to identify those who are possibly "near the breaking point." Combine this with the language embedded in ObamaCare that specifically states "predictive modeling" for a range of mental disorders (ever expanding in definition of course) and it is not difficult to heed the obligatory warning from these researchers:
...using this system means "effectively giving this app permission to observe you constantly," but adds that the program is designed for the use of the user only and does not share data with anyone else unless otherwise designated by the user. (emphasis added)Gee, where have we heard that before? Time and again, we have seen how the choice to opt-in for new technology is slowly eroded to the point where it becomes either pervasive through widespread adoption, or it simply becomes mandatory at a later date.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Press Release (my emphasis added)

Researchers at the University of Rochester have developed an innovative approach to turn any computer or smartphone with a camera into a personal mental health monitoring device.

In a paper to be presented this week at the American Association for Artificial Intelligence conference in Austin, Texas, Professor of Computer Science Jiebo Luo and his colleagues describe a computer program that can analyze "selfie" videos recorded by a webcam as the person engages with social media.

Apps to monitor people's health are widely used, from monitoring the spread of the flu to providing guidance on nutrition and managing mental health issues. Luo explains that his team's approach is to "quietly observe your behavior" while you use the computer or phone as usual. He adds that their program is "unobtrusive; it does not require the user to explicitly state what he or she is feeling, input any extra information, or wear any special gear." For example, the team was able to measure a user's heart rate simply by monitoring very small, subtle changes in the user's forehead color. The system does not grab other data that might be available through the phone - such as the user's location.

The researchers were able to analyze the video data to extract a number of "clues," such as heart rate, blinking rate, eye pupil radius, and head movement rate. At the same time, the program also analyzed both what the users posted on Twitter, what they read, how fast they scrolled, their keystroke rate and their mouse click rate. Not every input is treated equally though: what a user tweets, for example, is given more weight than what the user reads because it is a direct expression of what that user is thinking and feeling.

To calibrate the system and generate a reaction they can measure, Luo explained, he and his colleagues enrolled 27 participants in a test group and "sent them messages, real tweets, with sentiment to induce their emotion." This allowed them to gauge how subjects reacted after seeing or reading material considered to be positive or negative.

They compared the outcome from all their combined monitoring with the users' self reports about their feelings to find out how well the program actually performs, and whether it can indeed tell how the user feels. The combination of the data gathered by the program with the users' self-reported state of mind (called the ground truth) allows the researchers to train the system. The program then begins to understand from just the data gathered whether the user is feeling positive, neutral or negative.

Their program currently only considers emotions as positive, neutral or negative. Luo says that he hopes to add extra sensitivity to the program by teaching it to further define a negative emotion as, for example, sadness or anger. Right now, this is a demo program they have created and no "app" exists, but they have plans to create an app that would let users be more aware of their emotional fluctuations and make adjustments themselves.

Luo understands that this program and others that aim to monitor an individual's mental health or well-being raise ethical concerns that need to be considered. He adds that using this system means "effectively giving this app permission to observe you constantly," but adds that the program is designed for the use of the user only and does not share data with anyone else unless otherwise designated by the user.

Recently by Joe Wright

New Citizen Watchdog Group Takes on the TSA

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Activist Post

TSA Watch is a new Citizen Watchdog Group that aims to force the TSA to clean up their act.

Similar to a neighborhood watch, this national non-profit organization seeks to empower citizens to take action and ensure their own security through safety in numbers. As stated by the creators of TSA Watch:
Too many of our family, friends, and fellow travelers have been violated by agents of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). While some may argue the need for federal security at airports, one thing is clear -- it is not the American way to sacrifice fundamental liberty for temporary security.  Whenever there are those who use security as an excuse to violate our property, our privacy, or our dignity, there need to be champions brave enough to stand up and draw a line.  There has been an uptick in citizens using technology as a boomerang against the same tools of oppressive surveillance that the various agencies of the U.S. government have exploited. Please see the video below and learn more about how you can support this national campaign for liberty that will combine the use of phone apps, web-based tools and a legal framework to restore the right to privacy and dignity while traveling.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); From TSA Watch - The Mission:

With a broad-based membership, both seen and unseen, our very presence can act to deter abuses by agents of the TSA. And where that is not enough, we will document violations and bring the worst offenders to the attention of the TSA and the public.

TSA Watch will work to educate and organize members to document and even video record the TSA in action. We will help them to prepare and submit complaints about inappropriate TSA agent behavior, and to demand compliance with the Fourth Amendment. And, where possible, we will help them to prosecute for theft and molestations, and for other violations of travelers’ rights, dignity, and property.

As an organization, we will use web and phone app tools to collect complaint reports, map hot spots (sources of repeated complaints), and hold the TSA and their agents accountable for their actions.  We will utilize professional tool-sets to document TSA misbehavior including sworn witness testimony, audio and visual recording, and new technologies for tracking items missing from passenger luggage.

Our members will receive articles and videos on how to deal with the TSA, TSA Watch tags and locks for their luggage, and members’ services, including member discussion areas, help filing complaints, and more. A phone app will be developed to help members through the TSA security zones, document the process, and make filing complaints easy—and more effective.  We will also provide and/or sell products useful for holding the TSA accountable and for promoting TSA Watch, including chips to track items, in-luggage cable locks to prevent theft during searches, and protocols for properly documenting claims.  Other services may include a variety of seminars, litigation classes, legal insurance, legal counsel and other assistance.

To this end, we are seeking $35,000 to create a stalwart legal and multimedia infrastructure while we prepare for our true public launch, a national multimedia membership and funding campaign. So far we have one angel committed for 10% of the total and several interested parties. We are poised to begin, and seek immediate funding.  We sure could use your help—even if you think it’s not much.    

The funding request is humble for what we are doing, and just covers the bare bones preparation work for an organization that can handle a national campaign. 

Your contributions in this early phase will be put to immediate use, as we work to create the legal and multimedia infrastructure for a successful and massive membership campaign, to meet or exceed our $1 million and 20,000 member initial target goals, creating a national nonprofit well positioned to defend our rights.

The Team

Our founding Director is Evan Cutler, who organized and led Alaskans for Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012.  Evan also directed, fundraised and established the legal structure for the National DVDs for Delegates Project in 2008.  Christopher Flynn, Assistant Director, brings over 30 years of exceptional creative vision, radio and television multimedia production, and business experience to this project.  Alicia Dearn is our startup legal counsel for TSA Watch.  She is a partner at Bellatrix PC, and served as primary counsel for the 2012 Libertarian Party, Gary Johnson for President Campaign.

How You Can Help 

Also, we are actively growing our non-profit's Board Of Directors and Advisors while we raise funds. If you are interested in becoming a part of our board, please contact us to let us know why you feel you might be a good match.

Likewise, if you have other ways to help that don’t fit into the GoFundMe system, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have just set up a very basic website at www.TSAWatch.org, and will be updating it as we can. You can also write to us with questions, suggestions, or concerns with an email via GoFundMe.

With your assistance, we can protect Americans’ rights and prevent the TSA from violating our liberties. There is no time like the present.  Please feel free to donate whatever you wish, here on GoFundMe, right now.

How can we thank you for your support? Anyone who donates $5 or more will get free membership for two years, and the phone app for free once it's developed. Donations of $50 or more will receive the phone app and lifetime Charter Memberships to TSA Watch, for as long as we need to exist. Donations of $500 or more will earn you a spot on our Honorary Charter Advisory Board, if you want one.

Another way to help us gain momentum is for you to invite your friends to check out our project, and share a link to this page in the online gathering spots you feel it would interest people.

Together, we can and will make an important difference.

Thank you in advance for your help in making this project a reality!

Most Sincerely,
Evan Cutler, Founding Director, TSA Watch
Christopher Flynn, Assistant Director, TSA Watch


U.S. Set to Spend $95 Million a Day for 10 Years to Update Nuclear Arsenal

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Carey Wedler
Activist Post

 Last week, millions of Americans were busy ‘flagsturbating’ to the latest American war porn, American Sniper. While they were distracted, the federal government was busy bolstering the war machinery that the film helps to glorify.

According to a new estimate published by the Congressional Budget Office last week, it will cost $348 billion over a decade for the United States to update its nuclear weapons.  Should they do it, they will continue a stranglehold on one of the world’s biggest arsenals.

The report, entitled “Projected Costs of U.S. Nuclear Forces, 2015 to 2024,” says the cost for 2015 to 2024 dropped from the 2014-2023 $355 billion estimate – that makes this year’s a bargain at $7 billion off!

According to the CBO, a designated “non-partisan” federal agency,  the price tag is so high because current nuclear land, sea, and air-based platforms (the “triad”) are nearing the end of their “service lifetimes.” To update them, the Department of Defense would be responsible for $227 billion while the Department of Energy would cover $121 billion. The Center for Arms Control warns that over 30 years, it could cost 70 trillion to maintain the triad.

The undertaking of the projected $348 billion upgrades, should Congress choose to implement them, would amount to almost $35 billion a year. That’s over $95 million dollars a day spent on nuclear weapons alone (generously assuming the yearly cost will not rise with inflation and costs over the decade).

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); By comparison, in 2013 the US government spent 3 times on its overall military what the Chinese did on theirs ($613 billion vs. $171 billion) – in spite of the fact that China has more than 4 times the population of the US (1.3 billion vs. 321 million).

These costs come in addition to the borrowed trillions already wasted on illegal, dishonest wars.

The most telling component of the report is the CBO’s apparent options for dealing with aging nuclear weapons:
Over the next two decades, the Congress will need to make decisions about the extent to which essentially all of the U.S. nuclear delivery systems and weapons will be modernized or replaced with new systems.The question is not whether or not to move toward a world free of nuclear threats, in spite of how often politicians pay lip service to peace. Rather, the question is how the government will ensure it retains its weapons.  This is particularly hypocritical considering the United States consistently urges and threatens other nations to halt and dismantle their nuclear systems while still being the only country to have ever dropped a nuclear bomb (on civilians, no less).

The United States federal government and its cohorts have made their priorities clear: violence is valuable above all else and it is the duty of  the citizens to fund it.

With Americans salivating at the military and now ranking terrorism as their biggest concern, it seems unlikely the perpetual drift toward empire will cease.

Unsurprisingly, there has been minimal media coverage of the overwhelmingly expensive costs to keep America’s nuclear program powerful. The stories are no longer “news.” As the opening paragraph of the CBO report explains with detachment,
Nuclear weapons have been a cornerstone of U.S. national security since they were developed during World War II. During the Cold War, nuclear forces were central to U.S. defense policy, resulting in the buildup of a large arsenal. Carey Wedler writes for TheAntiMedia.org, where this first appeared. Tune-in to the Anti-Media Radio Show Monday-Friday @ 11pm EST; 8pm PST.

Sorry, the Police Can Still Steal Your Property

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Ted Baumann
Activist Post

My father Bob has long warned Sovereign Investor Daily readers about “civil asset forfeiture” — a legal provision that permits government to act against inanimate objects suspected of involvement in criminal activity — such as houses, land or money — independently of any criminal charges against the property’s owners. They can take your belongings, whether or not you have done anything wrong.

In a reversal of the principle of “innocent until proven guilty,” it’s up to the owners of seized property to prove that it is “innocent.” If they’re unable — or can’t afford — to do so, such unlucky individuals simply lose their stuff, and police get to sell it for a profit or use it for themselves. It’s abused to such an extent that there’s a growing groundswell of demand for reform.

So it’s great news that Attorney General Eric Holder has suspended federal participation in certain forms of asset forfeiture, right? Not so fast …

Making Every Cop a Criminal

Federal, state and local governments initially adopted civil asset forfeiture as a tool against organized crime and drug smuggling.

Like most of government’s good intentions, however, asset forfeiture hasn’t lived up to its promise. Instead it’s become a multi-billion dollar business, targeting innocent and defenseless people who can’t afford to challenge the cops. For this reason, only a tiny fraction of cases ever get to court, and few victims are ever charged with a crime.

Asset forfeiture is much-beloved by America’s police. It allows every cop, from FBI agent to traffic patrolman, to seize whatever they deem suspect and use it to increase their ability to dominate us. Indeed, some commentators have identified a self-reinforcing cycle in which seized assets are used to invest in greater surveillance capacity, which results in more asset seizures. Very entrepreneurial of our police.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Hold the Hallelujahs

Noting that the practice has expanded massively since 9/11, The Washington Post recently published a highly-praised series on asset forfeiture, including a hard-hitting op-ed piece by two of its original architects, damning the practice.

Seemingly in response, outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder announced earlier this month that he was “suspending” federal government participation in certain forms of asset forfeiture. The provision in question is known as “adoption,” in which a federal agency takes over an asset forfeiture case from a state or local government in order to direct it to more lenient federal courts, in return for a share of the proceeds.

Cue much rejoicing from a curious mixture of quasi-libertarians and Democrat loyalists who compulsively praise anything the administration does, even if they don’t really understand it. But the jubilation is misplaced.

As Radley Balko, a Cato Institute scholar who focuses on police abuses, puts it: “adoption … makes up only 14 percent of the equitable sharing program, which itself only makes up 22 percent of overall federal forfeiture receipts. Using the six-year figures, the new policy at most will restrict about 3 percent of all federal forfeiture revenue.”

Indeed, knowledgeable experts confirm Balko’s assessment that Holder’s announcement is a fig leaf. Besides covering only a small fraction of federal forfeiture activity, it did nothing to address state forfeiture laws, which account for the greatest amount of forfeiture activity by far.

Despite the limited reach of Holder’s action, “law enforcement” officials across the nation are up in arms, warning of Armageddon if they are prevented from stealing from us with impunity. That’s understandable, given that forfeited assets have been used to fund police pension funds, office furniture, Christmas parties and other items apparently essential to our liberty.

If All Else Fails … “Take Your Things and Go”

I advise you to look up your state’s asset forfeiture laws so as to know how to best defend yourself against this insanity should the need arise. But be aware that challenging these cases is often costly, and litigants rarely get all their money back. Needless to say, you also should contact your state and local elected officials and demand an end to this legalized theft.

But there is another way to prepare for this madness.  As they used to say back in South Africa, sometimes there is nothing left to do but “vat jou goed en trek” — take your things and go. It’s hard to tell whether we’ve reached that stage yet, but unless you prepare now, you’ll have nowhere to go when the time comes.

After all, there are places where government either can’t or won’t resort to atrocities like asset forfeiture. I’m going to one of them in March during our Offshore Investment Summit, where I’ll be master of ceremonies for a gathering of people who are serious about having an option to today’s America.

Even if you’re not one of those who make the trip to Uruguay with us, be sure to look out for the videos and transcripts … they may help you stay one step ahead of the thieves in blue one day soon.

Ted Baumann is an Offshore and Asset Protection Editor who joined The Sovereign Society in 2013. As an expat who lived in South Africa for 25 years, Ted specializes in asset protection and international migration. He is the editor of Offshore Confidential and Plan B Club. His writing is featured at The Sovereign Investor, where this article first appeared. For more information about how to protect your assets, please visit here.

Nationwide Ban On Personal Body Armor Proposed In Congress: ''10 Years Imprisonment'' For Possession

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Feeling safe?Mac Slavo
Activist Post

In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting politicians from coast-to-coast attempted to push through legislation that would ban a host of guns, magazines and accessories. Though their efforts failed for the most part, those who would take away our ability to defend ourselves always have another tyrannical card up their sleeves.

They latest efforts to attack personal defense as a natural birthright comes from distinguished Congressional representatives Alcee Hastings (D-FL), Robin Kelly (D-IL) and Danny Davis (D-IL) and takes aim not at your ability to possess a firearm, but rather, to protect yourself from criminals who own them.

HR 378, dubbed the Responsible Body Armor Possession Act,  would make it illegal for civilians to own “enhanced body armor” such as helmets, shields or armor plates that meet or exceed Type III protection. The bill would exempt law enforcement officers and other government officials.

The co-sponsors of the bill believe body armor in the hands of private citizens to be so dangerous that they intend to impose a 10-year federal prison sentence on those found to be in possession of the contraband.

The new law would still allow Americans to own Type I and Type II protection, which are designed to stop calibers ranging from .22 caliber to .357 Magnum respectively. Type III body armor is designed to stop higher velocity hand gun rounds like a high-velocity 9mm or .44 magnum and rifle rounds like the AK-47′s 7.62x39mm. Type IV, often reserved for special law enforcement response teams, is capable of stopping even armor piercing rounds from rifles.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Should such a law be passed, Americans would no longer have the ability to determine for themselves which type of body armor is best suited for their needs. Instead, we would be limited to protection from only a handful of calibers. And, as we well know, as soon as criminals with ill intent get wind that their victims probably won’t own body armor that’s able to stop a .44 or high velocity 9mm round, they’ll quickly switch to new weapons capable of ripping through “legal” protection.

Portions of the bill are posted below:
To prohibit the purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body armor by civilians, with exceptions. This Act may be cited as the “Responsible Body Armor Possession Act”.
SEC. 2. BAN ON PURCHASE, OWNERSHIP, OR POSSESSION OF ENHANCED BODY ARMOR BY CIVILIANS; EXCEPTIONS. (a) In General.–Chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following: Sec. 932. Ban on purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body armor by civilians (a) Except as provided in subsection (b), it shall be unlawful for a person to purchase, own, or possess enhanced body armor. […](b) Enhanced Body Armor Defined.–Section 921(a) of such title is amended by adding at the end the following: (36) The term `enhanced body armor’ means body armor, including a helmet or shield, the ballistic resistance of which meets or exceeds the ballistic performance of Type III armor, determined using National Institute of Justice Standard-0101.06.’ (c) Penalties.–Section 924(a) of such title is amended by adding at the end the following: (8) Whoever knowingly violates section 932 shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.‘ (Full text)But not to worry, says Dan Cannon of Guns Save Lives, because there’s probably no chance such a bill will make it into law. The audacity of the bill’s co-sponsors, however, is clear:
Fortunately, with the GOP solidly in control of both houses of Congress this bill will likely never see the light of day. That said, it’s a great insight into how little some members of Congress care about the personal safety of their constituents. (via The Daily Sheeple)Though proponents of such legislation say that it protects police officers, the fact of the matter is that there were 126 police officers killed in the line of duty in 2014. This fatality rate is actually quite lower than jobs like being a fisherman or garbage collector.

Though tragic, it is inconceivable that this fatality rate should be use to justify a nationwide ban on body armor for 300 million Americans. Thus, the motivation must be either symbolic, or part of a greater plan to disarm and neuter the rights of the American citizenry.

Check out Level III Body Armor from our sponsor at CATI Armor
Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival 
Preparedness: Long-term Security and Defense

You can read more from Mac Slavo at his site SHTFplan.com, where this first appeared.

Don’t Worry, the CIA Is Just a Bunch of Paper Pushers…

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Melissa Melton
Activist Post

At least, that’s what I’ve been told. I really shouldn’t waste my time focusing on them. They’re no big deal, just a bunch of paper pushers, really.

Interesting advice considering the dire warnings in David Wise’s 1976 book, The American Police State: The Government against the People.

Here’s a short piece of the description from the book’s inner jacket:

The American Police State tells in detail how the CIA, FBI, IRS, NSA and other agencies have spied on Americans, engaged in break-ins, wiretapping, bugging, mail-opening, and other forms of government lawbreaking under seven Administrations, from Roosevelt to Nixon to Ford. It documents how this uniquely American form of a police state has come about, and shows how the power of the government is used against political enemies in the name of “national security.”
Sound familiar? Of course, that was four decades ago. Guess it isn’t all that uniquely American anymore these days, sadly.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The video above details a particularly fascinating chapter titled, “CIA: The Spying Comes Home.”

Wise also warns the book should have a major impact on “the continuing debate over how to control our intelligence agencies before they control us.”

Before they control us…

That was nearly four decades ago, and now here we are.

It was in the book 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read that Jesse Ventura asked a question that no one can really seem to answer (and no one official is even asking).

He was talking about how the CIA appears to answer to no one, not even the president anymore. “They’re supposed to be the president’s arm on foreign intelligence, but the best way I can put it is: There’s been an amputation. That body part isn’t attached anymore. Time and again, the CIA thumbs its nose even at presidents,” Ventura wrote.

He concludes by asking, “So who runs this agency if the president doesn’t?”

If they really were just a bunch of “paper pushers,” a question like that might not even be worth asking in the first place. Wise’s book, his detailed accounts and warnings of the illegal domestic operations against the American public going down four decades ago and everything that has happened since proves they are anything but.

An answer to Ventura’s question is long overdue.

Melissa Melton is a co-founder of TruthstreamMedia.com, where this first appeared. She is an experienced researcher, graphic artist and investigative journalist with a passion for liberty and a dedication to truth. Her aim is to expose the New World Order for what it is — a prison for the human soul from which we must break free.

What Do They Know? Why Are So Many Of The Super Wealthy Preparing Bug Out Locations?

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Michael Snyder
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A lot of ultra-rich people are quietly preparing to “bug out” when the time comes.  They are buying survival properties, they are buying farms in far away countries and they are buying deep underground bunkers.  In fact, a prominent insider at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland says that “very powerful people are telling us they’re scared” and he shocked his audience when he revealed that he knows “hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand”.

So what do they know?  Why are so many of the super wealthy suddenly preparing bug out locations?  When the elite of the world start preparing for doomsday, that is a very troubling sign.  And right now the elite appear to be quietly preparing for disaster like never before.

The insider that I mentioned above is named Robert Johnson.  He is the president of the Institute of New Economic Thinking, and what he recently told a packed audience in Davos is making headlines all over the planet
With growing inequality and the civil unrest from Ferguson and the Occupy protests fresh in people’s mind, the world’s super rich are already preparing for the consequences.

At a packed session in Davos, former hedge fund director Robert Johnson revealed that worried hedge fund managers were already planning their escapes. “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway,” he said.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); But he didn’t stop there.

In a separate interview, Johnson admitted that “very powerful people are telling us they’re scared” and that the elite “see increasing evidence of social instability and violence”.  You can watch video of the entire interview below…


And Johnson is not the only one saying these things.

The following quote comes from the Mirror
His comments were backed up by Stewart Wallis, executive director of the New Economics Foundation, who when asked about the comments told CNBC Africa: “Getaway cars the airstrips in New Zealand and all that sort of thing, so basically a way to get off.  If they can get off, onto another planet, some of them would.”Of course not all elitists are planning to jet off to the other side of the globe.

Some are planning to go deep underground when things hit the fan.

For example, there is an underground decommissioned missile silo in Kansas that has been transformed into luxury survival condos by a real estate developer.  The following is from a Wall Street Journal article about those condos…
The so-called Survival Condo complex boasts full and half-floor units that cost $1.5 million to $3 million each. The building can accommodate up to 75 people, and buyers include doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs, says developer Larry Hall.

Mr. Hall, who lives in a Denver suburb, bought his first missile-silo site in Kansas in 2008 and completed construction in December 2012. A year later, he says, the development had sold out. Work on the second security compound—the one where Mr. Allen bought a unit—is under way, and Mr. Hall says he is considering additional sites in Texas and elsewhere.

As former nuclear missile sites built under the supervision of the Army Corps of Engineers, the structures were originally designed to withstand a direct hit by a nuclear bomb. At ground level, they can be sealed up by two armored doors weighing 16,000 pounds each. Mr. Hall added sophisticated water and air-treatment facilities, state-of-the-art computer network technology and several alternate power generation capabilities.Other wealthy individuals are turning their current homes into high tech security fortresses.

Those that are involved in providing these kinds of services have seen business absolutely soar in recent years…
Wealthy families across the country are shelling out millions to protect their loved ones from intruders, natural disasters or the apocalypse as home security goes increasingly sci-fi.

Companies that provide concerned homeowners with futuristic gadgets – and a priceless peace of mind – have revealed the growing demand of costly bunkers, passageways, panic rooms and recognition software.

Chris Pollack – president of Pollack+Partners, a design and construction adviser in Purchase, New York – told Forbes that, while security has always been important for the wealthiest clients, the spending on home security has noticeably grown in the past five years.

And the options available on the market are like something from a Bond film.For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “Why Are So Many Wealthy People Building Futuristic High Tech Security Bunkers?

So why are all of these wealthy people so alarmed?

Well, the truth is that they can see what is happening.

They can see that millions of people are falling out of the middle class.  They can see that society is breaking down in thousands of different ways.  They can see that anger and frustration are rising to unprecedented levels.  And they can see that things are likely to boil over once the next major economic crisis strikes.

Even though the economy is still fairly stable for the moment, signs of increasing economic suffering are everywhere.  For example, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that homeless encampments are rapidly spreading throughout the Los Angeles area…
Over the last two years, street encampments have jumped their historic boundaries in downtown Los Angeles, lining freeways and filling underpasses from Echo Park to South Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, a city-county agency, received 767 calls about street encampments in 2014, up 60% from the 479 in 2013.We live at a time when almost everyone is getting poorer except for the elite.  The top 1 percent now have close to 50 percent of the wealth in the entire world, and each year wealth becomes even more concentrated in their hands.

The elite know that eventually a breaking point is going to come.  Those that are smart don’t want to be around when that happens.

And we got a few clues about what things might look like what that time comes from the recent “snow scare” in New York.  Frightened consumers wiped out supplies of bread, milk and eggs within just a few hours.  People started to take advantage of one another, even the journalists seemed like they were on the verge of panic, and virtually the entire city shut down.

All of this over just a few snowflakes.

So what is going to happen when we have a real crisis?

If the elite are preparing to bug out, it is hard to blame them.

I wouldn’t want to be right in the middle of a volcano when it erupts either.

Life is about to dramatically change, and signs of the coming storm are everywhere.

I hope that you are getting prepared for what is about to hit us while you still can.

This article first appeared here at the American Dream.  Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream and Economic Collapse Blog. Follow him on Twitter here.

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