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Follow the money: the Maui-Monsanto war

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Jon Rappoport
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This is a stunner.

On Election Day, Maui passed a local initiative blocking Monsanto and Dow from developing new GMOs in Maui County.

According to Ballotpedia, the winning war chest in the election was, overwhelmingly, composed of contributions from five individuals.

Total? $55,000.

The losing war chest consisted of contributions from three groups: Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences, and the Council for Biotechnology Information.

Total? $7,876,000.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I can think of a hundred things to say, but I’ll let most of them ride.

You decide what the lessons are.

Yes, Monsanto is now suing Maui to reverse the results of the ballot measure, claiming state and federal law trumps a county vote.

But check your cynicism at the door long enough to appreciate what it took for the citizens of Maui and the local SHAKA Movement to shock the world.

Authentic hope and change? THIS is what it looks like.

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The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com.

Staging Ferguson, a covert op, and Al Sharpton

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Jon Rappoport
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This first part of this article was inspired by, and derives directly from, Joe Quixote’s excellent Infowars piece, “Ferguson—Race-baiting for Political Power and Profit.”

Start with this. Michael Brown. Trayvon Martin.

Two deaths. Two killings.

With remarkable speed, as soon as the deaths occurred, they became national issues.

Incidents of police brutality across America are an ongoing fact of life, including brutality against young black men, but these two deaths were selected for special quick attention.

No doubt about it.

Media blew up. The Justice Dept. and the White House moved in right away.

There was no way to walk back those events and diminish their effect on the public.

The waves of emotion grew higher.

Black vs. white.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); However, the curious thing was, in both cases the initial reports morphed into…doubt.

You can say the doubts were justified, or you can say they weren’t. Regardless, the media raised them. Police raised them.

Clear-cut cases of murder became self-defense. Maybe. Not sure. Could be.


Which produced even greater turmoil, accusation, and black-white conflict.

And set the stage for an “upcoming evidentiary finding.” A vital element of the covert op.

That put everyone on edge.

What would be the outcome?

Who would lie and who would tell the truth?

How much violence would break out once the result was announced?

If the Martin and Brown cases had been “natural events,” there was every chance the facts in the cases would be clear from the outset. Yes, it was unjustified murder. Or no, it was justified self-defense. And then the whole situation and its attendant emotions would have diminished.

But that’s not what occurred.

Media and the executive arm of government “just happened” to fasten on two cases where the facts were murky. Or could be presented as murky.

Exacerbating the tension.

“The race hustlers choose fact patterns like this because they know each side feels justified in its interpretation of events. Each side wonders how the other could be so blind. It must be because they don’t care, or they’re evil. Michael Brown’s death presents a perfect fact pattern to sow distrust and hatred. Never let a good crisis go to waste.” (Joe Quixote, Infowars, “Ferguson—Race-baiting for Political Power and Profit.”)

In recent years, who is the White House/Justice Dept. private citizen on the scene in these cases? Who is the prime number-one stirrer of the pot?

Al Sharpton.

Many things can be said about the man, but one thing is: he has worked for the FBI. You know, the agency that has run many operations against black leaders—and thereby fomented black-white conflict. Example: Martin Luther King.

Read what the FBI secretly had to say about a particularly “dangerous” Black Panther, Larry Pinkney and why they ACTUALLY targeted him:

“[Black Panther Larry] Pinkney is potentially dangerous due to his demonstrated ability to unify black and white. [Get it?] His associates are Negro, White and Chinese. Special attention is being given to neutralizing him. The areas of sex and drugs appear to be the most effective ones to utilize. His habits in these areas are unknown, but are being monitored with this objective.” (Infowars, Nov. 21, 2014. “Special Report: FBI Attacks Black Panther For NOT Being Racist!” This information, from the FBI’s file on Pinkney, was obtained through William Mandel’s FOIA request.)

Al Sharpton went to work undercover for the FBI, after walking into a videotaped cocaine sting, where boxing promoter Don King was present. HBO played the tape years ago on its program Real Sports.

The usual account, moving forward, was: Sharpton was assigned a confidential informant number, CI-7, and spied on members of the Genovese crime family for his FBI handlers.

However, there is another aspect of the story. It illustrates that Sharpton has had a penchant for playing ball with all sorts of backers—even when their motives are anti-black.

And why might that be important? Because the current standoff in Ferguson isn’t being staged to benefit black people.

Let’s travel back to 2004. Reporter Doug Ireland, who has written for The Nation, TomPaine.com, In These Times, and LA Weekly, went deeper in evaluating Sharpton’s motives and allies.

February 21, 2004, “Rev. Al Sharpton: FBI Informant-Roger Stone’s Bitch,” originally published in LA Weekly and at webstonne.com, and then Conspiracy Planet:

“Sharpton…has now been exposed as a cat’s-paw for the National Republican Party.

“Rev. Al has a long and sordid history of posing as the champion of the have-nots, while renting himself out to the greedy have-everythings, which predates his ’04 GOP-funded [!] presidential campaign. In 1986, he endorsed N.Y. Senator Al D’Amato for re-election — although D’Amato, a conservative Republican pit bull, was anathema to more issues-attuned black leaders.

“In 1994, he helped dampen down the black vote for [Democrat] Governor Mario Cuomo by making a media-hyped appearance with successful conservative Republican candidate George Pataki just days before the election. In the 2001 New York mayoral campaign, he connived with GOP billionaire Michael Bloomberg in the defeat of the Democratic candidate, Mark Green.

“But Sharpton has not limited himself simply to supporting candidates considered by most to be inimical to the interests of the impoverished black community.

“A 1988 investigation by the Long Island daily Newsday revealed that Sharpton, who denounces African-American leaders who disagree with him as ‘yellow n*****s,’ had been a longtime FBI informant in a scheme to entrap black leaders and personalities on drug-related matters, even going so far as to wear a wire to record their conversations for the feds.

“How did the FBI turn Sharpton into their bitch?

“Why, they caught Rev. Al up to his hairdo in a drug-money Laundromat in which Don King, the much-indicted boxing promoter and a longtime pal of Sharpton’s, was a central figure. What’s more, the drug deal was an FBI sting — and the feds had it all on videotape, too.

“Just two years ago, Bryant Gumbel — the second most popular black on television next to Oprah — aired on his HBO Real Sports show an FBI videotape of Sharpton discussing laundering money from a South American drug dealer via King with Michael ‘Sonny’ Franzese, a former Colombo family captain.

“Sharpton was going to arrange a meeting with King and the coke peddler to set up the deal. But the ‘South American’ was an FBI agent, Franzese had already been turned by the feds into an informant and Sharpton fell right into their trap.

“Sharpton became a sting artist for the feds when he was himself stung. After the tape aired, Sharpton announced he was going to sue HBO for a billion bucks. Nothing has been heard of the lawsuit since then.

“Now, in his current presidential campaign [2004], Sharpton has been revealed as a wholly owned Republican subsidiary. Sharpton has been used by Republican operatives to discredit real contenders for the Democratic nomination. And the more prominent a place on the Democratic stage Sharpton can command, all the way to Boston, the more the Republicans can use the wisecracking but polarizing preacher-without-a-church as a bogeyman to frighten moderate voters away from the Democratic ticket.

“That’s the story behind the blockbuster report in the February 5 Village Voice, the L.A. Weekly’s sister paper in which veteran Voice investigative reporter Wayne Barrett and his team unveiled the malevolent forces keeping Sharpton’s campaign alive: ‘Roger Stone, the longtime Republican dirty-tricks operative who led the mob that shut down the Miami-Dade County recount and helped make George Bush president in 2000, is financing, staffing, and orchestrating the presidential campaign of Rev. Al Sharpton.’

“Who is Roger Stone? A slash-and-burn Republican black-bag election tamperer and consultant…Stone first made news in the Nixon Watergate scandal, when it was revealed that the 19-year-old apprentice McCarthyite had infiltrated George McGovern’s 1972 presidential campaign as part of CREEP’s sabotage plan.

“A few other highlights of Stone’s career as the boastful black prince of Republican sleaze: Stone helped Ollie North raise money for the Nicaraguan contras, and was a close associate of the notorious Lee Atwater (the GOP hit man who created the race-baiting Willie Horton TV spots for Bush 1988 presidential campaign).

“The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin in his excellent book, Too Close To Call, about the 2000 Florida election — details how Stone was summoned by Bush recount chief James Baker to disrupt the vote counting (Stone and his Cuban wife, Nydia, organized a screaming mob of Miami Cubans outside the headquarters of the canvassing board — Stone directed the mob by walkie-talkie from across the street — and intimidated the board into ending the count).

“On the stump, Rev. Al has frequently denounced the theft of the presidential election in Florida — which depended in large measure on invalidating black votes.

“For example, he told a Democratic National Committee meeting last October that ‘We are witnessing a nonmilitary civil war; it started with the recount in Florida.’ So, hopping into bed with Stone might strike many African-Americans as ‘ungodly’ hypocrisy. But the tale gets worse.

“When Sharpton launched a vicious attack on [Democrat] Howard Dean for his supposed ‘anti-black agenda,’ the man behind the curtain was Stone, who crowed to The New York Times that he ‘helped set the tone and direction’ of the blast at Dean, while the research for it was provided by the man Stone had installed as Sharpton’s campaign manager, Charles Halloran, one of a half-dozen top aides to Sharpton who worked for Stone in previous campaigns.

“A member of Stone’s stable who stays at Stone’s Central Park South apartment in New York while working for Sharpton, Halloran — just before taking over the Sharpton campaign — had been managing the parliamentary campaign for one of Stone’s numerous foreign clients: the United Bermuda Party, a white-led party trying to oust the resort island’s first black government.

“Since Rev. Al’s presidential campaign [2004] is really all about trying to succeed Jesse Jackson as America’s premier black political leader, the installation of Halloran is thus an odd choice indeed, one that can be explained only by Sharpton’s dependence on the money funneled into his campaign by Stone. (Halloran’s wife works for the infamous Carlyle Group, the military-industrial-complex giant of which Bush was a longtime officer.)

“Stone has acknowledged that he ‘helped Sharpton’ meet the 20-state, $5,000-contribution threshold required for federal matching funds….

“…Sharpton’s almost penniless campaign has been sustained only by money given or raised by [Republican] Stone or by Stone-arranged credit with consultants — without which the campaign would collapse. The [Village] Voice alleges that Stone loaned some $270,000 to Sharpton laundered through Rev. Al’s National Action Network (NAN), and that Stone rang up $18,000 on his credit card for Sharpton’s campaign-travel and other expenses.

“In the wake of these revelations, the Federal Election Commission is about to consider [2004] whether the Sharpton campaign expenses picked up by NAN with the money provided by Stone, and other unpaid-for campaign services provided by Stone and his chums, constitute illegal campaign contributions, according to The New York Times.

“The Stone revelations show that Rev. Al’s presidential campaign is nothing more than another scam he’s running on black Americans, one designed to undermine the movement to defeat George Bush. Fortunately, black voters aren’t as gullible as the cynical Sharpton thinks they are — they know an unprincipled huckster when they see one.

“Which is why Sharpton — despite the help from his GOP bedmates on which his campaign depends — has been rejected by significant majorities of African-Americans this year at the polls.”

(Doug Ireland is a New York-based media critic and commentator whose articles appear regularly in The Nation, Tom Paine.com, and In These Times among many others. This article first appeared in the LA Weekly.)

Unfortunately, Sharpton, with lots of help from Barack Obama, has rehabbed his image and inserted himself, with significant effect, into the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown ops. From which no good thing is going to transpire, for black or white or brown or yellow or red people.

What is going on in Ferguson, and what went on in the Trayvon Martin case, are a lot deeper than they seem.

Ops within ops. Setting faction against faction. Race against race.

How far back do we need to go? The Clinton years and the Bush years and the Obama years are replete with major crimes that needed to be covered up.

What better way to achieve this end than to set race against race, distracting and frightening the population in the process, while further reducing the power of the people to take effective action against their political and economic bosses.

And to put the cherry on the cake, by the terms of these psyops every black person is supposed to side with “all black people,” and every white person is supposed to side with “all white people.”

That is a formula for doom.

It tries to makes the free and independent individual extinct.

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com.

Are You Better Off This Thanksgiving Than You Were Last Thanksgiving?

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Michael Snyder
Activist Post

Are you in better shape financially than you were last Thanksgiving?  If so, you should consider yourself to be very fortunate because most Americans are not.  As you chow down on turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce this Thursday, please remember that there are millions of Americans that simply cannot afford to eat such a meal.

According to a shocking new report that was just released by the National Center on Family Homelessness, the number of homeless children in the U.S. has reached a new all-time high of 2.5 million.  And right now one out of every seven Americans rely on food banks to put food on the table.

Yes, life is very good at the moment for Americans at the top end of the income spectrum.  The stock market has been soaring and sales of homes worth at last a million dollars are up 16 percent so far this year.  But most Americans live in a very different world.  The percentage of Americans that are employed is about the same as it was during the depths of the last recession, the quality of our jobs continues to go down, the rate of homeownership in America has fallen for seven years in a row, and the cost of living is rising much faster than paychecks are.  As a result, the middle class is smaller this Thanksgiving than it was last Thanksgiving, and most Americans have seen their standards of living go down over the past year.

In 2014, there are tens of millions of Americans that are anonymously leading lives of quiet desperation.  They are desperately trying to hold on even though things just keep getting worse.  For example, just consider the plight of 49-year-old Darrell Eberhardt.  Once upon a time, his job in a Chevy factory paid him $18.50 an hour, but now he only makes $10.50 an hour and he knows that he probably would not be able to make as much in a new job if he decided to leave…
For nearly 20 years, Darrell Eberhardt worked in an Ohio factory putting together wheelchairs, earning $18.50 an hour, enough to gain a toehold in the middle class and feel respected at work. He is still working with his hands, assembling seats for Chevrolet Cruze cars at the Camaco auto parts factory in Lorain, Ohio, but now he makes $10.50 an hour and is barely hanging on. “I’d like to earn more,” said Mr. Eberhardt, who is 49 and went back to school a few years ago to earn an associate’s degree. “But the chances of finding something like I used to have are slim to none.”

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Of course you can’t support a family on $10.50 an hour.

You can barely support one person on $10.50 an hour.

But there are many men out there that would absolutely love to switch positions with Darrell Eberhardt.  At this point, one out of every six men in their prime working years (25 to 54) does not have a job.  That is an absolutely crazy number.

And of course just because you “have a job” does not mean that things are going well.  The number of Americans that are “working part-time involuntarily” has risen by over 50 percent since the beginning of the last recession.  There are millions of hard working Americans that would love to get a full-time job if they could land one.  But these days “decent jobs” are in short supply.

For example, CNN recently profiled the story of college graduate Meghan Brachle…
Meghan would love to be a music teacher or play full-time in an orchestra. She studied music at Loyola University in New Orleans and plays the flute. Instead, Meghan works a slew of part-time jobs and receives no benefits. She is a cashier at Whole Foods, a substitute teacher, a flute tutor and an administrative assistant at a non-profit.Even with all of her hard work, Brachle and her husband often really struggle to pay the bills
With inconsistent hours, Meghan monthly income fluctuates between $1,000 and $3,000. Even with her husband’s teaching salary, the couple sometimes struggles to cover the $3,600 of monthly expenses they have. “It’s very stressful,” Meghan, a college graduate, says. “I think about all the job applications I’ve turned in and all the interviews I’ve been on and all the other people who are in the same situation, looking for those same [full-time] jobs. It’s frustrating.”Sadly, a lot of these part-time employers know that their employees desperately need these jobs and are using that leverage to treat them very poorly.

For example, it is being reported that any KMart employees that do not show up for work on Thanksgiving will be automatically fired.

What kind of nonsense is that?

And around the country at Wal-Mart stores, food drives are being held for "needy employees".

So why wouldn’t Wal-Mart just pay their workers enough so that they could afford to take care of themselves in the first place?

Most people don’t realize this, but approximately one out of every four part-time workers in America is currently living below the poverty line.  Many of them are working as hard as they can and still can’t make enough to take care of themselves.

Meanwhile, our paychecks are getting stretched further and further with each passing month.

When you don’t make much money, every dollar is precious.  And when food prices go up substantially, it can be very painful.  Unfortunately, that is precisely what is happening right now…

-From September to October, the price of a pound of Turkey rose from $1.58 to $1.66.  That represents a 5.2 percent price increase in just one month.

-The price of a pound of ground beef has just risen to a brand new record high of $4.15 a pound, and more price increases are on the way.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture is projecting that U.S. beef production will drop by another 1 billion pounds next year due to a variety of factors including the horrific multi-year drought out west.

-The entire planet is bracing for a huge chocolate shortage, and this threatens to push the price of chocolate beyond the reach of many American families…
Start hoarding those Hershey’s Kisses and stockpile your Snickers: The world could soon experience a chocolate shortage. Mars Inc. and Barry Callebaut, two of the world’s largest chocolate makers, say that’s the path we’re headed down. They cite a perfect storm of factors: Less cocoa is being produced as more and more people are devouring chocolate. In 2013, consumers ate about 70,000 metric tons more cocoa than was produced, The Washington Post reports, and that deficit could go up to 1 million metric tons by 2020. The Ivory Coast and Ghana produce more than 70 percent of the world’s cacao beans, and both countries are experiencing dry weather that limits growth. To make things worse, a fungal disease called frosty pod has destroyed 30 to 40 percent of global cocoa production.As a result of all of the things that I have just discussed above, more Americans than ever are being forced to turn to the government for assistance.  Today, the number of Americans getting a check from the government each month is at an all-time high, and at this point Americans collectively get more money from the government than they pay in taxes.  For much, much more on this, please see my recent article entitled "21 Facts That Prove That Dependence On The Government Is Out Of Control In America".

So if things are going well for you this Thanksgiving, you should be truly thankful.

For most of the country, things just continue to get even worse.  And if the next major wave of our economic crisis arrives next year like many are projecting, this may just be the beginning of our economic pain.

This article first appeared here at the Economic Collapse Blog.  Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream and Economic Collapse Blog. Follow him on Twitter here.

Paying Up, Bottoming Out – Why the Payday Loan Crisis Must Be Stopped

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Devon Douglas-Bowers
Activist Post

Despite what the talking heads are saying, the economy isn’t doing so well. In this most recent jobs report, the two main sectors of growth were fast food and retail, accounting for a total of about 32.2% of jobs created in October. And due in part to these low-paying jobs, many more people are using payday loans to get by. Why does it matter?

Unfortunately, when it comes time to pay up, many people are paying much more than what they borrowed due to extremely high interest rates. While the issue gets raised in the mainstream media every now and then, rarely has anyone taken a look how payday loans came into existence – and the type of real financial havoc they wreak on people, mainly the poor. We need to realize that payday loans only harm us, and to explore alternatives.

According to a 2007 article in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, the practice of getting credit against one’s next payment goes back to the Great Depression. However, “the spread of direct deposit and electronic funds transfer technologies slowed the growth in the demand for check cashing services,” and payday loans played more of a side role to check-cashing businesses. But in 1978 the situation changed, facilitating the rise of payday lenders.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Origins of the PayDay Loan

The beginnings of payday loans can be found in the 1978 Supreme Court case Marquette National Bank v. First of Omaha Service Corp, which stated that “national banks were entitled to charge interest rates based on the laws of states where they were physically located, rather than the laws of states where their borrowers lived.” The ruling allowed banks to offer credit cards to anyone they deemed qualified.

A further empowerment came from the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980, which allowed banks and financial institutions to decide interest rates based on the market. This laid the foundation for payday loans, since one could now set up a payday loan company and charge high interest rates claiming they were based on the market. Payday lenders could offer loans to literally anyone they wanted, even those with bad credit.

As most of us now know, payday lenders are able to profit off the loans they provide by charging interest – often exorbitant interest, which gets out of control. For example, “for a loan of $300, a typical borrower pays on average $775, with $475 going to pay interest and fees over an average borrowing cycle.” In 1999, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland noted that loans had “annualized interest rates often ranging from 213 percent to 913 percent.” In other words, the interest on a payday loan could vary between 4.4% and 19% – per week.

Today, the situation has only slightly improved as interest on a two-week loan can be between 391% and 521% annually, or 8.14% to 10.85% weekly. When one factors in that “only 14 percent of borrowers can afford enough out of their monthly budgets to repay an average payday loan,” we can see the beginning of a debt cycle where interest quickly and dangerously adds up.

Who's Getting Hurt?

While it’s known that mainly working-class people and the poor are the primary users of payday loans, that population is spread out over a rather broad spectrum. More specificity, Pew Research in 2012 reported that the majority of payday loan borrowers are 25- to 44-year-old white women, though “there are five groups that have higher odds of having used a payday loan: those without a four-year college degree; home renters; African Americans; those earning below $40,000 annually; and those who are separated or divorced.”

Furthermore, the Journal of Economic Perspectives found that many payday loan borrowers “are seriously debt burdened and have been denied credit or not given as much credit as they applied for in the last five years.” In other words, the victims of payday loans come from groups and communities that are already having economic troubles – even more so due to the current economic climate. As to why and when people take out the loans, the Journal found that “most borrowers use payday loans to cover ordinary living expenses over the course of months, not unexpected emergencies over the course of weeks." More than anything, perhaps, this speaks to the problem of wages: that people aren’t being paid enough.

Worse still, not only is the bottom line for payday lenders “significantly enhanced by the successful conversion of more and more occasional users into chronic borrowers," reported the Economic Development Quarterly, "[but] the federal government has found that one of the country’s biggest payday lenders provides financial incentives to its staff to encourage chronic borrowing by individual patrons.” In short, companies are either purposefully seeking – or have a strong financial incentive – to put vulnerable populations into a cycle of poverty that is extremely difficult to get out of.

There has been some attempt by state governments to regulate payday loans. Some states have banned them outright, whereas others have limited interest rates. The lenders, though, are getting smart and attempting to avoid regulation by “making surface changes to their businesses that don’t alter their core products: high-cost, small-dollar loans for people who aren’t able to pay them back.”

Who Are the Culprits?

It should be noted that payday lenders are no small chumps in the financial world. Not only did their industry have a revenue of $9.3 billion in 2012, but for a while even major banks were involved in payday lending including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, US Bank, JP Morgan Chase and National City (PNC Financial Services Group). These mega-banks were able to finance 38% of the entire payday lending industry, and even that is considered a conservative estimate.

In January of this year, the big banks bowed out of the industry after being warned by federal regulators who were looking to see if the loans violated consumer protection laws. But despite these Wall Street players leaving the industry, the problem doesn’t end there. There are also middlemen involved, which operate on behalf of the payday companies.

In April, Responsible Lending reported that a lawsuit was being filed against Money Mutual which “[claimed] the company [was] operating as an unlicensed lender by arranging loans that violate a [Illinois] state law that restricts borrower fees.” Money Mutual is itself not a lender, but “a lead generator that sells sensitive customer information, like bank-account numbers and email addresses, to payday lenders, and federal and state officials increasingly are cracking down on these businesses.” Middlemen like Money Mutual can be paid $50 to $150 per "lead," even if a person doesn’t take out a loan.

And the numbers can quickly add up. In 2012, Bloomberg News found that “lead generators in financial services take in $100 million a year, with the market growing by more than 16 percent annually.” Yet this is just with storefront lenders, and many new problems arise when one delves even deeper into the world of online payday lending.

Many online payday lenders “attempt to skirt the rules and charge exorbitant fees, amongst other affronts to regulations that leave many a consumer seeking payday loan legal help.” The Pew Research Center also “found that about 30 percent of Internet payday loan borrowers claim they have received at least one threat from the lender,” whether in the form of arrest or that the debtor’s employer would be contacted.

One of the worst problems with online payday lenders is theft. Take the story of Jeannie Morris of Kansas City. She entered personal information on websites that offered to match her up with payday lenders. The situation took a turn for the worse when, “without asking her approval, two unrelated online lenders based in Kansas City had plopped $300 each into her bank account. Together, they began withdrawing $360 a month in interest payments,” and after her account was wiped clean, Jeannie was hounded by collection companies.

But Jeannie is not alone, as “many consumers reported that loans they’d never authorized had been dropped into their bank accounts. Then those accounts often evaporated as the lenders snatched out money for interest payments while never applying any of the money to the loan principal.” In short, online payday lenders can lend people money without asking them – then clean out those people’s bank accounts, effectively stealing from families.

Some Alternative Solutions

The situation may seem hopeless, but there are alternatives to payday loans. One way to avoid them is through credit union loans, whereby members are allowed to borrow up to $500 each month and each loan is “connected to a SALO cash account, which automatically deducts 5 percent of the loan and places it in a savings account to create a ‘rainy day fund’ for the borrower.”

Small consumer loans are another option. They are a lot less expensive than payday loans; for example, “a person can borrow $1,000 from a finance company for a year and pay less than a $200-$300 payday loan over the same period." Some people can also get a cash advance on their credit card. In the long term, credit counseling can help people create debt repayment plans and find a way to balance their budget.

Most agree that payday lenders are a major problem: they prey on the desperate in order to make money. For this reason, people need to organize and fight for their economic freedom. Consumer watchdog groups, payday borrowers and victims of payday theft need to come together to end the practice that creates a never-ending cycle of debt. To quote the rallying cry of IWW songwriter Joe Hill: “Don’t mourn, organize!”

Originally posted on Occupy.com 

Devon Douglas-Bowers is a 22 year old independent writer and researcher and is the Politics/Government Department Chair of the Hampton Institute. He can be contacted at devondb[at]mail[dot]com.

Alert: Monsanto is trying to crush Maui right now

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Image SourceJon Rappoport
Activist Post

Right now, the heart of the ACTUAL American struggle against Monsanto is in Maui.

On Election Day, voters in Maui County passed a local ballot measure blocking Monsanto and Dow from further development of GMOs.

Maui is a very important piece of Monsanto’s empire. Because of the year-round weather, they can run many, many tests on new GMO crop varieties.

So Monsanto and Dow immediately turned around and sued Maui County.

On top of that, the federal judge in the case is Barry Kurren, who has already sided with Monsanto against Kaui’s attempt to regulate GMOs.

Monsanto’s mouthpiece, John Purcell, released a statement: “This local [Maui] referendum interferes with and conflicts with long-established state and federal laws that support both the safety and lawful cultivation of GMO plants.”


In that case, why was the ballot measure allowed to be voted on, in the first place?

Why didn’t Monsanto file suit, win its case before Election Day, and knock the measure off the ballot?

The truth is, Monsanto lost the vote. Now, they’re whining. If they had won, they wouldn’t uttered a peep of protest about the legality of the measure.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The county of Maui has every right to make a decision about GMOs and Roundup. They have every right to put the clamps on Monsanto and Dow.

This is a matter of public safety.

I don’t care what state or federal law says.

Local citizens always have a right to defend their lives and health. In this case, they are challenging official science. They are ready to oversee authentic investigations of GMO and Roundup safety.

Essentially, they are saying that any state or federal law that would hamstring them is based on false science.

And what is the sub-text of Monsanto’s remarks? “We got the laws on GMOs passed in the first place. We lied about the science. We got the FDA, in 1996, to lie and obfuscate and allow GMO crops to enter the US. So now we are appealing to those laws to make our case.”

I don’t know, Michael Carroll, the lawyer who is defending the voters of Maui against Monsanto. I know they could use a man like Gerry Spence, if he would come out of retirement and take up the sword one more time.

I know they could use a few PR sharks, who would blow this case up into the global scandal that it is, for all the world to see.

But that costs money.

The men who have been bankrolling the soft and weak GMO labeling initiatives could start writing checks, if they really cared about banning GMOs. Talking to you, Gary Hirshberg. Joe Mercola, David Bronner, Grant Lundberg.

And there is another man who could step in and make a difference. He lives far away, but he was raised in Hawaii. He claims to cherish those roots. Once upon a time, he seemed to be an ally.

His name is Barack Obama, and his silence is deafening. 

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

Is Water The New Enron? - Fake Crises, Fake Bills, And Fake Solutions

Activist Post -

David Simon
Activist Post

"In places like Benton Harbor, Michigan and Detroit, there is something called the emergency manager, which essentially is a local dictator. He can depose the mayor and offer decrees and answer to no one except the governor. In these two cities and others, because they are lacking tax revenue (because of lack of industry) they are jacking up the water rates as much as 40%. ... One of the people who was leading the charge against this stuff was recently convicted in a kangaroo court in Benton Harbor and is now facing 20 years in prison. He is Reverend Pinkney."  - Brandon Turbeville

"Little bitty Benton Harbor was the testing ground. It was the testing ground to see what they can get away with. ...It's comin' to your city next, whether you like it or not.
- Rev. Edward Pinkney

Readers may remember my past article dealing with the apparent corruption regarding water rates in places like Dekalb County, Georgia. Electricity, Gas, Water. It's crucial that people be aware that they are not safe from those providing these services and necessities. They should know that their "government" can even move to take water from them.

But Dekalb County is not the only place in the United States where water rates and the restriction of access to water has become a significant issue. As the quotes above demonstrate, Benton Harbor, Michigan appears to be ground zero in the battle for access to water.

Reverend Pinkney had been, up until his recent conviction, leading the charge for the people of Benton Harbor. As the World Austerity Report writes,
For years Reverend Edward Pinkney has been fighting the slow move to takeover, privatize, loot, and gentrify Benton Harbor. He has been fighting not only for the survival of his own city as well as Michigan state, but for his personal freedom. Since 2003, Rev. Pinkney has endured prejudice by white juries and lawyers, been fined, jailed, released, put on probation, fined for exercising his first amendment rights, and jailed again. More recently, in true David and Goliath fashion, Rev. Pinkney had successfully gathered sufficient petitions to force a recall election of Mayor James Hightower. Pinkney warned that Hightower would use all his resources (Whirlpool Corporation, Sheriff Bailey, prosecutor Mike Sepic, and County Clerk Sharon Tyler, to name a few) against Rev. Pinkney. Unfortunately, the law means very little to those who wish to privatize and asset strip public utilities, schools, roads, and even government. Benton Harbor as well as Detroit and other cities with Emergency Managers have seen the privatization of public schools, parks, and utilities. The takeover has now shifted into a form what can only be understood as genocidal: the shutting off of water to its own citizens, as is currently happening in Detroit. [Emphasis added.]

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); But "emergency managers" are not the only way to take water from people or charge them fortunes they can't pay.

In Georgia, the technique is somewhat more subtle. There, water providers do not jack up the rates since doing so would cause a public outcry and protest. Instead, they send out water wills that are fictitious and that have no basis in actual water usage - bills as high or higher than 10 times more than the normal rate, often reaching the amount of three to six thousand dollars. When customers call to complain, the water board's phone system conveniently doesn't work and they end up reaching no one. And when they call the office of the CEO of the county, as people have been doing at the rate of nearly 50 calls per day for months, nothing happens. Letters of complaint go unanswered.

For those who may not fully understand the nature of the “Dekalb County Water Scam,” I encourage you to read my past article “Is Dekalb County Georgia Government Running An Immense Financial Scam?

In my article, I presented a sample of a number of complaints that typify the types of comments found regarding the water rates in Dekalb County. In the time since that article, the complaints have continued to roll in as can be seen from reading the reviews of Dekalb County Water and Sewer.

A sample of these reviews are as follows:
Trudy R.
28 days ago
I live alone in the last few months my bill has been between $200-400 for a single household, I have paid someone to check to see if there's a leak unseen, no leak - I'm waiting & hoping the county will see their errors, correct it & refund based on their mistakes Clarice B.
2 months ago
My water bill has doubled since my last bill. I know it is incorrect because I had to shut off the water from the outside because I was having work done inside my house. I also turn off my water vale in my bath room when I am not home. I think they are just guestamating the meter reading and not actually coming out to read. Right now I would give Dekalb County Water & Sewer a grade of F Rosa S.
8 months ago
Horrible Customer Service! After two billings of astronomical water bills I contacted DeKalb County Water & Sewer to come out and check my meter for a leaks. We corrected the problem and then went to the office to request an adjustment on our bill. We followed all the steps. I've made several attempts for the last 2 weeks to contact them to no avail. since their ENHANCED AUTOMATED TELEPHONE SYSTEM just takes you through the horse and pony show to tell you that all the agents are busy and to try your call at a later time. Really!? It doesn't matter the time of day you call.... it's always the same. I have resorted to emailing. As a residence of Dekalb County. I am very disappointed with the services rendered while you are empting my purse! Bill Tyor
over a year ago
No number to call in outage – We have a water outage in our neighborhood and there is no number to call, as far as I know, to report it. Terry R over a year ago
BILLING Is Just Incompetent with NO Follow through !! – I have had no less than 5 incorrect water bills from the utility. Some were in over $700.00 in a billing cycle.

Each occurence they have read the meter and agreed it was an incorrect reading.

would you not think that the meter reader who was incompetent causing this many problems would be terminated and or reassingned.

My last months bill indicated over 9,000 gallons. Single

household. Low flow toilets. They agreed to check the readings and call me back.

The next thing I will get is a termination notice.

What else can I do raise this valid concern for over a year.In the case of Reverend Pinkney, are the Powers That Be coming down so hard on him because of what he might uncover and not just because of his protesting? Such was the case for Kevin Annett who was forced out of the United Church in Canada when he started looking into deaths in Catholic and Anglican residential schools for children of First Nation people. He uncovered genocide and was punished for his discoveries. He has since uncovered that many of the same things and worse are still going on there. This video explains "worse."

So what is Pinkney exposing to deserve this treatment?

A mere search engine term of “water bills double” brings up a myriad of results from all across the country regarding the doubling of water bills in places as far apart as St. Louis, Morrison, OK, St. Bernard Parrish, LA, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Chicago, and many other cities and states.

A quick search of the terms “astronomical water bills” likewise reveals that many parts of the country do not need their water bills to double officially in order for them to be outrageously expensive. In fact, the reports surrounding many of the skyrocketing water bills in many of the cities such as Seattle and Chesterfield, VA are oddly familiar to the reports surrounding the mysteriously skyrocketing water bills in Dekalb County.

For instance, as Kelly Avellino writes for NBC12,
Angry Chesterfield homeowners are calling NBC12, after getting astronomical water bills. Ed Brooks, a resident in the River Downs neighborhood, says the water bill for his home is typically about a hundred dollars a month. However, his bill this month was more than $1,100. "I got a bad case of sticker shock when I opened it up and saw it was $1,100," said Brooks. Brooks is just one of a slew of neighbors in Chesterfield reporting skyrocketing water bills, right now. The River Downs neighborhood Facebook page shows one neighbor posting after another about historically high water bills. "It is baffling," said Anne Farrell, also of River Downs. Farrell's bill for August went up more than $170 dollars from the same time, the previous year. The bill shows that Farrell's water usage allegedly doubled.

"I know we didn't do anything differently. I know we didn't have a leak. I know we didn't have any circumstances that the bill would go up that much," said Farrell.
Lauren Nelson, another resident, says her family cut back on water usage, nixing backyard water slides and only turning on the sprinklers periodically.

"Our bill last year was $123. This year... over $310," said Nelson.Yet, while the American people are being charged grossly high and even invented amounts for water, in California and across the country, Nestle and Arrowhead are using massive amounts water, virtually for free.

As Katie Rucke reports for Mint Press News,
As Californians struggle with the extreme drought gripping the entire state and work to preserve the precious resource by implementing bans and restrictions regarding its use, a major food supplier has been taking water from a particularly parched part of the state and bottling it. Since 2002, Nestle has had a deal with the Morongo Band of Mission Indians that allows the food giant to pump water from the Millard Canyon aquifer located on the tribe’s reservation, bottle it and sell it under the company’s Arrowhead and Pure Life water brands. How much Nestle, the country’s largest bottled water company, paid the Morongo tribe for the rights to the water supply is not known, as the contract between the bottled water supplier and the tribe is not required to be disclosed. The state has enacted severe restrictions regarding water use, aiming to conserve enough water for about 3.5 million people, or about 9 percent of the state’s population, but because the water plant is located on the Morongo Band of Mission Indians’ reservation, local water agencies do not have any control over the water plant. Nestle also doesn’t have to report how much water it takes from the water basin because of the plant’s location on the reservation. Many say this is a point of concern, especially since water is a limited resource in the state.Ian James of The Desert Sun also reported on Nestle’s use of much-needed water supplies. He wrote,
The plant, located on the Morongo Band of Mission Indians' reservation, has been drawing water from wells alongside a spring in Millard Canyon for more than a decade. But as California's drought deepens, some people in the area question how much water the plant is bottling and whether it's right to sell water for profit in a desert region where springs are rare and underground aquifers have been declining. "Why is it possible to take water from a drought area, bottle it and sell it?" asked Linda Ivey, a Palm Desert real estate appraiser who said she wonders about the plant's use of water every time she drives past it on Interstate 10. "It's hard to know how much is being taken," Ivey said. "We've got to protect what little water supply we have." Over the years, the Morongo tribe has clashed with one local water district over the bottling operation, and has tried to fend off a long-running attempt by state officials to revoke a license for a portion of the water rights. Those disputes, however, don't seem to have put a dent in an operation that brings the Morongo undisclosed amounts of income through an agreement with the largest bottled water company in the United States. The plant is operated by Nestle Waters North America Inc., which leases the property from the tribe and uses it to package Arrowhead spring water as well as purified water sold under the brand Nestle Pure Life. The Desert Sun has repeatedly asked the company for a tour of the bottling plant since last year, but those requests have not been granted. The company and the Morongo tribe also did not respond to requests for information about the amounts of water bottled each year. Until 2009, Nestle Waters submitted annual reports to a group of local water districts showing how much groundwater was being extracted from the spring in Millard Canyon. Reports compiled by the San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency show that the amounts drawn from two wells in the canyon varied from a high of 1,366 acre-feet in 2002 to a low of 595 acre-feet in 2005. In 2009, Nestle Waters reported 757 acre-feet pumped from the wells during the previous year.Even in Canada, Nestle is allowed to absorb the bulk of water resources in some locales for commercial purposes why the people who depend on those resources for drinking water are given the shaft. For instance, Wellington Water Watchers, an organization that was opposed to Nestle’s unfettered access to local drinking water supplies reported,
Despite no data on how drought or climate change will affect Guelph’s water supply in years to come, Nestlé Waters of Aberfoyle has filed for an unprecedented 10-year provincial permit to take up to 3.6 million litres of water per day from the Grand River watershed. [...]

“In our Grand River watershed, we are much more dependent on groundwater for our source of drinking water than most other places in Ontario, maybe most other places in Canada, with the exception of Prince Edward Island,” Hueniken points out.Guelph is 85 to 90 percent dependent on groundwater as the source of drinking water, Hueniken says, making this a local issue that is unique in Canada. “We could build a pipeline to the Great Lakes, but the quality of the water from a deep aquifer like ours, the Amabel, is so much better than surface water from the Great Lakes, that it just seems a shame to let Nestlé take this pure natural resource, bottle it and ship it outside of the watershed day after day.”

Stopping this life-threatening crime is going to take a huge public exposure campaign. It will take more than a few lone voices crying in the wilderness.

The Irish are not only waking up. They are protesting and refusing to pay. They see water as a human right.

In the absence of widespread awareness about the issue here in the United States, however, it might help to revisit the Enron scams in order to understand and jog the memories of the American people so that they can understand what may be happening here. Remember, Enron, while involved in many different scams, was also involved in the creation of a false shortage of electric power and subsequently raised rates under the pretense of stopping "brown outs" that Enron itself created. The results were that many victims ended up committing suicide, often because their businesses were destroyed as a result of the scams.

Water is also an actual physical entity, so the technique used to bilk people around it might be more difficult but it is certainly possible to do it.

In the US, the “Power Over Water” folks seemed to have taken a page from Enron in two ways. First, create the impression of a water crisis and then invent, invent, invent. It's more sly than what happened with Bechtel in Bolivia where it was a mathematically visible issue of "rates" and Bechtel’s statements did not match up with either the truth or its other statements.

But in the US, people are being charged a fortune for water without changing the rates. The bills are total inventions. They are complete scams.

And where is the data on who and how many people are being skunked? It’s reading this article. You are that information! You are the evidence. And all the information you can gather is evidence needed to stop these criminals.

The reality is people are trapped in an enormous criminal scam by their own governments.

Bills can be 10 or 20 times higher than normal. The water board simply doesn't answer the phone, but the bills keep coming and then the water is cut off. Those controlling water have set up a system in which there is no public notice of rate changes, there is no relation between water usage and charges, and for each isolated individual with no knowledge of how many people who are being affected or any way to reach others in the same boat, there is no recourse.

It's Enron again - faked crisis followed by fake bills - only now more stealthily done than things were done in Bolivia, but still around a life or death resource: water.

People in every state need to investigate the water charges in their area. To be clear - they need to investigate the charges, not the rates which are posted. The bills people are receiving may have no correlation to the water they are using.

Smart meters can offer a means to make it appear that a certain amount of water was used even though it was not. Remember, Skilling's darling and the bankers' darling - digital information, can be easily rigged.

Americans are not supposed to know that drastically inflated water bills are being charged everywhere. Without that knowledge, they are alone in the scam. With it, they can see the whole country is being ripped off. Isolating people with their own crushing water bill - publicized rates unchanged - is just more case of slipping something past the "stupid Americans." The reality, however, is that we are being lied to.

Please leave your comments regarding the water charges in your area in the comments below or contact the writer/website here: http://www.activistpost.com/p/write-for-uscontact.html

UVB Radiation Is Off The Charts, Metering Proves This Fact

Activist Post -

By Dane Wigington

Does the sun feel hot on your face? It is. The UV radiation that we are all being exposed to is off the charts. It’s actually burning the bark off of trees on the sun exposed sides. This is happening in countless regions. Global climate engineering is shredding the ozone layer along with an endless list of other horrific consequences. If climate engineering continues, our days are numbered.

How high is the UV radiation? View the actual tests in the video below.

Support GMO labeling or turn the oil tanker around?

Activist Post -

Jon Rapppoport
Activist Post

Face it, America is in a shopping trance. A consumer trance. A buying trance.

So it’s natural that the more “enlightened shoppers” would see labeling GMO foods as a way to create a revolution.

Inside that bubble-trance, labels feel like a revolution.

The fact that Monsanto keeps selling high-level poison (Roundup) and Monsanto’s genes drift from plant to plant across the landscape doesn’t make an impact, because people don’t palpably encounter those elements when they look at food products on shelves.

Which is where they live when they aren’t living at home. In stores. Moving along aisles. Putting things in carts.

A GMO label on those things, or a non-GMO label, is as far as the eye can see.

The labels are also symbols: “I’m doing good in the world by making the right choice. I’m helping the planet. The Universe is looking at my shopping cart and nodding Yes.”

Meanwhile, more toxic Roundup blows across America. More Monsanto genes drift from plant to plant, infecting them, changing them.

But the shopper is happy.

On this foundation of sand, the GMO-labeling movement in America was launched and bankrolled, calling itself a revolution.

People in other countries, many of which have already instituted outright bans on GMOs, look at America and think, “What is wrong with those people?”

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); They can frame that question because they’re outside the shopping trance.

If you look up the major funders of the GMO-labeling ballot initiatives, you’ll see that they, too, are outside the trance. They’re businessmen, and they sell non-GMO food to the shoppers.

They have a (self-serving) vision: when enough foods products in stores are labeled, consumers will choose the non-GMO products and put Monsanto out of business.

That will happen when a feather beats away a monsoon.

The labeling funders and their advocates also carry with them, like an ID, the following assumption:

“Americans are too dumb to understand what havoc Monsanto is actually wreaking; therefore, we can only approach them as consumers.”

This premise has never been tested in battle conditions. But it could be. Now.

Some of you know that Maui voters recently passed a ban against all new Monsanto/Dow GMOs in their county. Well, a judge has unconstitutionally put a temporary block on that, and Monsanto and Dow have sued the county.

If the natural and organic businessmen, who bankroll these losing labeling ballot-initiatives, called a time out, they could turn their ship around and pursue a new venture.

They could hire a team of lawyers who take no prisoners, a real PR agency (not one who represents Coke and Pepsi), some pro advertising people, and flood Maui (and the online planet) with what I’d call “Monsanto crime reports.”

Bold in-your-face support for the people of Maui, who executed a ban on GMOs.

Broadcast the triumph of Maui and the criminal actions of the judge and Monsanto/Dow, non-stop.

Do something right for a change.

Surpass the shopping trance.

Invent a new reality. The deceptive reality of labeling was invented. So try a different one.

Make it mean something.

Or confess you’re not in the battle to win; you just want to sell GMO labels.

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com.

Anti-GMO movement’s PR agency represents who??

Activist Post -

Jon Rappoport
Activist Post

Remember this name: The Mellman Group.

In my last several articles, and a number of earlier pieces (complete archive here), I’ve been highly critical of the anti-GMO political movement in America.

Whereas many other nations have chosen to enact full or partial bans on GMO food, in the US we have had…what?

Something much weaker. Ballot initiatives, which attempted to make GMO labels on food mandatory.

The monotonous and soft slogans? “You have a right to know what’s in your food.” “The right to choose.”

All four of these ballot campaigns have failed: California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado.

Where did these dumbed-down weak slogans come from?

They were justified as a result of a 2012 poll conducted for Just Label It, Gary Hirshberg’s organization.

Hirshberg supported, in election campaigns, two of Monsanto’s most influential political allies in the world: Tom Vilsack, now the head of the US Dept. of Agriculture, and Barack Obama, who has opened the door to the largest parade of new GMO crops yet permitted.

Who conducted that poll for Just Label It and Hirshberg?

A powerful PR agency based in Washington DC: The Mellman Group.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In 2012, the Mellman Group’s poll yielded this result: 91% of the 1000 voters surveyed said they wanted GMO labeling, and this conclusion was interpreted as “consumers have a right to know what’s in their food.”

So that became the single mantra in the ballot measures.

Who has The Mellman Group represented? Get a load of a few of its clients:

Coca Cola. Nestle. Pepsico. The FDA. The World Bank. Do these names mean anything special to you?

Coca Cola, Pepsico, and Nestle were major funders AGAINST passage of the GMO-labeling initiatives in Western states.

The FDA is the criminal agency that allowed GMO crops through the door, to begin with, in 1996, by saying, based on zero research, that GMO and non-GMO crops were identical.

The World Bank heads up massive land-grab actions in Africa to turn small farms into corporate plantations, certainly featuring GMO crops.

How incredibly bizarre was it to go to The Mellman Group for a good poll that would determine the future course of the anti-GMO movement in America?

Stupid? Crazy? Naïve? Or intentional?

In case you think that PR firms, like defense lawyers, simply take on clients and push any cause for money, consider that the mega-corporations mentioned above, and the FDA and the World Bank, are not just Mellman’s clients. They wield enormous influence in the world. They are special and favored.

Would you walk into Mellman’s lion’s den and ask the firm to do a crucial poll for you, if your objectives were directly opposite to those of Mellman’s biggest clients?

Would you rely on the way the poll was conducted, and the results? Would you base your most important future actions on those results?

Are you kidding?

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

Will Scripted Ferguson Agenda Overshadow the Executive Amnesty Announcement?

Activist Post -

Melissa Melton
Activist Post

“Fear is a very powerful weapon, it catalyzes, it causes division, it can be used as an excuse to remove even more civil liberties. Make no mistake America, there are reasons the media are portraying this, in this particular light. You are ALL being manipulated.” (random comment I read the other day…)

History has shown that so many revolutions that many of us have cheered on over the years have turned out to be completely fabricated (or at the very least, co-opted) for an ultimate end game.

Let me start this article by letting you know (in case you didn’t) that every massive rights movement in modern American history has ultimately wound up infiltrated…

Every single one. Remember Occupy Wall Street? These things may even appear to start out organically, but at some point they get co-opted and steered by powerful people for a specific agenda. The question always becomes, “How long has this been going on?” and “What is the endgame?”

The Ferguson situation reeks of COINTELPRO.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); For more on that, just go read “Counterintelligence: A Documentary Look at America’s Secret Police” subhead “The FBI’s Counterintelligence Operations Against: Black, Puerto Rican, Native American, and Chicano/Mexicano movements.” It’s filled with the FBI’s own declassified memos pointing to the reality that the FBI and other agencies have historically run counterintelligence programs in this country “designed to systematically disrupt and destroy domestic Third World liberation movements and their leadership by any means necessary.” [author’s emphasis, not mine]

It’s all a playbook and people just keep getting conned by it over and over and over. It’s the Hegelian Dialectic: problem — reaction — solution.

The Michael Brown/Darren Wilson case in Ferguson, Missouri has blown up. It has been engineered to do so. See the article below on just how highly organized, scripted and surely funded this thing has become. A state of emergency has preemptively been declared for 30 days in Missouri before the grand jury’s decision has even been announced. “Planned responses” (not protests) have been organized for 83 cities across the nation and Canada. They are even holding informational meetings and “direct action trainings” in the lead up to the decision. The cops are stocking up on riot gear and rubber bullets. Residents are emptying gun stores.

When this first began, we were asking “Where is COINTELPRO?” This video was uploaded August 14th, just five days after Brown was killed:

Since that time, the evidence has only grown.

Ask yourself. Why is this particular case in Ferguson the one that our government and mainstream media have thrown all of their time and resources into? Why has it blown up so fast? Why were high-level shills like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton immediatelyinvolved and on the ground in St. Louis within 24 hours after Michael Brown was shot? (They certainly don’t do that every time a black man is shot by police in this country.) Why did our justice department get so intimately involved in Ferguson, with Obama ending his vacation early to meet with Attorney General Eric Holder about it, and Holder ordering not one but two federal autopsies (for a total of three autopsies) on Michael Brown?

Why is it this case of all cases? The one where the subsequent facts coming out don’t exactly paint Michael Brown as the totally innocent victim the media tried to initially portray him as? A case that will definitely divide people on race lines?

Sadly, there are lots of examples of police killing all sorts of totally innocent Americans all the time in this country. Elderly people in supposedly accidental SWAT raids. Mentally ill and disabled people. Children and family pets.

Where are the highly organized, scripted protests for all those people?

As I wrote in the article posted below, cops kill an average of THREE PEOPLE EVERY DAYin this country.

As I asked below, “Where’s the outrage from all Americans on all sides, all races, colors and creeds, on the bigger police state growing all around all of us EVERY SINGLE DAY in America? Where are the organized protests for all those who have died at the hands of an ever-increasing, ratcheted up tyrannical system enslaving us all?”

Instead, the powers that shouldn’t be are using fear to push everyone’s buttons…and, once again just like the tired old playbook predicted the first time it was used so long ago, it’s working. Across the country people are allowing themselves to become little puppets for another Hegelian Dialectic puppet show.

Obama is about to announce executive amnesty Thursday…and none of the three major networks are even carrying the speech (it just so happens to be sweeps, fancy that). How shocked will anyone be if the grand jury comes back Friday to yank everyone’s attention in another direction?

“Hey guys! Don’t look at the right hand! Look over here at the shiny things in the left hand!”

It’s all a time-tested playbook to sow chaos and division on both sides and distract everyone from the bigger picture once again…and it’s working.

Melissa Melton is co-founder of TruthstreamMedia.com with Aaron Dykes, where this first appeared. Follow them at Facebook and Twitter.

FSU Shooter Thought He Was Being Gangstalked, Mind Controlled by the Government

Activist Post -

Melissa Melton
Activist Post

This will surely be all but forgotten by next week, but for the record...

Now it's come out that Myron May, the man identified as last night's FSU shooter, randomly came down with a sudden mental illness and thought the government was stalking him and telling him to kill people "for a promise of freedom."

How many times are facts like these going to come out? That all these people who go on rampages are just randomly coming down with a sudden mental illness where they hear voices in their heads and think the government is mind controlling them, gangstalking them, and telling them to hurt people oh so coincidentally right before something big happens on the national political stage?

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Why can't people see that this is beyond just a pattern now. This exact scenario happens way too often to be a mere coincidence. When will the public at large realize there's something bigger going on here?

Melissa Melton is co-founder of TruthstreamMedia.com with Aaron Dykes. Follow them at Facebook and Twitter.

Dark Money Casts Shadow on Democracy

Activist Post -

Anthony Freda ArtActivist Post

The week before the general election, UNM Political Science Associate Professor Mike Rocca presented a primer on campaign financing and a troubling change in the way political campaigns are being financed with dark money.

The 2014 general election may not be the most expensive election in U.S. history, even though experts expect it to total more than $4 billion in money raised and spent. But it may win for the amount of dark money that flowed through the races.

Dark money is money collected by 501(c) organizations. There is no federal or state requirement that it be tabulated or reported by anyone, anywhere. It is money spent on behalf of a candidate by someone somewhere who probably now wants something from that candidate. New Mexico is one of six states that do not require disclosure about money collected and spent by 501(c) organizations.

“If this dark money continues, we are going to have less transparency and less accountability," Rocca said. "We will be literally unable to hold our members of Congress to state legislators accountable. And this strikes at the heart of democracy. We’ve got to figure this out.”

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In theory, the super PACs and 501(c) organizations collect and spend money on elections to discuss issues without any consultation or input from the candidate. 501(c) is an Internal Revenue Service designation for non-profits, and educational organizations.

Rocca says campaign reporting laws have allowed this kind of loophole for years, but it has only been recently exploited. Now the floodgates for dark money have opened. It’s very hard to track exactly who is spending money on what candidates nationally, but it is clear more money is being spent by outside groups than ever before. An article in the New York Times calculates outside groups supporting Republicans raised and spent about $205 million in television advertising, while Democratic supporters may have spent about $132 million.

“What is interesting,” Rocca says, “is who is giving. The top one percent of individual donors gives Super PACs 47 per cent of the money they spend. It is not organizations. It is not corporations. It is individuals.” For 501(c) groups it is even less clear who is giving. “We have no idea what is going on with 501(c) groups because they are not required by the IRS to disclose. And those donations are coming in unlimited numbers,” he says.

The money is used to support allies. “Money is not buying votes. Money is being given to allies. If I am giving money to an ally in congress, you are already on the same page. I am giving it to you because you are on the same page as me. It’s not getting votes. It’s being given because of the votes.” Rocca said. “By far the most important reason that groups give money at all is to keep allies in office. You are hoping for something in return of course, maybe an earmark, but that person is no good to you outside of office. Money keeps your allies in office.”

And the money is fundamental to campaigns. Rocca says anyone who wants to challenge a member of congress in 2016 had better have at least $1.5 million to do it with. Candidates who want to challenge an incumbent senator need to think about raising $11 million. The money those incumbents receive from their allies makes the difference. More than 90 percent of incumbents are reelected.

Rocca, who says he rarely gives opinions in classes, is more than ready to share an opinion on dark money.

“We’ve got to know where the money is coming from, Roccas said. "This 501(c) issue strikes at the heart of our democracy. So we’ve got outside interests giving money, spending money on behalf of a candidate, and you have the office holder giving some sort of service to that outside interest, but we’ve got to see those contributions. That’s the point. That’s what is at stake here.”

Press and charts from the University of New Mexico.

Could fixing democracy really be this simple?

"Robbed of Their Womanhood' - Teens After Gardasil Shot

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ImageSweet 16 with menopause...

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Olivia and Madelyne Meylor are in their early 20s. They still want the world to know what happened to them as teens after they received three Gardasil shots - an HPV vaccine marketed as a way to prevent cervical cancer.

Diagnoses of Premature or Primary Ovarian Failure (POF) followed leaving only 5 percent chance one of them could ever get pregnant.

In this story about a pending federal court case they were involved in last year, they reported that not only did their ovaries stop producing eggs, but they also have insomnia, night sweats and headaches. They say they can not get pregnant, but might be able to carry a baby. As teenagers, it would appear that they both entered into full-blown menopause.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Coincidence? Genetic predisposition tests ruled out genetics for the disorder which is rare in teenagers. Their mother says all roads lead back to the fateful shots in 2007. You can see from the local news report that Merck denies any correlation to the vaccine, upholds the results in its clinical trials, and claims that similar adverse were found in placebo studies. Yet, this study in 2013 shows that POF does indeed follow Gardasil shots, and stems from adjuvants in the vaccine causing the body to attack the reproductive system, as well as cause cognitive and psychiatric disturbances.

Imagine if a toy or candy created tens of thousands of adverse health reports and over a hundred deaths? Would there not be some kind of outcry or intervention? It's interesting that legal scrutiny is aimed at energy drink manufacturers, but not for injections given out by doctors.

Could that be because the U.S. Government receives royalties on Merck's Gardasil sales? The NIH does not wish to reveal those figures. In the report on the pending court case last year, the government would be defending Merck, arguing that the POF was not related in any way to the vaccine. However, Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld, from Israel, planned to testify that their disease was autoimmune and brought on by the adjuvant substances. That is, Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants, or ASIA.

Read more on the topic at Health Impact News 

Explore articles on Gardasil

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at NaturalBlaze.com and ActivistPost.com. Like at Facebook.

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Detekt: A New Malware Detection Tool That Can Expose Illegitimate State Surveillance

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image sourceEva Galperin
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Recent years have seen a boom in the adoption of surveillance technology by governments around the world, including spyware that provides its purchasers the unchecked ability to target remote Internet users' computers, to read their personal emails, listen in on private audio calls, record keystrokes and passwords, and remotely activate their computer’s camera or microphone. EFF, together with Amnesty International, Digitale Gesellschaft, and Privacy International have all had experience assisting journalists and activists who have faced the illegitimate use of such software in defiance of accepted international human rights law.

Software like this is designed to evade detection by its victims. That's why we've joined together to support Detekt, a new malware detection tool developed by security researcher Claudio Guarnieri.

Detekt is an easy-to-use, open source tool that allows users to check their Windows PCs for signs of infection by surveillance malware that we know is being used by government to spy on activists and journalists.

Some of the software used by states against innocent citizens is widely available on the Internet, while more sophisticated alternatives are made and sold by private companies and sold to governments everywhere from the United States and Europe to Ethiopia and Vietnam.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Detekt makes it easy for at-risk users to check their PCs for possible infection by this spyware, which often goes undetected by existing commercial anti-virus products.

Because Detekt is a best-effort tool and spyware companies make frequent changes to their software to avoid detection, users should keep in mind that Detekt cannot conclusively guarantee that your computer is not compromised by the spyware it aims to detect. However, we hope that by making this tool available we may be able to detect some ongoing infections, provide advice to infected users, and contribute to the debate around curbing the use of government spyware in countries where it is linked to human rights abuses.

We hope that members of the open source and information security communities will contribute to this important project.

Please visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation for the latest news in digital privacy and civil liberties.

US Never Intended to Defeat ISIS

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Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

A torrent of “foiled” terror plots have recently dominated headlines across the Western World. In Rochester New York, the FBI netted a man they claimed was plotting a shooting spree targeting US service members. In Australia, over 800 security agents swooped in on 15 ISIS suspects whom the Australian government claimed were plotting to randomly behead a member of the public. In the UK, 4 suspects allegedly linked to ISIS were arrested before carrying out a plot Scotland Yards claims was aimed at the Queen of England herself.

According to Western security agencies, in addition to ISIS’ regional campaign of brutality stretching from Lebanon, across Syria, and into Iraq, it is also working ceaselessly to carry out attacks against targets within the US, across Europe, and even in the Pacific.

US Policymakers Claim ISIS is Neither a Threat Nor Necessary to Defeat

Considering the hysteria generated by ISIS’ alleged global exploits, it should then be infinitely curious to readers who happen across US policymakers claiming that ISIS may pose a threat, but constitutes by far a lesser threat than Iran or Syria – the two principle nations leading the real fight against ISIS and its international sponsors. Furthermore, US policymakers claim there is no urgency to defeat ISIS, and it should instead be “contained.” Of course, this “containment” will be within states targeted by US-backed regime change – serving as a convenient agent of destruction, destabilization, and perhaps even regime change itself.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); There are other hard questions for even bigger threats in the Middle East, such as how to ensure a nuclear free Iran and how to deal with the Assad regime in Syria. For ISIS, though, we may have it right.More troubling still, such policymakers hail from the US-based Brookings Institution, a prominent corporate-financier funded policy think-tank that has helped direct American foreign policy for decades. Brookings “Federal Executive Fellow” Robert Hein, a career US Navy officer, has presented analysis under an article titled, “The Big Questions on ISIS.” After diminishing the threat ISIS actually poses to the US and suggesting that the battle against the terrorist organization will be perpetual.

It would have been interesting if Hein did qualify that final statement – explaining how an extraterritorial terrorist army armed and funded by some of the largest, most influential nation-states on Earth, currently ravaging three nations while allegedly plotting against the rest of the planet is somehow a lesser threat than Iran and Syria – both of which have not threatened the United States, and in fact, according to the Brookings Institution itself, have expressed a specific desire to avoid a confrontation with the West.

ISIS is a Lesser Threat – But a Lesser Threat to Whom?

As bizarre as Hein’s analysis may seem, it strikes at a troubling but undeniable truth. If by “US” Hein meant the American people, America’s service members, and victims of various staged attacks aimed at justifying foreign wars, then ISIS is a threat. For the many millions living in the Middle East or North Africa, ISIS is undoubtedly a threat. For corporate-financiers on Wall Street, the many corrupt politicians in Wall Street’s pocket in Washington, or corporate-financier funded policymakers like Hein himself, ISIS is not only not a threat, but an indispensable asset.

As such, prioritizing ISIS’ destruction is not part of Wall Street or Washington’s agenda – rather – perpetuating this threat for as long as possible is. Hein is unabashed about this notion, claiming:
Should we defeat ISIS? Rather than defeat, containing their activities within failed or near-failing states is the best option for the foreseeable future. The United States has no desire to build nations, and without a stable Middle East, terror groups will continue to find safe haven; if not in western Iraq or Afghanistan, then in Yemen or Somalia. The Middle East and Africa have no shortage of ungoverned or poorly governed territories. The current strategy of prolonged engagement, development and training of local militias, logistic support and air strikes against real targets may be the best solution after all. Hein’s strategy also works exceedingly well if ISIS was intentionally created as a proxy mercenary force, deployed by the West against its enemies. Such a notion, while dismissed out of hand by many as a “conspiracy theory” is not only plausible, but in fact a documented fact. The use of terrorists and sectarian extremists is a reoccurring feature in Western foreign policy – including its most notorious use in the mountains of Afghanistan in the 1980s where the US created Al Qaeda to begin with. As recently as 2007, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh documented a conspiracy to once again use sectarian extremists aligned with Al Qaeda to target, undermine, and overthrow the government of Syria and wage a proxy war against Iran.

His report titled, “The Redirection: Is the Administration’s new policy benefiting our enemies in the war on terrorism?” stated (emphasis added):
To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda. It would be difficult to read Hersh’s 2007 report and attempt to deny that is not precisely what has unfolded, verbatim, beginning under the cover of the US-engineered “Arab Spring” up to and including the creation of “ISIS” and its growing fighting capabilities possible only through an immense, coordinated multinational effort.

The creation of ISIS and what appears to be concerted attempts to justify the slow burn prescribed to “stop it” are echoed in Hein’s proposal of “not stopping ISIS to stop it.”

Why Syria and Iran are Bigger “Threats”

Ironically, it was an extensive policy paper produced by the very think tank Hein belongs to – Brookings Institution – that noted Iran (and therefore Syria) not only did not want war with the West, but was willing to weather endless covert provocations to avoid giving the West an excuse to wage hegemonic war against the nations. Within the pages of Brookings’ “Which Path to Persia?” report published in 2009, it was stated:
With only one real exception, since the 1978 revolution, the Islamic Republic has never willingly provoked an American military response, although it certainly has taken actions that could have done so if Washington had been looking for a fight. Thus it is not impossible that Tehran might take some action that would justify an American invasion and it is certainly the case that if Washington sought such a provocation, it could take actions that might make it more likely that Tehran would do so (although being too obvious about this could nullify the provocation). However, since it would be up to Iran to make the provocative move, which Iran has been wary of doing most times in the past, the United States would never know for sure when it would get the requisite Iranian provocation. In fact, it might never come at all. The report would also state:
…it would be far more preferable if the United States could cite an Iranian provocation as justification for the airstrikes before launching them. Clearly, the more outrageous, the more deadly, and the more unprovoked the Iranian action, the better off the United States would be. Of course, it would be very difficult for the United States to goad Iran into such a provocation without the rest of the world recognizing this game, which would then undermine it. (One method that would have some possibility of success would be to ratchet up covert regime change efforts in the hope that Tehran would retaliate overtly, or even semi-overtly, which could then be portrayed as an unprovoked act of Iranian aggression.) The entire report is a documented conspiracy to justify and provoke war with a nation actively seeking to avoid war even at the cost of suffering innumerable humiliations, covert attacks, assassinations, decades-spanning sanctions, and other forms of terroristic provocations. When Hein and other US policymakers refer to Iran and Syria as a “greater threat” than ISIS, they do not mean a threat to the national security of the American people or the territory of the United States itself – but rather a threat to their own hegemonic interests well beyond America’s borders and even interests that lie within the borders of Iran and Syria themselves.

Deciphering the deceptive, criminal language used by US policymakers illuminates the ongoing conspiracy in which ISIS plays a central part. ISIS is considered not a threat – not because the US can manage what they claim is an inherently “anti-Western” terrorist organization – but rather because the US itself created and controls it. Syria and Iran, while not actual threats to the West, are considered instead “threats” to US interests – more specifically – the interests of the corporate-financier elite on Wall Street and their lobbyists in Washington D.C.

Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook”, where this first appeared.

Who is Gary Hirshberg, and why is he bankrolling a losing anti-GMO campaign?

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Dees IllustrationJon Rappoport
Activist Post

“Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently announced that Russia will no longer import GMO products, stating that the nation has enough space, and enough resources to produce organic food. ‘If the Americans like to eat GMO products, let them eat them. We don’t need to do that; we have enough space and opportunities to produce organic food.’” (Collective Evolution, April 15, 2014, “It’s Official—Russia completely bans GMOs.”)

Gary Hirshberg is the CEO of Stonyfield Organics. “Love me. Hold me. Spoon me.” Yogurt, smoothies, milk, butter.

He is a founding partner of the Just Label It group. You know, “consumers have a right to know what’s in their food yada yada yada…”

That was the exclusive mantra of the losing GMO-labeling campaigns in California, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado.

Of all the leaders in the labeling movement, Hirshberg is the most overtly political. Let’s look at his strange track record.

During the 2008 presidential campaign season, his home in New Hampshire was a mandatory stop for candidates. Hirshberg’s first choice for the Democratic nomination was the execrable Tom Vilsack until he dropped out of the race.

Hirshberg hosted gatherings for John Edwards and Barack Obama, and eventually decided to support Obama.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Obama, despite his nods and winks, was, from the beginning, Monsanto’s man in Washington, allowing a parade of new GMO crops to enter growing fields and the marketplace, and appointing staunch biotech allies to key posts in his administration.

Vilsack, Gary Hirshberg’s first choice for President, became the Secretary of Agriculture under Obama. Vilsack is an avid supporter of GMO food. During his term as governor of Iowa, Vilsack was given a Governor of the Year award by the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

Hirshberg serves as a co-chairman of an organization called AGree. Its objective is to “build consensus around solutions” to “critical issues facing the food and agriculture system.” As researcher Nick Brannigan has pointed out, AGree includes, among its foundation partners: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

It would be hard to find foundations more friendly to, and supportive of, big corporate agriculture and GMOs.

With colleagues like this, why is Hirshberg a leader in the anti-GMO campaign? Good question.

Hirshberg is the author of Stirring It Up: How to Make Money and Save the World. He advocates revolution-by-the-consumer as an exceedingly powerful force.

It may be pretty to think so, but giving American consumers a clear choice about whether to buy GMO or non-GMO food, through labeling, isn’t going to push Monsanto up against the wall.

***It isn’t going to stop Monsanto gene drift into non-GMO crops. It isn’t going to stop the aerial attack of toxic Roundup all over the planet.

Instead, an all-out counter-assault is necessary. And it doesn’t take a genius to see where to start: TV ads. Web ads.

The objective? To make Monsanto’s threat to health and life and liberty very real and very personal. To make that threat as imminent as it was when millions of students, in the 1960s, saw the military draft as their ticket to going to Vietnam to die.

After you’ve aired a few thousand plays of such attack ads against Monsanto, then you can do polls. Then you’ll see what people believe and think and feel in a new light.

The labeling movement should be a ban-GMO movement. It should be enlisting artists of all kinds to make ads that move people, that attack the poisoners of the food supply, that hold up to ridicule the corporate agenda of monopolizing and degrading the food of this planet.

Gary Hirshberg isn’t the man for the job.

He’s the soft salesman, a businessman who tap dances with strange partners when he enters the political arena. He’s with the wrong people on the wrong side.

He’s calling shots in a campaign that’s designed to lose the war.

Why is that?

Well-intentioned political stupidity? New Age cheese-melt mind? Supreme confidence based on nothing? A desire to issue orders and have them followed?

Or something worse?

Coda: Suppose you ran a TV ad in which a salt-of-the-earth farmer was standing on a barren piece of land, the camera zoomed in on him, and he showed his callused and worn hands to the audience and said:

“I am an American farmer. I’ve been on this land forty years. My family has been on this land every day for a hundred and fifty years. I’m a human being just like you. My relationship with Monsanto and their genetically engineered food ruined my farm, my future, and my life…”

Or this: a mother and her little child stand on their lawn in front of the camera. The mother says, “See the rashes and lesions on my son’s body? Do you know where he got them? From the weed killer we sprayed out of a bottle. It’s called Roundup. It’s made by Monsanto. Do you want this for your child?”

Lawsuits from Monsanto? Bring them on.

The discovery and deposition would be a nightmare for Monsanto, as their lies came tumbling out.

TV stations and websites would refuse to run the ads? Terrific. That spawns a global online underground who post the ads anyway, along with: “Monsanto took legal action so you couldn’t see this ad…here are the outlets who refused to run the ads…”

Get the picture?

Gary Hirshberg doesn’t.

Or maybe he does but he isn’t on our side. Never was.

While his soft and weak “label-it” ballot initiatives suck up time, energy, money, and distract people from the real answer—banning GMOs—the clock keeps ticking:

More toxic Roundup invades the air, land, water, humans, and animals; Monsanto genes drift on the wind and infect plants and crops across America.

Which is exactly what Monsanto is hoping for: a fait accompli. Too little, too late.

The label-it ballot initiatives are enabling the goal of Monsanto.

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com.

Filming Cops in UK is Act of Terror

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By Fat Rat Films

While filming a routine stop and search of her boyfriend on the London Underground, Gemma suddenly found herself detained, handcuffed and threatened with arrest. Act of Terror tells the story of her fight to bring the police to justice and prevent this happening to anyone else, ever again.

Six Hours of Increased Memory By Adding This to Breakfast

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Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Researchers from Monash Asia Institute at Monash University found that you can spice up your memory and help with diabetic and prediabetic conditions with a tiny amount of a powdery substance that might be in your cabinet as we speak.

This substance can be added to scrambled egg recipes...

Can make porridge and oatmeal pop when something sweet is added.

Mixed into pancake batters.

Sprinkled atop some waffles and blended with maple.

Mixed with leftovers...

Or in the case of this study, placed on plain ol' boring toast.

And of course, it doesn't have to be for breakfast... Have you guessed what it is yet?

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Researchers for the study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that adding just one gram (about 1/4  to 1/3 teaspoon) of turmeric to breakfast could help improve the memory of people who are in the very early stages of diabetes and at risk of cognitive impairment.

Cognitive impairment and dementia have been connected to diabetes in the past, so it made sense to test the powers of turmeric on both. Curcumin, which accounts for 3 to 6 per cent of turmeric and has been shown by experimental studies to reduce the risk of dementia. And it is true that black pepper increases the bioavailability of curcumin by a thousand times.

Emeritus Professor Mark Wahlqvist said that early intervention by halting dementia/diabetes or softening its impact can reduce the burden of the aging population's rising cases of diabetes which leaves them predisposed to other disease and disorders.

Wahlqvist recently led a study in Taiwan that tested the working memory of men and women aged 60 or older who had recently been diagnosed with untreated pre-diabetes.

He said:
Working memory is widely thought to be one of the most important mental faculties, critical for cognitive abilities such as planning, problem solving and reasoning. Assessment of working memory is simple and convenient, but it is also very useful in the appraisal of cognition and in predicting future impairment and dementia.In the placebo-controlled study, subjects were given one gram (about 1/4 to 1/3 teaspoon) of turmeric with an otherwise nutritionally bland breakfast of white bread. Their working memory was tested before and some hours after the meal.

From Wahlqvist:
We found that this modest addition to breakfast improved working memory over six hours in older people with pre-diabetesOur findings with turmeric are consistent with these observations, insofar as they appear to influence cognitive function where there is disordered energy metabolism and insulin resistance.Check out more of Wahlqvist's publications here.


Part of the reason turmeric is known to help with diabetes is the very fact that it can lower blood sugar. This means that if you have hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, thyroid problems that mess with blood sugar, and blood pressure problems you should consult with your preferred healthcare practitioner first. It is also naturally a blood thinner! Turmeric can mess with the effects of those medications as well. See other cautions here.

Turmeric is potent for the ability of such small amounts to create tangible change in the body, including pain relief. Please get yours inexpensively in bulk at the healthfood store, but yes, you can find the spice online too, cheaper in bulk. Look for organic and non-irradiated for best benefits.

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at NaturalBlaze.com and ActivistPost.com. Like at Facebook.

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